From Colin

Update on January 3rd 2021 to reflect the London Tier 4 application.

After consultation with other psychosexual therapists, masseurs and massage organisations and since I work from home and see all clients in my private treatments rooms,  I confirm that following the recent changes in government restrictions on social contact,  I am continuing to see clients for individual sensual massage, psychosensual treatments and private training sessions. However, there continue to be no group workshops until further notice.

However, in order to maintain a high standard of safety, I am only giving a maximum of one appointment a day. So please book in advance.

My personal position is this.

I have taken a view on my situation as a therapist who works close at hand with clients.  I work from home and do not travel on public transport nor do I have to mix in large crowds or office space and I am giving a maximum of one appointment a say. On this basis, I have decided to continue to see clients for sensual massage treatments, psychosensual treatments, private workshops and sex and relationship coaching.

All appointments are to be taken at my London Bridge treatment room where I can maintain a high level of hygiene and I continue to have in place sensible practical protection for both myself and my clients.

If you wish to make an appointment or training, please read and agree with the following requirements when booking.

Your agreed criteria

  1. After making your booking  (and your partner, if you are a couple)  I will send you an Authorisation & Request Form to complete in which you will be required to guarantee that you are not showing any signs of Covid-19 symptoms or anyu other ill health.
  2. You will be asked to confirm that to your knowledge you have not come into contact with anyone with symptoms in the previous 14 days prior to your appointment.
  3. If you have you recently travelled from a country that you have taken the required quarantine period.
  4. You confirm that if you have contracted Covid-19 and fully recovered, that you are now virus free and it is at least three weeks since your recovery.
  5. You agree that on arrival you will have your temperature taken and that if the result is over 38c (100.4f) the appointment will not go ahead. This is taken with a forehead or ear thermometer.
  6. That if you choose to, you can wear a face mask during the treatment.
  7. You can request me to wear a face mask when giving the treatment.
  8. That if you chose to you can remain face down for the whole treatment.

Colins criteria

  1. Colin will also take his temperature at the same time and show the result to you.
  2. Colin ensures that all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned with sterilizing detergent and that there are disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser available.
  3. All massage bed covers are changed after each treatment and towels are freshly washed but you can also bring your own towel.
  4. On your request, Colin will wear a face mask when giving the treatment, workshop or coaching session.
  5. Any second masseurs (if taking a 4 hands massage) or volunteer receivers will also undertake the same precautions and guarantees.
  6. After any treatment or training, you can take a shower in very hot water for as long as you wish.
  7. If within 14 days after your treatment I develop any Covid 19 symptoms I will contact you immediately and you agree to do the same.

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