Increasingly women are wanting to learn more about how to become more knowledgeable and skilled when making love to their male partner. It may come as surprise to many women that men are not solely focussed on penetration but also love foreplay. No women wants her man to be just a passive receiver but for most men to be able to lay back and enjoy a confident woman’s touch can be a most amazing experience. Additionally and not surprisingly the male anatomy and mind behave and respond in a very different manner to the female. By taking part in a women’s group workshop you can learn the intricacies of male arousal, ask the questions about what really turns a man on, what parts of his body does he like to have stimulated and in what way and also talk with other women about their experiences, success and failures.

The Massage My Man evening is designed to be both a social and sensual event, relaxed fun and informative where women get to practice their skills on specially selected male volunteers.

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