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Teaching Couples Sensual Massage & Enhanced Foreplay

Online group class

Next dates to be confirmed

7.30pm to 10.30pm

If you are a couple and you have a desire to develop your lovemaking skills to increase you and your partner’s pleasure and you have a webcam, then wherever you are in the world, these are is the online live classes for you.

Tickets for these classes can be purchased via design my night at the bottom of this page or you can contact Colin to arrange to pay by Paypal or bank transfer

Six hours that can transform a relationship

For many couples this past year, it has been a tough challenge to maintain intimate sexual relationships. Restrictions and lockdowns have meant freedom, exploration has been hampered, and finding time and privacy has been elusive for those couples with families. Putting aside an evening to both learn and enjoy giving one another sensual pleasure is more relevant now than probably ever before. Divided into two three hour evenings, Massage My Woman and Massage My Man, these two classes are based on Colin’s famous live couples group classes. An intimate relationship can transform by teaching one another to give a full body sensual massage with intended erotic arousal.

Following an introduction chat, Colin teaches the sensual massage on a step-by-step basis, incorporating both therapeutic and sensual techniques designed to arouse your partner gradually. To make it easier to learn, Colin has a male and female couple who demonstrates the massage as you follow at home. After a short interval, the second massage practice is a repeat of the first, but so that you can enjoy the intimate connection to the full Colin guides quietly with less verbal instruction.

In the Foundation Classes, the massage taught is based on a traditional therapeutic massage. The stimulating and arousing techniques focus on non-erogenous, erogenous, and clitoral stimulation for the female and genital massage to the male. Orgasm is not necessarily the aim but is usually the outcome.

We attended these 2 online massage sessions and both had an incredible experience. We learnt several new skills which we are enjoying practicing very much. Highly recommended.

Duration & Content

These online couples Foundation classes are divided into two three hour classes.

The Massage My Woman, men giving to their female partner.

The Massage My Man, women giving to their male partner.

They take place at a separate days, and a couple can choose to book one or both. Each class contains two massage practice sessions.

Feedback from Anna at Couples online class 11th Feb 2021

‘The classes were fantastic, a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and very well run. The class helped us to feel intimate, empowered and confident with each other. We were both surprised by just how much we enjoyed and it has certainly created an interest is attending more events like this’


Live models for couple to watch as they follow

In all classes Colin is assisted with live models. In the male to female class Colin demonstrates on a female model  but has a male assistant at hand to put into practice the body to body elements. In the female to male class Colin instructs a female assistant to give to a full body sensual massage to a male receiver to include full erotic arousal. As well as learning you will also enjoy the spectacle.

We attended a ‘Massage my woman’ session online last week, and had a great experience. The session was put together very well, had a good structure and was very informative (much much more than just a ‘do this…now do that’). We have in the past attended an ‘in-person’ session which was also fantastic, and our doubts about whether this could work online were unfounded. Great stuff – thank you.

Dates for the next Couples Classes

Massage My Woman  Class- TBC

Massage My Man Class – TBC

Feedback from Lucinda 11th Feb 2021

We really loved the class, as I am currently pregnant it was great to think about different ways to connect. You made it feel very safe and very inclusive and fun and we had a much better time than we had though we would. We have been in a very loved up state ever since the session and have invested in a massage bed :). Thanks for a great couple of evenings!


  • Single Foundation Class – £75 per couple
  • Double Foundation Class – £125 per couple

Tickets can be purchased via the Design My Night website link at the bottom of this page or by bank transfer or pay pal direct to Colin 

The Foundation class timings are:-

  • 7.30 pm, 20 minutes – Introduction, the secrets of sensual and psychological arousal.
  • 7.50pm, 90 minutes – Step by step tuition by Colin teaching a full body sensual massage routine with sensual elements intended to arouse. As Colin teaches the volunteer couple will demonstrate with couples on line to follow.
  • 9.15 pm, 10 minutes – Time to get feedback from your partner.
  • 9.25 pm, 60 minutes – Practice session. This part is for the couple to practice without distraction giving their partners the whole massage by following the volunteer demonstration with Colin giving verbal guidance.
  • 10.25 pm, Feedback & questions
  • 10.30 pm, Finish
Security & Confidentiality

To ensure security and confidentiality, only couples participating are allowed to view the webcams, and at all times, participants’ webcams must remain switched on. Mobile phones and other devices other than the device you are viewing on must be switched off. Screens will be monitored to ensure this.

Example programme for the the classes

Couples Massage My Woman Online Class

Men learning to give a full body sensual massage to their female partner

In this workshop, the men will:

Extend the length of your lovemaking by learning the art of giving your woman a superb sensual massage.

Explore her whole body causing her mind to let go and fall into her primal sexual state

Become skilled in giving great erotic foreplay, to include various techniques and positions of clitoral stimulation.

Make her feel desired in ways that will put you in the top 10% of men

Hear her say these words “Don’t stop that’s amazing’

Couples Massage My Man Online Class

Women learning to give a full body sensual massage to their male partner

In this workshop, the girls will:

  • Extend the length of your lovemaking by hours by learning the art of giving your man a superb sensual massage.
  • Become skilled in giving great erotic foreplay, body to body massage and edging to orgasm
  • Discover how your pleasure in giving turns him on even more.
  • Discover the secret places on his body where your touch will send him to places he probably has never been before.
  • Learn arousal techniques that put you far ahead of the competition.
  • Hear him say these words “Don’t stop that’s simply the best.”

Questions & Answers

Q. Who can attend this workshop?

This is a couples only event and can be attended by anyone over the age of 18,

Q. What designates a couple?

As long as you are both happy to be there you can be a married or partnered couple, intimate friend or a remunerated helper.

Q. Can we be more than one couple in a room?

Yes is you have friends who want to join you and both couples ca be viewed at the same time but full ticket price is due on both couples

Q. What IT do we need to attend the workshop?

You will need a laptop, PC or Tablet and to have Zoom ( ) installed on your device. Make sure your webcam and sound are open.

Q. What else do we need?

Ideally, a massage table with towels, if you do not have that then a table big enough to take a person with cushions or cushions or futon on the floor or a bed that you can walk around ( a single bed is ideal but a double is possible)


  • A glass (or bottle of) wine
  • Candles and mood lighting
  • For the giver ear pods or receiver ear plugs
  • A couple of large bath towels
  • A warm room
  • Warmed grapeseed oil (Sainsbury’s) ideally warmed in hot water
  • Any sex toys you like to use
  • Music to play
  • If you have one, a pastry brush
  • Anything in your home that you feel would be sensual and if used on the body

Q. Does my body type matter?

No, the point of this workshop is to give confidence to everyone no matter what age, culture or body type.

Q. Who are the volunteers?

This is a personally vetted couple who have attended several of Colin’s workshops and who are happy to act as demonstrators of the massage as Colin teaches. They are of good physique and are comfortable to discuss sex and arousal openly.

Q. What do I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable, but you need to be able to move freely and using your upper body to massage. Also bear in mind that you will be using oils. Usually, the receiver is naked, and the giver can be naked or partially clothed.

Q. Do I need to be “hands-on” during this workshop?

Yes, for the comfort of the whole group, you must take part in giving the massage and not remain just as observers. However, you can take everything at your own pace.

Q. Do people have sex at this event?

Since this is a couples workshop, and you are at your location how sexual you want to make your experience is entirely up to you. However, Colin recommends that during the teaching to stick to the sensual massage instructions then in the final 45-minute practice session, you can enjoy the experience to whatever level you wish.

Further Teaching of Erotic Techniques

If you enjoy the Foundation class, you can return for a further two 2 hour private classes focusing on specific erotic techniques. These include classes for the male to learn to give expert vaginal and G spot massage, body to body, and ejaculation techniques and the female, to learn how to use her whole body, give a specialist prostate massage, and bring in dominant play.

We participated in the couples session on feb 12 practicing man giving pleasure and sensual massage to woman. It was really informative and with super good demonstrations. We will definitely going for more! Thank you Colin!


Tickets can be purchased via the Design My Night ticketing system below or if you require discretion contact Colin to request details for paying by Pay pal or Bank transfer