EROTIC AWARDS / THE NIGHT OF THE SENSES – Friday 22 March at Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London. Now in their 25th year, the Erotic Awards and Night of The Senses were founded by sex therapist and campaigner Dr Tuppy Owens and are run yearly as charity fundraisers, by volunteers, raising money for Outsiders – a sex positive charity supporting disabled people in finding partners.

Juicy Productions have announced details of the Erotic Awards 2013 Semi-Finals to be held Friday 22 March at Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London with upcoming plans for the Night Of The Senses all night ball to be held in May. The line up of acts performing in the Semi-Finals has now been announced

Hunky Dream Boy Male Stripper Benedict Garrett who will be performing his “50 Shades” routine

The Dynamic and Explosive Dinah Might

The snakelike hips of tribal fusion belly dancer Jewel Inthelotus

Dazzling neo burlesque from mischevious Mynxie Monroe

Sexy Striptease from tantalising Tiny Tim

The border blurring, camptastic queer riot of Mr Mistress

Adventures with wax from the naughty MiSa Blue

The fiesty fiery dynamo Aurora Galore

Thrills, spills and daredevil stunts from Johnny Strange

Nude ballet from the sensual and exquisite Amanda Prince-Lubawy

Gender bending burlesque sensation Miss Cairo

…with our final few acts to be confirmed in the next week.

And special performances:

Sensational Rubyyy Jones and her all-woman, un-woman

glamour drag troupe “&?!

Sinister sex appeal from The Late Night Shop

A world of burlesque fantasy from sassy and sensual Mimi Amore

Walkabout magic from Master of Illusion Steve McShane

Awaken your senses in the Naughty Tickle Booth

With Continental Drifts Chris Tofu and friends to get you grooving into the early hours.

Now in their 25th year, the Erotic Awards and Night of The Senses were founded by sex therapist and campaigner Dr Tuppy Owens and are run yearly as charity fundraisers, by volunteers, raising money for Outsiders – a sex positive charity supporting disabled people in finding partners.

The Erotic Awards are a celebration of sexual creativity and diversity; promoting excellence, respect, inclusivity, and positivity in sex and erotic expression; a place where inspiration can flourish. Each year the most talented, influential and sex-positive artists, performers, writers, academics, fashion designers and pioneers are nominated by the public, with the finest performance stars of the erotic circuit competing in an exciting Semi-Final cabaret show, this year hosted by the legendary Mat Fraser and judged by our Grand Jury including thalidomide campaigner extraordinaire Mikey Argy, photographer Ashley Savage, GMTV love doctor Sam Van Rood and burlesque queen Rubyyy Jones, who will also be performing on the night.

The finalists will go on to perform in a seductive final showcase at our magnificent all night charity ball in May, the Night of The Senses, where winners from all categories are presented with their trophy, a golden flying penis. The final showcase kicks off an all-night erotic party, which aims to be artistic, theatrical, with a touch of the whimsical and totally accepting. Ticket sales from the ball again raise funds for Outsiders.

These prestigious events are the only of their kind to ensure they are wheelchair accessible and disability friendly, inviting both disabled and non-disabled people to party together in an accessible venue, creating a positive atmosphere and breaking barriers. The aim is to assist society in becoming more open, take sex more seriously whilst acknowledging the importance of fun, and develop a mature and accepting attitude towards sexual diversity.

Dr Tuppy Owens is a campaigner, sex therapist and writer, founder of the Erotic Awards, The Night of The Senses and the charity they support, Outsiders. After being at the helm of all three for 25 years, this year Tuppy has handed the reigns of producing the events to Grace Gelder, director of Juicy Productions, and her co-producer, Lianne Coop.

Tuppy said: “I’m delighted that Grace and Lianne are taking over as I’d been doing the Ball and Awards for 25 years. I’m really happy now in my work with Outsiders and campaigning for the sexual needs of disabled people to be met. I’m also enjoying guiding Grace and Lianne on the details of the needs of our guests, and always want to be there for them, as well as be there not being a headless chicken at last, at the events meeting up with all the regulars.”

Grace Gelder is a photographer, film maker and Director of Juicy Productions whose work promotes a positive approach to sexuality, and encourages sensuality and open mindedness. A student of Tantra, her personal journey has included a wide spectrum of experiences, which she is delighted to be able to share with others. Grace first met Tuppy in 2011 whilst developing a documentary about sex and disability, and has been an enthusiastic promoter of Night of The Senses and Outsiders ever since.

Lianne Coop is an award winning entertainment and events producer, who has primarily worked for the BBC for the last nine years. After meeting Grace and attending Night of The Senses, they began to collaborate on ideas and hatch plans to host their own saucy parties and bring a bit of juiciness to London. Lianne has successfully produced large-scale nationwide events, and is looking forward to implementing this production experience with these new ventures.

Grace said: “We are both enormously excited about the opportunity to be part of this erotic heritage. It’s a real honour to be passed the legacy of Tuppy’s hard work, and we want to do the best that we can to continue to make these events amazing celebrations of sexual inclusivity, diversity and liberation, as well as raise as much money and awareness as we can for The Outsiders Trust. At the moment, with the success of the Oscar nominated film “The Sessions” and reports surrounding sex workers and care homes have put sex and disability in the spotlight. We hope with these events, we can help to further interest and understanding, and support the amazing work Tuppy continues to do with Outsiders.”

More information about Outsiders (Charity registration No 283350)

Outsiders was founded in 1979, as a club for disabled people to live life to the full, and find sexual partners. Outsiders offers members support in asserting their right to a private life, and seeking love in a society where status stems from good looks and money. Outsiders also runs the Sex and Disability Helpline, and SHADA, the Sex and Disability Alliance. We are producing a Sexual Respect Tool Kit for GPs and other health and care professionals to become more confidence initiating conversations around sex with patients and clients.

Erotic Awards 2013 Semi-Finals: Great Sexpectations will be held at Bush Hall, Shepherds BushFriday 22 March. The theme is Kinky Dickens/Victoria Erotica – dress to impress!

Event details and ticket links on Juicy Productions website

Tickets can also be booked online

Night of The Senses will be held in Central London mid May – details TBC.

For more information, images, media passes and interview requests, please contact Grace Gelder or Lianne Coop: