Monday 16th December 7pm to 11pm

  • Location – Colin’s Private Apartment. London Bridge SE1 4QS
  • Cost – £25 – Includes a welcome fizz drink and top up, plus tea, coffee, soft drinks, cakes and nibbles. If you want to stay on for the Mix & Mingle section and drink alcohol, you are welcome to bring a bottle.
  • Maximum attendance – 40 persons
  • Questions ? email Colin at
  • or call or text Colin at 07966522696

Full address:-

16 Icon Apartments

15 Cluny Place

London Bridge SE1 4QS

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Colin has given The Intimacy Matters Presents talks  for over three years to audiences totalling over 2000 people and at some of London’s most exclusive private members clubs, Killing Kittens and Funzing. But due to the public nature of the venues these talks have always had to be contained in their content.

Designed to be part talk, part presentation and part social mixing Colin’s events always bring together the likeminded and open-minded individuals.

Colin has decided to present a more personal private affair with more explicit content in his private apartment / studio  in London Bridge.

A Trinity For A Strong Relationship

Communication – Consideration – Good Sex

With 15 years of experience working with over 6,000 clients Colin’s has accumulated a plethora of knowledge and experience to talk about what he believes makes a strong relationship; a trinity of good communication, consideration and good sex. In other words expressing your own desires alongside your partners, understanding your partners needs and challenges and of course pleasuring your partner in the best way you can.

The Event Program

Arrival – from 6.45pm 

Part One 7pm – 8.30pm

Colin will introduce you to the Psychology of Attraction. Why are we attracted to certain types and how can we be more aware about whom we get involved with. This section includes a written exercise to help you understand where your desires and challenges may come from and how our early past can unconsciously influence our present and future.

Short break

Part Two, 8.40pm – 10pm

Colin wil give a live demonstration of how to use sensual massage to extend foreplay. He will be accompanied by four volunteers, two male and two female and with special guests Pandoras Pleasure Box in attendance, Colin will show how sexplay can be more fun, adventurous and fulfilling for everyone. As Colin demonstrates on one volunteer audience members are invited to step up and practice on the other.

Part three, 10pm to 11pm

Mix and Mingling – This is the time to meet and chat with Colin and those from Pandoras as well as other guests. If attending this section and you want to drink alcohol, please bring a bottle.

Q & A

Is this evening open to any one?

Yes whether you have been a client of Colin or attended a workshop or not had any contact at all with Colin before this evening is open to everyone who is interested in investing in there intimate relationships.

Who is the evening good for?

Whether you are single, a couple, divorced any orientation or gender you are most welcome. However for ease of explanation most examples will be given referencing heterosexual relationship but the theory and practice applies to all.

Do I have to be naked or get involved?

No this is a talk with demonstration. Audience remain clothed but when invited you can step up and briefly practice on the volunteers

Will the evening be sexual?

Yes during the live demonstration of the sensual massage and sex toys it is likely that the female and male volunteers will become aroused possibly to orgasm

Do I have to say who I am?

No, if discretion is necessary then you can use a pseudonym and you do not have to disclose any information about yourself

Do I have to stay on for the Mix & Mingling?

No, this is optional but is a good time to make new friends but if you do stay and what to drink alcohol, please bring your own.

Will I be able to buy some of Pandoras sex toys?

Yes, there will be limited number available to buy on the night but if they run out you can leave your details and they will deliver two you.

How can I find out more about Colin?

Click here