Testimonial given by a couple who wanted to re vitalise their sex life by taking an 1 day extended sensual massage workshop. The male in the partnership was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was experiencing permanent erectile dysfunction. April – 2013

Just a quick email to say Thank you to you for yesterday.  You are a great teacher and Mike & I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. It was lovely to experience the day together and something we will always remember and will endeavour to practise what we have learnt.  Mike is definitely feeling more positive and it has certainly re-inforced our intimacy.  He has a spring back in his step !

Testimonial  given by a single man who took an extended day workshop to help improve his sexual confidence and performance – April 2013

Prior to meeting Colin, I was never really relaxed when engaging women in foreplay and quite literally did not know what to do. Sex was a bit hit and miss for me because of this problem, which I have had for over 16 years.

In my meeting with Colin, he proceeded to build my confidence by explaining my thinking and behaviour. We discussed my relationships with my partner and other partners and discussed how my childhood would have affected the person who I am today, especially in relation to sex. These personal revelations, his sensual massage techniques along with his insight into the mechanics of the female body, it’s arousal process, the psychology of the female mind and what really turns women on, all contributed to saving my love life.

My 1 day session with Colin quite literally changed my life for the better! Sex is now something I look forward to and is no longer an experience I try to avoid or one in which I am worried about.

Colin is without doubt both an excellent Sex & Relationship Mentor and an excellent Sensual Massage Teacher – He well deserves an award for his services.

Testimonial from a male/female couple who wanted learn how to give one another sensual massage in order to expand their sexual and sensual repertoire.- November 2012

“Thanks a million, Colin, for a great experience we had with you”

Your knowledge and professional skills impressed us as well as your confident and relaxed manner. We felt completely at ease and relaxed during the whole session. We highly recommend your service for all those who’s curious to discover one another. You are a master of your field. We are looking forward to your next workshop.
– Mario and Krista | December 2012 | Workshop

Testimonial from a single man who took a Psychosensual  Treatment to help over come his intimacy and sexuality issues- October 2012

“Although I was nervous, your manner put me at ease”

I want to thank you for the Psychosensual appointment last Thursday. Although I was nervous, your manner put me at ease. I came away from the appointment feeling some of the following:

  1. An understanding of the ‘male spectrum’ and how our physiological make up allows us to move along this spectrum – and therefore it’s okay to have feelings for both men and women
  2. Relief that finally I was able to share my sexuality concerns which I had bottled up for so many years (I thought that as I got older these issues would resolve themselves – this is not the case and I was just fooling myself)
  3. The courage to be naked in front of another male (once again your manner and acceptance of others allowed me to trust you )
  4. The joy of touch: I really appreciated the hugs and realised just how much I wanted to be hugged by my father. Although I am still a little apprehensive to hug another male, I am determined to work through my ‘touch’ issues

I left the appointment with a positive attitude and I will take your advice about taking the initiative.
– Mike | July 2012 | Psychosensual Treatment for sexuality and lack of intimacy

“You helped us understand the brilliant benefits of sensual massage”

Thanks for the great course. You made us feel totally relaxed and helped us both understand the brilliant benefits of sensual massage. We will certainly be back for more. We would recommend this course to any couple who wants to improve their knowledge of how to give sensual intimacy to one another, and to experience what it is to give as well as receive.
– Roel and Sara | May 2012 | Couples Sensual Massage Workshop

“You need have no fears with Colin”

Everything you read  and hear about Colin and his work is true! Right from the initial telephone contact, the welcome, the caring professional manner, the informal “chat”, the advice, the massage, the venue, it all puts you at your ease. A totally enjoyable experience. As a married man who has just had a very close relationship with another married man which sadly has had to come to an end the need for discretion and trust is absolute. You need have no fears with Colin. The psychological, emotional and physical TLC that Colin gives is just what I needed to help me get over the trauma of the breakup with my lover.
– Dan | March 2012 | Relationship Mentoring for sexuality and relationship issues

“I want my friends to experience what I experienced”

I have had many regular massages and was convinced that there was something more. My sensual massage with Colin was an amazing experience. It was wonderful to finally have a massage which left me feeling fulfilled. I learned a lot about myself too. His professionalism and friendly, relaxed nature put me at ease as soon as I met him. His hands speak for themselves. I walked around in a trance for about four days afterwards with family and friends demanding to know why I looked so well. It was a wonderful massage and I’ve told other lady friends who say they are scared, but I want them to experience what I experienced. Thanks Colin, every woman should have one.
– Rebecca | February 2012 | Sensual Massage for lack of intimacy

“It gave me renewed hope for myself and my relationship”

I recently visited Colin for a full psychosensual treatment at his rooms in Marylebone. During our initial telephone enquiry I explained that I had been suffering from erectile dysfunction issues for several years, caused mainly by diabetes and work-related stress. The normal medications, i.e. Viagra, Levitra, etc. had no effect whatsoever. Colin was immediate sympathetic and understanding (but not patronising) and he told me he thought he could help. I traveled a long way to see him and as soon as we met he greeted me in a relaxed, professional manner and explained what he was prepared to attempt, but at the same time offered no guarantee of success.

Colin spent time understanding my situation, explaining to me how my body works (or not in my case) and how it is mostly emotional forces that prevent me from getting a full erection. After giving me some techniques to use on my own, the massage was unbelievably wonderful – words actually fail me. As the session progressed I relaxed and my body fell totally under Colin’s control. There was absolutely no embarrassment and Colin expected nothing from me I have been in a relationship for some time now and have an understanding partner yet still have the mental feeling of “failure”. For the first time in several years I achieved a good erection, probably due to a combination of the body massage and the techniques Colin gave me. In fact I become quite emotional as it gave me renewed hope for myself and my relationship.

Colin and I had a great discussion at the end of the session, which went well over the expected timescale. As a result I have had a full and frank discussion with my partner, we have been shopping together and I have obtained new medication. At last I am able to enter into full sexual activity in a confident and relaxed manner! Thanks Colin, it’s a remarkable service you offer.
– Ian | January 2012 | Psychosensual Massage and Mentoring for erectile dysfunction due to diabetes and stress

“You are incredibly generous”

Thank you for today and for giving me the opportunity to be myself. I always get so much from my visits to you. You are incredibly generous. I’ve started my list!
– Brian | November 2011 | Mentoring to help with sexual performance and confidence

“You made me feel totally relaxed”

Thanks for the great course. You made me feel totally relaxed and helped me understand the brilliant benefits of sensual massage, I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to experience what it is to give as well as receive! I will certainly be back for more!
– Ray | November 2011 | One-to-One Sensual Massage Workshop with male volunteers

“I found this an incredibly powerful experience”

I learned a great deal from the day. Although my anxiety was probably through the ceiling at the start I got a great deal from the whole experience and really feel I can take something away that I can use, both physically and mentally, in my work and personal life. I think I gained a lot more actually giving than receiving (that’s me I guess!). I found this an incredibly powerful experience, being able to practice on different volunteers, male and female and learning how to respond to them individually.
– Alice | July 2011 | One-to-One Psychosensual Massage Workshop for professional female therapist with male and female volunteers

“I now feel skilled both physically and psychologically to give a good massage”

Just a quick note to say a big ‘Thanks’ for yesterday.  Although the day was long and intensive, it was very productive too and I now feel skilled both physically and psychologically to give a good massage. The training was intense but also practical and hands-on, which was far better than some similar workshops which spend too much time on theory. The opportunity to work on real volunteers was also useful and taught me the valuable lesson that giving a massage is never the same because you have to be receptive and tuned in to the needs of the receiver.
– Dave | September 2010 | Sensual massage workshop for an amateur who wants to start his own massage practice