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In the past few weeks the UK Press has been reporting on the growing demand for male escorts and sensual masseurs required by female clients. Now a BAFTA and Emmy award winning Director Charlie Russell in conjunction with Minnow Films are currently making a documentary on this growing phenomenon and I have has been asked to help source both women and couples who have enjoyed their time in this way and be happy to share their thoughts and experiences. Continue below to read Charlie’s request.

Are you an exploring bi curious man?

This made me think that it would also be a great idea to ask another growing sector, straight and bi curious men who are also increasingly exploring their sexuality by seeing male escorts and sensual masseurs.

So if you are someone (or you know of a female) who would be happy to tell her story to Charlie and his team or you are or know of a man who is exploring his sexuality in this way then drop me an email with the details and a brief account of the situation and motivations. Confidentiality assured and names can be changed.

Below is the request from Charlie Russell sent to us by his assistant producer Georgina Cammalleri at Minnow Films


Hi there,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, I am an assistant producer for the multi-award winning documentary production company Minnow Films, and I am currently working on a frank and intelligent Channel 4 documentary about male escorts and their clients. I have been speaking with Colin at Intimacy matters and he has kindly agreed to pass on this message to couples and women who have in the past or currently paid for sexual services.

The documentary we are working on is directed by BAFTA and Emmy award winning director Charlie Russell, and aims to treat the incidence of women and couples who use the services of male escorts, in whatever capacity, with honesty and sensitivity.

At this stage in my research I am looking to speak with couples and/or women who would like to share their thoughts on, and experiences with, male escorts. Currently, all correspondence is entirely confidential, with no obligation to take part.

Eventually, we are looking for couples and/or women who would be happy to share their thoughts and stories on camera with us. Therefore, I would like to reassure you, if this is something you would prefer to do anonymously, we are able to accommodate this request.

If you would like to familiarize yourself with the types of documentaries Minnow Films makes, please have look at our website:

If you are interested in finding out more, or discussing any aspect of the documentary, please contact SMM giving them your details and they will pass everything on to me and I will then get in touch and tell you more.

To send your details and brief story email