TNTsenseThe New Tantra: Advanced Sex.

The world renowned TNT-Advanced Sex training is coming to the UK this Sunday for a 2 hour intro talk in Islington, London

Advanced Sex™ is a program that goes beyond basic “friction-only” based sex that can only provide clitoral and penis orgasms that last for about 5 seconds……….

Our open (as opposed to contracted) orgasms last for minutes, literally! And are deeper in the body and more satisfying. For example a cervical womb orgasm typically lasts for 5 – 20 minutes, and can be felt for up to 3 days after intercourse…leaving the woman more open, attracted to her partner, full of energy and reduces her “masculine shield”. An open orgasm also allows men to circulate sexual energies internally, prolonging erection, delaying ejaculation, increasing energy levels and deepening connection and orgasmic pleasure.

Advanced Sex™ has been proven to not only improve peoples sex-lives, but also the quality of daily-life, work, family life and creativity. This intro evening talk/workshop will cover the basics of Advanced Sex™ – with theory and simple yet powerful exercises (fully clothed and not too scary or demanding), so you can start practising Advanced Sex at home.

This talk is open to singles and couples of all genders and sexual preferences and is being hosted by Massage 33’s own Drew Lawson.

How to:

• move beyond friction-only sex

• have a 20 minute (instead of 5 second) orgasms

• de-armouring the genitals to remove pain and increase sensitivity

• restore sexual attraction between long term partners

• release sexual taboos

• naturally delay ejaculation

• cure erectile dysfunction

• have full body orgasms

• transcending body-shame


For more information and registration:

Drew Lawson

07971 032074