Feedback from past female clients

Without a doubt more and more women are exploring the idea of taking a sensual massage with a male masseur, but despite the strength of desire for the experience what often holds them back is concern about the security, discretion and professionalism of the service given as well as the character of the masseur himself. If for whatever reason a woman is to explore her sexuality in this way it is imperative that she feels calm and at ease with the environment and the man giving the massage. So, with this in mind, I have a feedback system that enables previous female clients of mine to give their honest opinion about the massage treatment or workshop that they took with me, and I regularly update the results to keep future clients informed.

After most of my appointments, I send out a feedback form. Completion is voluntary and all answers are automatically collated into graph form. The questions cover areas that I believe most women want to know: quality and location of my venue, discretion, safety and of course their overall impression and satisfaction regarding my skills as a sensual masseur and sex therapist.

I also ask if previous clients would be happy to talk with new (and maybe nervous) prospective clients and, as you will see from the last graph on this page, most are happy to talk openly about their own experience.

So, if before booking your appointment, you feel you want to speak or email discreetly to a past female client direct to get a first-hand opinion, just let me know and I will give you contact details for women you can approach.

These graphs were last updated on 17 June 2016. Move mouse over the picture and click on circle to enlarge. To date 37 past clients have completed the feedback form.

If you are a past client and want to complete the feedback form then just scroll to the bottom of the page.

chart (15)

chart (16)

chart (17)

chart (18)

chart (21)

chart (20)chart (22)

I hope the above information gives you the confidence to go ahead with your appointment. But if you still have further questions just go ahead and call me or drop me an email.