Mens Survey on Sexuality

Male Sexuality Survey Results

chartgoThe M33 Xtra Male Sexuality Survey has been live since August 2012. In that time almost 1850 men have taken the survey. Below you can view 3 charts that show some of the rather interesting on going results. All those surveyed are male and over the age of 18 and have taken the survey when registering to access a male to male sensual massage service and thus have shown a personal interest in taking a sensual massage with a male masseur. (Click Here for description of the sensual massage)

To put the survey in context it should be understtod that the men taking this survey have done so because they were interested to find out more about male to male sensual massage. It should also be appreciated that these men have probably be searching the web so find a male to male sensual massage service web site by using particular search phrases or links from other similar web sites. This implies that they are genuinely interested in experiencing some form of male to male physical intimacy.

It must be noted that this survey does not give an unbiased picture of male sexuality in general since it should be assumed that most heterosexual men are unlikely to be looking for male to male sensual massage. However the results so far clearly show that it is wrong to assume that ONLY gay or bisexual men are interested in this type of male to male experience and that many, self identified, heterosexual and bi curious (men who have considered homosexuals contact but may have never taken part) men are interested in experiencing male to male intimacy by taking a sensual massage with a male masseur.

Only 48% are Gay

Probably the most surprising result of this survey is that of 1822 men only 48% (864) defined themselves as Gay, with 20% (373) as Bisexual, 19% (352) as Bi Curious and remarkably 13% (233) defining as Straight men.

To read more about my own personal theories on what influences male sexuality  and why so many non gay men do seek male to male intimacy go to my web site Sexonality Test.

Article & survey compiled by Colin Richards – 

Master Masseur & Sexual Performance & Relationship Mentor and Creator of the Sexonality Test incorprtaing the Sensuality Corridor and Sensuality Spectrum













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