Research and reassurance is important

Many women are now exploring the idea of taking a sensual massage with a male or female masseur and google is usually the first place they will look to see whats available. However frustratingly for many after entering search words such as ‘erotic massage for women’ a myriad of results come up and the searcher has to wade through a variety of questionable web sites and adverts.  This is often a laborious and confusing task that can dampen the enthusiasm and despite the strength of desire for the experience any concern about the security, discretion and professionalism usually must be addressed before booking an erotic massage.

For whatever reason a woman is to explore her sexuality with sensual massage  it is imperative that she feels calm and at ease with the service and of course comfortable the masseur giving the massage.

Colin’s testimonials & Trust Pilot reviews

After most of my appointments, I send out a request for feedback that can be given on a specific a feedback form or via Trustpilot. The answers on the feedback form are collated into a graph. (See below) The questions cover areas that I believe most women want to know more about: quality and location of the venue, levels of discretion, safety and of course their overall impression and satisfaction of the skill of the masseur. The Trustpilot reviews are made public and Google likes to publish them.

So if you are a woman thinking of having a sensual massage, for whatever reason, the feedback statistics found via the link below as well Trust Pilot review will I hope should give you peace of mind and confidence to book in an appointment soon.

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Written Testimonials

Below are genuine written testimonials given by past female clients; other than the names which have been changed, these testimonials have not been edited or altered in any way and are the exact words given by the client.

Anna – January 2020

I am Anna and I am 24 years old. I had the intimacy massage with Colin and it was amazing. I was nervous at first as I had never done anything like this before but as soon as I arrived Colin put my nerves at ease. He does his job extremely well and I left feeling extremely happy and satisfied. I was made to feel very relaxed and was able to climax several times. I’ll definitely be back again, I would highly recommend.

Lucy – December 2019

It was an amazing experience which left me feeling totally at ease and fully satisfied. I don’t think I have ever experienced multiple orgasms like it. We talked after the massage and it definitely gave me the confidence to broach certain conversations with my husband.

Chloe – December 2019

I’m happier than I’ve been for a very long time. My treatment has given me confidence and I feel I may be able to come out of a shell that has been my hidey hole for most of my life.

Sally 48 yrs  – August 2019

I wanted to provide you with a review because I think what you do is so powerful and how you handle your clients, so respectful. I chose to come to you as a gay woman, who was craving intimacy and had not been in a sexual relationship for a long time. I found your website and for many months visited and clicked in and out, time and time again before gaining the courage to make contact a year on. Although never having been intimate with a man, I chose to come to you because you seem to love women and the only other female offering this service seemed more about “sisterly comfort” than a real sense of wanting to touch a woman. From the minute I made contact you made me feel so comfortable. The talk before has helped me and the massage itself was an extraordinary 2 hours of being nurtured and appreciated. I never once felt uncomfortable.  You are highly professional with very clear boundaries but you are also sensitive and attentive. It was the first time I have ever done anything like that. It definitely fulfilled a need and calmed me down and I cannot say I won’t want to do it again

Lucy, 45 yrs – July 2019

Thank you Colin it was a really special experience. You made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived. I was really nervous before I arrived and you made me feel so welcome and relaxed in a lovely environment. I would recommend what you can do to any women and feel very lucky to have experienced the relaxation, arousal, and sexual joy and satisfaction you have given me.

Evelyn, 26yrs – July 2019

I went to see Colin because I was curious to know more about my body. I am single and in need of sexual and sensual gratification but I also have problems reaching orgasm. The massage was fantastic, honestly the best sexual experience I’ve had. Spent the rest of the day floating about London. Circulation in extremities is still much better than previously!

Cara,  43yrs – May 2019

Since I first discovered Intimacy Matters at the end of 2018, my visits to Colin have become an extremely important part of my life. I was – and still am – happily single, but I wanted the opportunity for intimacy in my life, since sex and sexuality are an integral part of who I am. I had been looking for ways to be intimate while feeling supported on a spiritual, emotional and physical level and I found this through Colin.

Little things really matter to me and what happens before the massage begins is just important to me as the massage itself. Although I am always excited about having a massage, I always need to settle when I first arrive. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that I am greeted with and having the chance to talk and reconnect if only briefly before I even step into the shower lets me do this and feel the trust I have in Colin. By the time I lie down and feel Colin’s first touch, I am drifting out of my head and into my body, and as someone who tends to live in my head, that means a lot.  Every massage that I have is different – for me, my needs and desires often depend on what is going on with me on a particular day, and Colin reads me well and responds to where I am in each moment. Some massages are assertive and adventurous, others are gentle and relaxing and all are sensual and satisfying. I float away and stay on a high for days afterwards.

Simona, 43 years March to May 2019

I first met Colin in March 2019. As I wrote in my testimonial after the initial visit for a mentoring appointment.  It was a real turning point for me. I decided that I wanted to keep moving forward (and also had another birthday as a single woman and really wanted that to change).  But change isn’t easy and there is still a lot for me to process. One day I felt positive and on a high, the next I felt stuck and very low. I realised I had a choice: either remain in this cycle or just try and forge ahead. I identified the feelings and areas that I was struggling with emotionally and met with Colin for another consultation followed by an absolute massage. Colin is very understanding and I felt able to be open and honest with him. I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed the absolute massage. For me, that was only possible as I trusted Colin and felt comfortable.

I contacted Colin the next day to arrange a private introductory massage workshop for the following week. I wanted to keep the momentum going and try something new. Just as I felt like I needed another consultation, I knew the private workshop would help me feel more confident about possibly trying a group workshop in the future. It was a breakthrough experience for me. I am beginning to see a real change in how I feel – it’s exciting and I’m keen to continue with Colin’s help and guidance.

Debbie 23yrs – April 2019

I enjoyed knowing that I was the one being cared for a looked after. Also knowing that Colin didn’t expect anything in return from me and that was an option I could take. Enjoyed my needs being listened too and met very highly. 5 Star rating.

Colette 41 yrs – April 2019

I was very, very nervous before my first appointment with Colin but he really did put me at my ease. He is knowledgeable, reassuring and completely non-judgemental. He clearly values and enjoys what he does and he made me feel very valued also. I am always worried about men judging me negatively and I never for one second felt that thought even entered Colin’s head. He is professional, considerate and skilled at what he does and I really cannot recommend him highly enough. I have a very negative view of my body and my potential desirability (which I have to say is improving after seeing Colin) and if I can feel reassured and confident with Colin then, honestly, anyone can.

Mary 41 yrs – March 2019

I read about Colin’s 3 hour psychosensual message but it took a few months before I found the courage to contact Colin. I opted to meet Colin for a two hour consultation first – I felt that I needed more time to talk through the issues that are holding me back. Colin put me at ease straight away. I felt very comfortable and able to be honest and open up about my past. 20 years ago, I was sexually assaulted by a stranger who was caught and went to prison. My life completely derailed and I didn’t trust men. I have never dated or been intimate with a guy. It took a long time to work through all the emotional issues but I was still stuck. At 41 years old. I didn’t know how to move forward with any romantic relationship. A total lack of experience, not feeling sexy, desirable, wanted and also not knowing how I could possibly change anything.

That 2 hour conversation has been a real turning point for me. Colin asked me lots of questions and I was surprised by the links he made not only with the assault but also other aspects of my life. He gave me some useful suggestions, practical ways forward and lots of encouragement. I realised that I was as ready as I will ever be to move forward.

I saw Colin two weeks later and had the sensual massage as I was wanted to stay in my comfort zone. It was such a positive experience. I am planning to book further treatments and work with Colin to keep moving forward. I now believe my life can change and I can meet someone and be happy in a relationship and sexually fulfilled. The treatment has made a massive impact already – I am on a dating app and have my first date planned! I can’t thank Colin enough for his help and understanding and most of all, his professional manner.

Jenifer 27yrs – January 2019

I had already had a couple of massages with Colin and was impressed at how safe I felt and how he built up the sensuality gradually. My recent appointment was a psychosensual one, with an hour of counseling before the massage. I have some past trauma in my life and in only an hour, I felt that Colin had some useful insights. I’ve had counseling before but everyone focused directly on my sexual fears or trauma and never zoomed out to think of other ways and areas I could become more comfortable in my body. Colin was able to do that! After just one talk, I left the appointment encouraged to try harder to share some of my past with my boyfriend. So far I hadn’t told him much. Already in the week since my appointment, I’ve been bold enough to share some more details and concerns with my boyfriend. That is huge for me. I feel a little healthier just from being able to clearly state some things that he needed to know but that I wasn’t able to bring up before. And the massage after the talk was also fantastic. Due to the subject of the talk, I felt a bit more “fragile” than usual and didn’t want the massage to be as erotically intense as the previous one. Thankfully Colin was able to shift the tone and give me the experience I needed to properly enjoy it again. All in all, contacting Colin last year was one of the best decisions I’ve made in years in terms of my sexuality. I’ve been able to confront some physical fears or hang ups in a safe environment and am seeing a bit of growth as I understand my sexuality a little better.

Geena, 22yrs – November 2018

Colin is absolutely amazing. I am so pleased I met him. He really takes time to understand my needs and concerns regarding my sexual issues. This was my second appointment with Colin and again he made me feel safe, relaxed and allowed me to enjoy my treatment completely. I always thought is something wrong with my body as I was not able to reach orgasm but he comforted me and told me these things takes time. This time seeing Colin I had 90 mins massage treatment and I didn’t know what to expect but he made me feel amazing, really relaxed and explosive at the end!!! I never knew that I’m able to ejaculate! It is definitely an achievement for me since I last seen Colin and that’s because of the techniques he is using. I cannot recommend him enough. Ladies if you are confronted with similar issues I strongly suggest you contact Colin. I promise you will not regret and it’s definitely worth every penny! I literally cannot wait to book another appointment with him.

Tania, 42 yrs – July 2018

I went to see Colin for a 3-hour psychosensual treatment, with a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to work on. What drew me to his particular approach was the quite unique combination of psychological mentoring and physical/sensual touch. I wanted to spend some time exploring my difficulty and vulnerability around receiving pleasure from a man. I had an idea of where it came from but had never really had an opportunity to look at it with a qualified experienced professional.

I appreciated Colin’s warmth, kindness, care, openness and genuine curiosity – all of which helped me to relax and feel safe. The pre-session authorisation form also felt to me like an indispensable part of the process; it felt both reassuring and liberating to be able to communicate my boundaries and preferences in this way. Last but not least – I thoroughly enjoyed the sensual massage. Colin is very skilled in what he does and I felt I was being introduced to an expanded repertoire of types of touch, stimulation and pleasure! I will definitely be going back for another session.

Gemma – March 2018

I felt really relaxed and tried to disconnect from the day to day activities while you were doing an amazing job! I must say you are very experienced, not that I had lots of guys in my life and would be able to compare but the fact is you made me feel relaxed, you showed care and tenderness. Every little thing you have done was in its place and I actually enjoyed it! It’s been a pleasure meeting you and I want to see you again very soon!

Emma – August 2017

I fully appreciated the time you took to find out the history and reasons why l might have had problems achieving orgasms. It was an eye opener and I was impressed with your subject knowledge. Although l was nervous to begin with the glass of wine helped! I knew l could totally trust you and knew that l was in your expert hands. I was blown away by the whole experience and for me the icing on the cake was achieving that elusive orgasm! It has changed my perception and l am very happy about the experience. I can absolutely recommend you to others and once again a big thank you!

Sharon – August 2017

Sharon has taken 4 appointments over 2-3 months: one Absolute then a series of three Psychosensual treatments.

I spent so many years feeling that I would always remain a caterpillar, never progressing onto the next stage. Then I made it to becoming a chrysalis, sadly for many years, this is where I thought I would remain. Encased, frozen in a cocoon for eternity, never knowing what else was out there. Then out of nowhere, I have turned into the most amazing bright, colourful big butterfly. I can now choose where I fly off to, where I land and how long for. I now decide, no longer feeling or allowing myself to be controlled. Pure magic, that’s what it is. With your help and guidance, I am now in a place that I thought I would never get to. I am so glad that you do the service that you do.

Suzanne – June 2017

The experience of having a Kama Sutra massage was everything I had hoped for and more. I was naturally a bit cautious to even explore sensual massage and took some time to pick up the phone to Colin and book…. but I am so glad that I did. In fact, I now think – why did I wait so long? The testimonials of other clients were so positive and helpful that they were a big part of reassuring me in advance. Which is why I am now writing this! Colin made me feel completely at ease right from the start when we initially chatted about what I hoped for and needed. I felt able to be very open with him. The massage itself was wonderful because it was designed to relax initially and gradually build in intensity. It was a treat and a delight. I am so grateful to Colin for helping me explore and discover myself and I will definitely be repeating the experience and soon.

Hannah, 42 yrs – May 2017

Colin was professional in his knowledge of relationships, I felt as if I had had a counselling session before the massage; this gave me confidence and trust in his hands. The massage was incredible, Colin has amazing skills and knew which buttons to press : he took me from a relaxing, sensual massage to full climax many times. 24 hours later I am still floating; having waves of arousal; having to close my eyes to tell myself to concentrate on work! I feel empowered by the experience. I’ll definitely book again.

Kat – May 2017

I just wanted to say thanks for today, that was the best massage I have ever had, even with sensual elements put aside, and it is the first time I think I have ever been able to really come close to being ok with the idea of just disappearing into my own world and enjoying the relaxation and the sensations. You are fantastically skilled at what you do, and I hope to be able to pay a return visit sometime in the future.

Kathy – March 2017

Like many women, I spend most of my time caring for others so it was a real treat to put my needs first and allow myself to receive pleasure without feeling I had to reciprocate. I really enjoyed the conversation with Colin before the treatment; it was great to engage with someone who was so knowledgeable about relationships and sex. It also helped to put me at ease. I have never done anything like this before and was understandably nervous. I thought it would be difficult to orgasm in this situation so I decided to take that pressure off myself and just enjoy the sensual journey. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised to find an orgasm creeping up on me just part way into the massage. I quickly relaxed into the massage and was able to express myself freely and connect to the deepest primal part of myself. It felt good to be so real and authentic. I realise there are many areas of my life where I haven’t found it easy to express myself and I very much needed this release. Afterwards, I felt especially enlivened and quite euphoric. Both physically and mentally my senses have been heightened and I still feel this way a week on. This is definitely something I intend to explore further and would encourage anyone who is interested but feeling a little unsure to take the step, put themselves first and give themselves over to receiving ‘Absolute’ pleasure!

Dianne – March 2017 

What can I say? It was great. Colin knows what he’s doing and I came away fulfilled. There was plenty of variety which added to the excitement.

Melissa – March 2017

First of all, I must say that booking such an appointment was not part of my daily routine and would have to include international travel. But I went ahead and booked it, because my willingness to immerse myself in this sensual experience I kept reading about exceeded any initial hesitation. The result was that I am simply ecstatic that I did. Colin is such a warm and positive person, and he made me feel safe and totally at ease, from the very beginning – culminating to a total orgasmic meltdown. In my opinion, he is a true expert in what he does, as well as an insightful and caring person. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to repeat it!

Martha – March 2017

I have issues reaching orgasm with a partner due to past difficult experience and I always wanted to try a sensual massage to help with this issue, without having the courage to actually contact someone. I then read about Colin on Killing Kittens and was reassured by the fact that he was endorsed by them. The first time I went for a massage I was quite nervous but Colin looked very professional and made me feel at ease. The massage was eye opening and it felt amazing to be the centre of attention and have someone dedicated to my pleasure. Since then I volunteered for a workshop and had a second (but not last!) massage with Colin. Each time I felt more confident in my body and sexuality and really relaxed!

Katy – September 2016

I loved the experience and found it surprisingly easy to relax and let go. It was good to explore different things (such as anal stimulation which I was a bit unsure about but actually was one of the highlights of the session) in a safe, non-pressured environment. I think the fact I felt safe and relaxed combined with such a complete focus on me and my pleasure resulted in me having multiple orgasms in a way that I haven’t managed before with a partner – it was exhausting but I didn’t want the session to end and will be booking another very shortly.

Emma – September 2016

Colin’s ‘Absolute’ massage far exceeded my expectations. The massage itself was fulfilling, relaxing and intensely pleasurable. Colin himself I found to be charming, intelligent and affectionate. He is also a great communicator in every sense. I would recommend that all women experience Colin at least once in a lifetime!

Kate – June 2016

A very lovely experience which I’d wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who wants to explore possibilities, get a confidence boost or just give themselves a fabulous treat. What I learned is how my confidence has dropped in recent years and how I’ve kind of disconnected from my body – it shocked me that I was much less communicative and responsive than I had hoped. Glad I chose the 3 hour treatment so you could get some context and understand my situation and I will ask/guide/speak up more next time as I know it’s completely safe to do so and I won’t offend or be ridiculed. It’s left me feeling more confident and also mindful that there is much work to be done. But how good I came to see you BEFORE venturing out to find a new partner/playmate! As I said to you afterwards, you have a remarkable blend of firmness and tenderness. Keen to learn more – how to give a massage myself – and the events you are doing seem fun. You have a wonderful job but it takes a special person to do it so well and long may you continue.

Lucy – May 2016

Thank you for the Kama Sutra massage – it was something I have never experienced before. Words can’t describe how I feel, but it was amazing. I feel that there is so much more to learn, of which I may have been missing out on.

Rachel – May 2016

I wanted to drop you a line about my session last week. To you, the work you do probably sits somewhere between a job and a vocation. To me and I’m sure many others, it feels like a gift. You were so positive and insightful about what was going on. What you said and what you did was meaningful and delicious in equal measure.

Tanya – March 2016

I wanted to thank you and of course Ali, for an amazing experience last night, and for all of our sessions together the past couple of months.

Finding myself again has been a long journey, but I am so very grateful that you have become part of it. From my first visit filled with pure trepidation, to last night’s incredible experience of just letting go and having you both take me on an extraordinary ride of pleasure, has been the most wonderful gift.

What you do, and what you give of yourself, is so rare. I shall have to thank my hairdresser for giving me that complimentary copy of Cosmopolitan! As I said last night there have been only three occasions in my life where I’ve read something and felt that I ‘needed’ to do that. I’m glad I trusted that gut feeling and entered into your world of complete freedom.

The space you have created is one of complete warmth, understanding, compassion, and a true place to allow us to be who we are meant to be. I have always found it difficult to trust people but you have shown me that I am able to let go, relax, hand over the control to someone else, to just ‘be’ and enjoy. And with that, not only have we broken through the block of me never having been able to orgasm with anyone, but we have conquered my severe fear of penetration to being able to thoroughly enjoy sex without pain, delighted in the primal rawness on natural sexual arousal. Long may this journey of free exploration and sexual pleasure continue! You really have allowed me to find a part of me I thought I’d never have. Truly a huge huge thank you.

Eloise – January 2016

It was an amazing erotic experience and I orgasmed for the first time without using a vibrator.

Sheila – December 2015

I am celebrating the feeling that despite the changes my body has gone through because of my age at 55 I am still a sensual woman. My afternoon with Colin was amazing and far exceeded expectation. My husband and I are over the moon.

Caroline – December 2015

It was a very pleasurable experience. Colin made me feel at ease during the entire visit. My husband actually booked the Kama Sutra massage for me as a gift and preferred to not be a part of the treatment. By sharing with my husband the details of my visit with Colin our sexual relationship has improved but more importantly my confidence in myself and my sexuality has increased. I encourage you to take some time with Colin and focus on you and your needs as he will. I will definitely book another visit with him the next time we are in London!

Janet – November 2015

I am grateful that I saw the article in Cosmopolitan magazine, as otherwise I would never have come across the services provided by Colin. However I felt it important to do my own research and speak to Colin prior to booking an appointment, and Colin was most helpful on the telephone and put my mind at rest in terms of my initial apprehension. I cannot put into words how good I found the experience of the Kama Sutra massages that I received (I have had two so far). The venue was easy to find/access, and Colin was very welcoming and quickly put me at my ease. Having previously provided my preferences, this also helped me to feel more at ease and relaxed. The massage was relaxing and soothed my tense shoulders. It was also intimate, sensual and erotic and it felt liberating to be the centre of attention and allow myself to receive this treatment. Juggling an often stressful and demanding job, alongside busy home and family commitments, this was my special time.

Following the massage I could really sense the rejuvenating and therapeutic effects. Physically, my body felt less tense and I could feel the benefits of the massage oil. Emotionally and mentally I felt happier and less stressed. Being prone to slight depression at times, this positive impact is very important. For example, the experience seemed to give me a clearer and improved sense of perspective relating to my work, and helped to reinforce a positive attitude. My relationship with my partner has also benefited, as previously I was often not in a position physically or mentally to become intimate. Recently our sex life has started to improve. However, equally as important, as I am generally in a better state mentally, our communication has improved and we are both happier in each others’ company. For me personally, I feel that this sort of massage will be a very beneficial part of an overall plan to improve my health and well-being. 

Louise – June 2015

I am not sure I have the words to do justice to just how empowered I have been since my visit. Emotionally I have now for the first time in about seven years put myself back as my priority. I have been motivated to put changes in place after being made to feel that I am important. My self esteem and confidence have been boosted and it’s been noticed by friends. As someone who is still on a weight loss journey this has been an amazing boost. The non sensual part of the massage has had lasting effect both my neck & shoulders feel new still nearly a month on.  The most empowering part of the experience was the release of frustration both physically, sexually and emotionally – I let down barriers and put closure to an important chapter of my life – something I could not have done if I was ill at ease. In short, visiting Colin has been the best thing I have done this year. I shall be back soon.

Sara – March 2015

It’s great to receive a massage with sensual contact, a totally private great way to let your inhibitions go. It has changed my limitation of thinking and made me more open to sexual pleasure.

Amanda – June 2015

It was very enjoyable and relaxing. I have a stressful lifestyle and lots of travel. This helped me relax and release stress in a safe and comfortable environment.

Rachel – March 2015

I surprise myself for having sought it in the first place, it very much not being in my character nor lifestyle, but Colin’s professionality, warmth and immediate reassurance meant that trust was instant. He was everything I needed, both in his touch and his lovely, warm, unintrusive personality, and he helped enormously. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ula – February 2015

This was a unique workshop experience, in a very positive way. Everything was just so natural. I felt very comfortable thanks to Colin’s personality and attitude. This unforgettable evening helped me trust more my instincts, my heart, my ‘inner woman’. It was a very beautiful experience!

Alison – February 2015

Thank you for a truly extraordinary afternoon! I was feeling quite trepidatious when I arrived as I’m sure you realised. But you were so very kind – I quickly felt at ease with you. Thinking about it now, this seems rather remarkable, given that you were a complete stranger – how many minutes from handshake to electric pleasure down the back? And here I am on a train surrounded by strangers, with whom sexual contact seems unlikely to say the least. But as you say, you create a separate world and a space to be different. I found it a very luxurious and exciting space to be in! Thank you. It was a real pleasure to meet you.

Faith – January 2015

Faith took a Female to Male Standard Day Workshop.

I had an amazing experience and able to learn a lot of techniques that is required to perform an erotic massage that will hopefully enable me to enhance my sexuality with my partner. Aside from the technique, Colin also was very comprehensive in consulting the psychological side of it.

Mary – November 2014

I have had two simply wonderful experiences with Colin and am longing for more. I don’t know if my story is typical or not. I bring rather complex baggage with me: very happily married, low libido, orgasmic difficulties, a lifetime of over-controlling emotions and an utter inability to talk about sex. A major health scare a few years ago made me abruptly feel that I didn’t want to die without having had an orgasm – but what do I do about it?  I had read about sensual massage and had tried it once before, about a year ago, but although I liked the practitioner it did nothing for me. Worrying. Thinking again, recently, that I should perhaps give it another go, I found Colin quite by accident. Why did I pursue it? – the answer is because everything from him that I read, and subsequently experienced, was entirely reassuring on just about every level. It’s a daunting prospect to turn up on the doorstep of a total stranger essentially offering him your body. Somehow the moment he answered the bell I knew it would be alright. Firstly his personality – quietly calm, warm, professional, entirely reassuring, entirely understanding, entirely non-judgmental, not asking any questions. Then – oh! – the sublime touch: he comforted me, relaxed me, took me places I needed to explore, and showed me how normal it all was. I almost cried in his arms afterwards. Afterwards there is companionship, concern, interest, no feeling of being rushed out of the place. And the flat is lovely – warm, spacious, tempting. It’s expensive, I suppose, but life is short and why deny oneself…?

Sana – September 2014

The massage environment is clean, aromatic and tranquil. He held the space beautifully, guiding me towards feeling trust. I felt like the time was special and tailored just for me. Colin has a relaxed and respectful approach which was completely in harmony with my needs. He awakened my body. He gave me exciting sensual surprises, and security, which gently nurtured all my potential for love, life, joy and healing.

Nola – August 2014

I am a happily married woman so I hesitated in booking for a couple of months. Now I wish I had not taken so long to try this experience as it has certainly helped my relationship with my partner. No longer am I as frustrated or disappointed about the lack of sexual intimacy between him and I but can now value everything else in our partner partnership more clearly, knowing that once a month I can be rightfully self indulgent and escape to enjoy to the full one of Colin’s Kama Sutra massages.

Sarah – April 2014

Oh my God – after 30 minutes of getting me relaxed and gently aroused he opened Pandora’s box and I had 7 orgasms in less than 60 minutes. I left feeling euphoric as I never believed was possible.

Annalie – January 2014

I recommend Colin as an experienced, open minded therapist and masseur. Colin exudes a wise, capable and light-hearted professionalism. He very quickly put me at ease. Colin is especially appealing as a practitioner one can broach all subjects and concerns with, especially about relationships, sexuality, intimacy and confidence. Before our meeting Colin took the time to email me a mind-expanding list of possible wants and desires to help establish my boundaries. He was also open to the natural fluidity of my varying needs on the day, which I found very supportive.

Consuela – December 2013

I just had my first session with Colin and it was like a surprise present. It gave me happiness and pleasure. I felt very relaxed, the back massage was wonderful and the sensuality came naturally, without any pressures. Made me feel free and discover new sensations. When I left I was very happy that I have overcome my initial fears and concerns. It’s not every day you feel you have been on the Moon.

Sarah – November 2013

I am 35 years old and British. This was my first time to have a full body sensual massage and naturally I was quite nervous of both the level of intimacy and to discussing the reasons for my visit. My experience of Colin is that he is professional, intuitive and most importantly as a female client made sure that I felt both safe and comfortable whilst in his care. Colin is an expert in his field and as a result of his subject knowledge, life experience and emotional intelligence was able to provide effective considerations as a result of the confidential information that I shared about myself. It was refreshing and reassuring to know that my personal fears are quite normal and that I am not so different!! The whole massage was a very comfortable, natural and sensual experience. If it so happens that you find yourself reading this testimonial then I suggest that you give yourself the gift and contact and meet Colin – you will be in good hands.

Krista – December 2012

Thanks a million, Colin, for the great experience we had with you. Your knowledge and professional skills impressed us as well as your confident and relaxed manner. We felt completely at ease and relaxed during the whole session. We highly recommend your service for all those who are curious to discover one another. You are a master of your field. We are looking forward to your next workshop.

Further comments given by female clients

‘I recommend Colin as an experienced, open minded therapist and masseur.’

‘Colin exudes a wise, capable and light-hearted professionalism. He very quickly put me at ease.’

‘Colin is especially appealing as a practitioner one can broach all subjects and concerns with, especially about relationships, sexuality, intimacy and confidence.’

‘Before our meeting Colin took the time to email me a mind-expanding list of possible wants and desires to help establish my boundaries. He was also open to the natural fluidity of my varying needs on the day, which I found very supportive.’

‘As I travelled home after our session, colours were brighter and life seemed sweeter. I want to go back, again and again..’

‘Quite simply WOW after years of being in the sensual and sexual wilderness, I feel reborn.’

‘I now want my boyfriend to come to one of Colin’s workshops.’