The Intimacy Scores

(what is included within the massage by each masseur)

When giving a sensual massage as masseurs we completely understand that for some the experience of enjoying a sensual massage is not just about the receiving of intimate arousing touch but that it is important to feel that arousing touch can be given back to the masseur a the massage unfolds. Whilst we never want everyone to enjoy the massage to the full it is important that any touch given by a client to any masseur is approved and welcomed by the masseur. To help you select the right 2, 4 or tandem massage that fulfils your expectations I have created a guide called the Intimacy Score that indicates what would level of intimate touch can be included in your massage and what intimate touch each masseur is happy to receive.

When you view the profiles of the masseurs or descriptions of the massages you will see that by each there are numbers labelled 1 to 6. These are the Intimacy Scores and the numbers reflect what level of erotic intimacy that massage can include or a particular male or female masseur is comfortable to receive while giving the massage. There are gender differences depending on wether the masseur is open to same-gender touch or not.

To learn the full content of each intimacy score you must  Register with Intimacy X and this will give you access to the full descriptions of each massage together with the Intimacy Score Level for each masseur. You will also get access to some more (explicit) videos of the various massages being given.

Specific requests

For any specific requests that are not included within the intimacy score, you can email Colin giving details of what you would like included and why

The Intimacy Scores

1 = Sensual – no touch to the masseurs

2 = Super Sensual – masseurs can be naked and receive surface of body touch

3 = Bronze Erotic – as above and body to body

4 = Silver Erotic – Register with Intimacy X to learn more

5 = Gold Erotic – Register with intimacy X to learn more

6 = Platinum Erotic – Register with Intimacy X to learn more