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What is a Group Workshop?

A group workshop is designed to be primarily educational and dependent on the topic will focus on teaching aspects of sexual performance, sensual massage and the psychology of sexuality. Most group workshops are for between 4 and 10 people and if the workshop includes massage practice it will also include volunteers for the attendees to practice on. Group workshops can either be one-off single occasions or part of a series over a couple of weeks. All group workshops are designed to be relaxed and welcoming and although the topics covered may involve nudity and arousal they are not designed to be social mixer occasions but more about teaching and leaning new skills.

What is a Group Event?

A group event can be anything from a presentation or demonstration to a full blown party. They are primarily designed to be social occasions bringing together likeminded people to meet and explore the world of sensuality and sexuality. Drawing on my hospitality background the events I organise bring together a combination of my skills as 20 years experienced hotelier and 10 years experienced masseur and sex mentor. Created as an alternative to the themed adult parties or large adult events that some people find a bit mechanical and intimidating, my events are created to let people explore their sexuality in a sophisticated elegant and sensual environment, where personal choice is respected but boundaries can be broad. Group events are usually from 6 to 30 in attendance, dependent on the type of event.

Unless stated otherwise all group events and workshops take place at my Pimlico treatment rooms.

Regular Group Workshops

Licence to Thrill– A workshop for men who want to learn how to give a sensual massage to women and to learn more about giving females erotic arousal. The series that starts with the 5-hour Foundation workshop then students can continue with either a private 5 or 10 hour intermediate workshop or for those who want to work professionally as a sensual masseur for women they can take the private 20-hour Advanced workshop.  Live female volunteers to practice on.

Touch & Turn On For Men Who Like Men – A 5-hour group workshop for men who want to enjoy the intimate company of other likeminded men by learning and exploring sensual massage

For the Ladies – Massage My Man – Ladies Only 5-hour group workshop or arrange your own Girls Night Out when fun and frivolity can be had whilst learning the up’s and down’s and in’s and out’s of male sexuality and what men like. Hear what men really enjoy and learn how to give your man an expert sensual massage. Live male volunteers to practice on.

Couples Affaire Party– Run periodically this party event is designed for likeminded couples to explore mutual sensuality in a safe sophisticated environment. Ideal for the couple who is exploring their sexuality for the first time.