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An expert guide to anything and everything to do with sex

I frequently speak on sexuality, sensuality, relationship dynamics and how to have a better love life. I can be booked as a teacher or facilitator for large or small groups, and for any occasion. I’m happy to speak or teach to an agenda, or I can create my own approach that reflects the group’s personalities and dynamic.

A distinctly British approach to sex and sensuality

I take a frank, mature, easygoing approach to sex. It’s not about sensationalised, Hollywood-eque gossip. My style is direct and jargon-free. I’m approachable. You’ll laugh in one of my sessions and may well blush, but you will never feel ashamed or tawdry. I believe sex is a vital part of human life and identity and I think we should all feel free to explore it and enjoy it without judgement. This belief underscores what I do as a teacher, speaker and facilitator.

Popular speaking topics include:

  • How to have better sex though better communication
  • Understanding why we are attracted to a particular type even though they may not appear to be good for us
  • Breaking the pattern of continual heartbreak
  • How to give a Sensual Massage: the benefits and pleasures for giver and receiver
  • Psychosensual Massage as a legitimate therapy for sexual hang-ups
  • Male sexual performance: harder, longer and wiser lovemaking
  • Am I straight, gay, bi or can I be somewhere in between?
  • Understanding where we sit on the Sensuality Spectrum
  • Overcoming erection issues, premature ejaculation and other performance fears
  • Whats turns men on and understanding the male sexual psyche
  • What turns women on and understanding the female sexual psyche
  • Dealing with sexual conflict within relationships: what to do when she/he doesn’t what what I want
  • Sex Talk – hosted and guided conversation about sex

Examples of events that I speak or teach at include:

  • Radio, TV and webinars
  • After-dinner speaking
  • Private parties
  • Corporate events
  • Schools and youth groups
  • Student events
  • Women’s groups
  • Men’s groups
  • Courses, workshops and seminars
  • Events for masseurs and other therapists
  • LGBT community

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