Colin Nominated for Award

Dear Colin,

We at Juicy Productions are very pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the finals of The Erotic Awards in the “Sexual Therapist” category. Our judges feel that your work meets and exceeds our criteria of being high-quality, sex-positive, inclusive and unique. Well done!


What are the Erotic Awards

“The climax of the year — rewards academics, artists, authors, performers, and photographers — with Golden Flying Penis trophies — for their contribution to all aspects of sex culture.”

150173_467269870008809_1332725650_nThe Erotic Awards honour the Stars in the Erotic Universe. We were founded in 1994 by Tuppy Owens and are run as a charity fundraiser, by volunteers. The most talented, influential and sex-positive artists, performers, writers, politicians, sex workers, academics, fashion designers and pioneers are nominated by the public and judged by our Grand Jury. Each year, we create a show and exhibition of the finalists’ work at the Finals and present the winners with a Golden Flying Penis Trophy.

The Erotic Awards are a celebration of sexual creativity and diversity. Emphasis is on sharing rather than serious competition, and we encourage finalists to network so that they can share contacts, and cross-pollination and inspiration can flourish.

Our goal is to help society become more open, take sex more seriously, acknowledge the importance of fun, and become more mature and accepting of sexual diversity. The Erotic Awards aims to present an amazing group of finalists each year.

nots_web150dpi_rgbYou are welcome to attend both the Semi-finals and the Finals which take place at the Night of the Senses in London. These events are where we raise funds for Outsiders, through ticket sales, donations and a raffle.


(Charity registration No 283350)

Outsiders was founded in 1979, as a club for disabled people to live life to the full, and find sexual partners. Outsiders offers members support in asserting their right to a private life, and seeking love in a society where status stems from good looks and money. Outsiders also runs the Sex and Disability Helpline, and SHADA, the Sex and Disability Alliance. We are producing a Sexual Respect Tool Kit for GPs and other health and care professionals to become more confidence initiating conversations around sex with patients and clients.