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Whether you are single or partnered, male or female, straight, gay or bisexual, my workshops can be tailor made to fit your personal circumstances.

You may want to take the workshop just for pleasure or you may want to improve your intimate relationships by having the skills to give a sensual massage to your partner(s). In the past, I have provided workshops for those considering working professionally as a sensual masseur and for existing masseurs looking to broaden their skills. I’ve also arranged workshops for event organisers, parties of friends, and soon-to-be husbands and brides who want to surprise the spouse with new skills. Whatever your background, interest or motivation I am happy to create a workshop that fits with your needs.

Workshops can be given to single people, couples or groups. Please don’t worry if you do not have anyone to practice on in the workshop: if you don’t have willing friends then I can usually provide enthusiastic volunteers for you to practice on. They are also quite happy to provide feedback on your skills.

What to expect from sensual massage workshops with Colin Richards

For the enthusiastic amateur:

  • Learn about and experience both the physiological and psychological dynamics of human intimacy
  • Learn how to give a 90-minute sensual massage to another person
  • Understand why humans have subconscious needs and motivations to receive intimate touch
  • Learn how to read the signals and unspoken language of intimate touch
  • Better understand your own sense of intimacy and ability to give intimate touch
  • Learn how to enhance arousal and how to stimulate the body’s erogenous zones
  • Learn massage techniques that are not included in standard massage courses – techniques that will definitely enhance your own sex life

For the trained or experienced professional:

  • Learn how to incorporate sensual massage into your current therapy practice
  • Learn how to create a safe and secure space in which to give clients sensual massage
  • Better understand the more common sexual performance issues that clients may bring to the treatment room
  • Receive help and guidance in how to set up your own professional sensual massage business

Workshop locations

I generally run workshops for single people or couples out of my own treatment rooms, but I am happy to teach at other venues if the facilities are suitable.  For larger groups I can provide premises or I can come to your location (UK or international).

Enquire about booking a workshop for a single student, couple or group

Here is  a recent testimonial on a Standard Day Workshop Male to Female Sensual Massage

TESTIMONIAL by Veejay April 2013

When I initially signed up to attend the Standard Day course, I expected to learn some massage techniques to help in my love life as I considered myself quite bad at foreplay with women. What I ended up getting was much, much more.

Colin made me feel relaxed enough to reveal private aspects of my life and in turn, he provided feedback of my persona which helped increase my confidence and be more aware of my negative behaviour.Combined with the amazing massage techniques I learnt, the entire experience has had an immediate positive impact in the bedroom! I was able to both learn practical skills on real female volunteers and receive feed back from them after the practice massages. Colin also gave me great insight in to the mechanics of the female body its arousal process and psychology of the female mind and what really turns women on.

The day course is great value for money and a superb investment for anyone trying to improve their love life.

Thank you Colin, it was an absolute pleasure seeing you in action! You have truly changed my life for the better.

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