List of all treatments with prices

Body Treatments for Women

2 Hands

105-minute full body ‘Absolute’  massage – £225

90-minute full body ‘Sensual’ massage – £185

75-minute ‘Absolute Tension Release’ sensual massage -£165

75-minute ‘Sensual Tension Release’ sensual massage – £145

60-minute ‘Semi Sensual’ massage – £95

4 Hands Massage Erotic Massage

90-minute with 2 male masseurs – £385

60-minute with 2 male masseurs – £285

90-minute with male & female masseur – from £425

60-minute with male and female masseur – from £325

Body Treatments for Men

2 Hands

90-minute ‘Premium’ sensual massage – £185

75-minute ‘Superior’ sensual massage – £155

60-minute ‘Standard’ sensual massage – £125

45 minute ‘Stress Buster’ sensual massage – £95

4 Hands 

90-minute with 2 male masseurs – £385

60-minute with 2 male masseurs – £285

90-minute with male & female masseur – £425

60-minute with male and female masseur – £325

Body Treatments for Couples

90-minute ‘Watch & Enjoy’ Couples Massage – £245

90-minute ‘Watch & Touch’ Couples Massage – £265

90-minute ‘Give With Me’ Couples Participation Massage -£265

90-minute ‘One After The Other’ – Couples Consecutive Massage – £325

90 minute Tandem Massage (given to you both in the same room at same time)

  • 2 Male Masseurs  – £385
  • 1 Male & 1 Female Masseur – £425

Psychosensual Treatments for Men, Women or Couples.

Single Appointments

Individual 3-hour Appointment – £300

Couple 3-hour Appointment – £375

Series of 3 Appointments (booked and paid in advance)

3 x Individual 3 hour – £720

3 x Couple 3 hour – £900

(all appointments to be taken within 3 months, no refund if not all taken)


Face to face mentoring on a pay as you go basis

  • 60-minute session: £115
  • 120-minute session: £175

Series of six face to face appointments

There is a 20% reduction if paid in advance and all appointments completed within 6 months. There is no refund for appointments not taken within the 6 months.

  • Six 60-minute sessions: £600
  • Six 120-minute sessions: £880

 Telephone/Skype/WhatsApp mentoring on a pay as you go basis

(ideal for international clients)

  • 60-minute sessions: £85
  • 120-minute sessions: £155

Series of six Telephone/Skype/WhatsApp mentoring

  • There is a 20% reduction if paid in advance and all appointments completed within 6 months. There is no refund for appointments not taken within the 6 months.
  • Six 60-minute sessions: £435
  • Six 120-minute sessions: £745

On the spot telephone support

  • Available on a daily, weekly or monthly pre-booked basis
  • A one-off 30-minute chat: £25

Payment options

On all new client bookings, I require a £25 (single) or £50 (couples) deposit. After your first appointment, the deposit is waivered. In the event of cancellation and if given within 7 days then the deposit is returned. If given after 7 days then the deposit is held on account for a replacement booking. For ‘no shows’ the deposit is forfeited.

In advance

  • By bank transfer
  • Paypal

On the day

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit or debit card or by Paypal

Trade Exchange


Pay for your massage in exchange for skills & services

For those clients who want to make an appointment or book a workshop with me but do not have the budget, in some situations, I am happy to consider an exchange of services or skills as payment.

For example, if you run a restaurant, a carpet cleaning service or are some type of consultant or therapist then you would book your appointment in the usual way but when it came to payment we would agree on a full or part exchange based on the full value of one another’s services.

1st example

Cost of a 90-minute massage – £175

Cost of carpets being cleaned – £95

Balance to pay for massage in cash would be £80

2nd example

Cost of 90-minute massage – £175

A book-keeper charging a £40 hourly rate

Massage would be given in exchange for 4.5 hours of book-keeping work.

For more information on how to arrange your Massage/Skills exchange [Click Here]

Special rates for students

I am a student and I want to book a sensual massage but I can’t afford the price, can you offer me a reduced rate?
If you can make a morning appointment between 8.00am and 1.00pm (finish time) then if you can take the appointment within 48 hours and depending on my schedule I may be able to offer a discount. Alternatively, if you can only make afternoons or evenings then I am happy to take payment in two instalments with the first payment made by credit or debit card on booking with the balance within one month after the appointment.

In the event of cancellation

Once paid the deposit is non-refundable but if cancellation is given up to 1 hour before the start of the original booking the deposit can be transferred to another booking for a future date. If the booking is cancelled within one hour or you do not turn up for the booking without notice then the whole charge for the appointment will be made.

Code of Practice

Code Of Practice for the giving and receiving of a Sensual (Tantric) Massage with a M33 therapist.
The ethos of Sensual (Tantric) Massage is about receiving and sometimes sharing intimate sensual touch with another human being and is often experienced within the use of massage techniques to achieve or enhance sexual arousal. Sensual (Tantric) massage has been used for medical purposes for a very long time. Its use for erotic purposes also has a long history. Today it is increasingly being given by some therapists as a form of de-stressing or as a treatment to help with sexual performance issues, lack of intimacy or sexuality exploration, particularly same sex intimacy exploration. It can be of great help to those wanting to learn more about sensual arousal either for themselves or others and for couples to help enhance their lovemaking. Sensual (Tantric) massages typically feature massage in erogenous zones of the body to increase sexual arousal and can, for some, result in orgasm. It does not include sexual intercourse.

The relationship between client and therapist is designed to be one of trust and respect. Consequently, therapists are expected to be courteous and caring at all times and to take time to hear their clients’ needs and motivations for wanting the massage. Before the massage commences both parties should make clear their own personal boundaries. If you are a new client then before giving the first treatment the therapist will also want to have a brief conversation about your general health and fitness and to hear about and medical history that may be relevant to you receiving massage. They may also want to ask about some of the following:

1. Your motivation for wanting the treatment.

2. Any sexuality or sexual performance issues

3. Skin allergies, fears around intimacy, disabilities etc

4. Expectations and concerns about the treatment

5. Confirmation and agreement of fees and duration of the treatment.

Respect for personal boundaries

The personal boundaries of both client and therapist must always be respected. If there is any aspect of the massage that you feel goes beyond your own personal boundaries then please let the therapist know immediately. Equally, if the therapist feels that their personal boundaries are being crossed they will indicate this politely and ask you to refrain from what you are doing. If this is not respected then they are entitled to terminate the treatment without reduction of fee.

All treatments are carried out in a clean professional environment with fresh towels and excellent shower facilities available both before and after the treatment. The massage is given with non-aromatic oils.

Heath & Weight Limits

All massages, unless specifically requested not to, include arousal to orgasm which by its nature increases heart rate. Therefore the above sensual massages are NOT suitable for anyone over 120 kilos or with a BMI over 35 or severely or morbidly obese or anyone who suffers from a heart condition or is taking medication for a heart condition. In the cases of skin disorder, epilepsy or if you suffer from fits, please discuss the suitability of the massage before making the appointment.

M33 Location & Confirmation of Appointments

The full address will be given on confirmation of booking.

Click here for map

It is essential that at the time of booking a contact telephone number is given and that you text to confirm attendance at least 1 hour before the appointment start time.