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Exploring the influences behind male to male sensual attraction

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Mens Survey on Sexuality

By taking this short survey you will be helping with my research into the broader dynamics of male sexuality.

Over the past 14 years, I have given sensual massage to men of all sexualities and it has become clear to me from both discussion and observations, that the desire and motivations for many men to experience male to male sensual intimacy with another man, is far more complex than just a sexual attraction.

To be labelled as homosexual or bisexual is just too limiting since many men state that they are not seeking sex with another man, but more the sensual and emotional intimacy. I have seen patterns of behaviour and heard many personal stories that have led me to believe that there are five primary influences that combine to create male to male same-sex attraction, starting with our basic inherited biology and dynamic of our pre-birth development influenced by the mother’s biology.  Then the culture and environment that we are born into and the relationships we experience in the first 10 years of our lives with our primary carers. Then as we mature, nature triggers the process to transform the competitive masculine male into a more cooperative male that bonds with his male counterparts.

As men progress through their lives these influences play out and can go on to affect our choice of career, relationships, sexual orientation, even our behaviour with friends, employers and work colleagues.

To back up my theories I need your help. I need to gather at least 1000 sets of data taken from men of all ages, sexualities, cultures and belief systems.

So if you want to help me please take the survey yourself. It only takes 5 minutes and if you are happy to pass the survey to others then please SHARE to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts or any other social media network you may use. You can easily SHARE by using the social media links at the bottom of this page

Please answer the questions as honestly as you can. Individual information will never be disclosed as data is only shown in collated results. Emails are requested to prove authenticity and so we can keep you up to date with results. Aliases can be used to preserve identity. I am particularly keen to have the survey completed by those living in countries or cultures where any divergence from being a heterosexual male is either deemed illegal, is scorned upon or in some cultures, life-threatening.

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Why Some Men Like Men – The Theory of Five Influences

an article on male sexuality by Colin Richards


Whether a man defines himself as gay, bisexual or bi-curious society tends to label him as homosexual. This polarised view of sexuality is increasingly being challenged, and now many experts recognize that to define a person’s sexuality in such a binary manner is wrong. Still, the favoured explanations put forward to explain why a man may be sexually attracted to another man is that it is either a choice he has made, or it is genetically per-determined.

In his Theory of 5 Influences, Sex Mentor Colin Richards challenges that perception. Informed by his 12 years experience of working with thousands of men who have expressed a broader sexuality plus his subsequent research with two independent surveys Colin presents his arguments and his findings to support his Theory of 5 Influences.

If ever you have questioned your subconscious sexual desires or recognize that you do have some attraction to same-sex intimacy but do not self-identify as being homosexual then The Theory of 5 Influences will enable you to look at your feelings in a different light. The Theory of 5 Influences supports the idea that a persons sexuality is unique and that it is a combination of factors that include genetics, environment, psychology, and natural life process that is in a perpetual state of change through a persons life. Read More [Click Here]