Couples Group Workshop

In association with Killing Kittens

I periodically host various events and workshops for the adult lifestyle Private Members Club, Killing Kittens. Founded 12 years ago by Emma Sayle for the benefit of the sexual elite, Killing Kittens is now being seen as the place to go. Their parties and events are ideal for the discerning couple or single woman or man who want to explore and enhance their sexual knowledge and confidence in a safe and sophisticated environment. Killing Kittens have been running parties for many years but now by joining forces with therapists like myself, they aim to bring sex parties and sexuality out of the darkened recesses the media like to contain them in into mainstream consciousness. I host the following KK events: The Ladies BooKKlub, The Gentlemen’s MantalKK and Couples Workshops. All my clients and members are welcome to come along to an event or party. [Click here] for more details on how to register with Killing Kittens.

An example of a previous couples group workshop