Assistant Female Masseurs

The female masseurs on this page only give 4 hands massage with Colin and DO NOT see clients independently at the Intimacy Matters treatment rooms


The female masseurs below have trained and practised as professional therapeutic masseurs as a career, or who have then expanded personal skills to include sensual massage. They are available to give sensual massage treatments with Colin as four hands oe couples tandem massage or can act as receivers for sensual massages classes

Booking your chosen female masseur. 

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The availability of these female assistant masseurs can not be guaranteed as some work full time in a professional capacity and give sensual massage on a part-time basis only. It is always best to book in advance so that both Colin and your chosen female masseur can be available.

Massage options

To view the options and prices for Four Hands & Tandem Massage Experience go to the respective page link below.


Prices can vary dependent on the level of eroticism wanted within the massage. Each four hands or tandem massage is given an Intimacy Score to determine what is included by the female and male masseurs. By each masseurs name is the intimacy score they generally work to.  To read the detailed Intimacy Score explanations you must register in to Intimacy X 

Massage Options

Four Hands For Women

Four Hands For Men

Tandem Massage & Four Hands For Couples

The Intimacy Level Scoring System

(what is included within the massage by each masseur)

Each female masseur has given an  INTIMACY Level SCORE Gold, Platinum to Titanium on their profile. This score indicates to what level of erotic intimacy they are comfortable to give and receive while giving the massage. To learn more about what each intimacy score includes you should either Register with Intimacy X  to read the full schedule or contact Colin and her will send you the Intimacy Score schedule.

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