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Temptation Holidays the world’s first sex-positive travel company launches with a new website featuring a carefully curated collection of adult lifestyle holidays.

“In these days of sexual fluidity, we wanted to create a travel company that embodied sex and body positivity in a private and safe environment. Places where people could travel to and be themselves with no judgement, whilst enjoying beautiful locations and first-class service.” – Nina Saini Executive Director  of Temptation Holidays

The travel company only features adult lifestyle holidays of resorts and cruises catering for curious novice explorers and experienced sexual adventurists 21 years and over. Sex positivity and body positivity are the inspiration behind Temptation Holidays and the company has created the categories “party”, “play” and “nude” to describe the holidays on offer.

“Party” refers to resorts and cruises that have a lively and vibrant party atmosphere, they feature topless optional areas. “Nude” describes holidays that offer designated clothing optional areas. “Play” are holidays where couples have the option to explore sexuality with their partner or with other open-minded couples. These are all entirely optional. With the resorts and cruises featured on Temptation Holidays, safety and privacy are a priority which is why Temptation Holidays have created a rule book of do’s and don’ts.

Temptation Holidays are also excited to announce they are also developing their LGBT holiday offering and this will be launching later in the year.

With Temptation Holidays, our guests have the option to indulge the sensual senses to enhance their pleasure experience or simply relax and soak in the atmosphere. Situated in beautiful locations, we have selected places that are both intimate and private. Your privacy is important to us, which is why our holidays have strict guidelines to ensure you enjoy your travelling experience with us.

Click on the Temptation Holidays banner below to view the 2019 and 20120 selection of holidays