100 Steps To La La Land

Teaching men sensual massage and enhanced foreplay techniques for women

Live & Online Sensual Massage Classes

Sex & Relationship Engineer and Sensual Massage Practitioner, Colin Richards runs various types of classes for men, both live and on line. To learn more go to:-

Massage My Woman – Live Classes

Massage My Woman – On Line Classes 

If you are a single man who is attracted to women or a man within a heterosexual relationship and you would like to develop your lovemaking skills then, attending an Intimacy Matters sensual massage class is the way to transform your and your partners sex life.

100 Steps to La La Land is the guidance Colin gives men to follow when teaching them give this amazing experience to a woman.  Since within the lesson you will learn to give 100 massage strokes that are designed to stimulate her mind as well as her body. From the gentle head caress to the intimate thigh lift,  a variety of positions to give clitoral stimulation to G spot and techniques to help her ejaculate. This experience is also great for women who have challenges reaching orgasm during sex.

Intimate Tutorials

A library of authentic explicitly detailed video tutorials and demonstration movies to enhance your lovemaking and intimate pleasures

For those men who want to learn in their own time and from the comfort of their own home then taking membership out to access the many detailed erotic and explicit video tutorials at Colin’s on line video tutorial platform Intimate Tutorials

This web site is ideal if you are unable to come to London for a live class since it provides you with three 3 hour long tutorials that teach how to give a sensual massage incorporating erotic arousal. These tutorials are:-

  • Male giving to female
  • Female giving to male
  • Male giving to male

To view the Free Intimate Tutorials Preview Videos of the above tutorials – Click here

The web site also has many other tutorials to watch teaching specific erotic techniques that includes female ejaculation, spanking and tantric practices.

Free Gift for Nancy Moonstar Guests

The three videos below are examples taken from Intimate Tutorials.

Video 1 is a preview video – Colin introduces Intimate Tutorials Male to Female Sensual Massage Class

Video 2 front of body & vaginal massage –  In this 10 minute chapter taken from the Massage My Woman 3 hour tutorial, Colin demonstrates on Holly how to give front of body massage including breast massage and vaginal/g spot massage.

Video 3 is a 45 minute demonstration of the Absolute Massage – Including introduction by Colin and vaginal / g spot massage massage

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  • To view the various types of sensual massage treatments that Colin gives to women, men and couples go to Sensual Massage Treatments