Sensual Massage

Private Classes & Professional Training

For women who like men

Teaching women the art of giving sensual massage to enhance and extend foreplay for both his and her pleasure

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Class Choices

Scroll down the page for more details on each class type.

  • The 2 .5 hour Experiential Session –  introduction to sensual massage
  • The 5-hour Foundation Class  – is ideal for expanding your skills and a lover
  • The 10-hour Combined Foundation & Intermediate Class – learning even more skills and becoming a confident lover
  • The 20-hour Advanced Professional Training – This training combines the 10 hours of Foundation and Intermediate classes with an additional 10 hours of sensual massage practice, business set up and guide to marketing. This training is for the woman who wants to become a professional sensual masseur for men ( and women ) and create a part-time or full-time income.

When can I take a class?

The Experiential session is 2.5 hours, and the Foundation Interdemate and Professional Classes are held in 5-hour sessions unless arranged differently with mutual agreement

Monday to Friday 5-hour sessions are usually either:-

  • 10 am to 3 pm
  • 1 pm to 6 pm
  • 5 pm to 10 pm

Saturday 5-hour sessions

  • 10 am to 3 pm
  • Noon to 5 pm

Over what period can I spread my classes?

  • Combined Foundation & Intermediate 2 x 5 hours must be completed within six weeks
  • Professional Training 4 x 5 hours must be completed within twelve weeks

How soon do I need to book a class?

These classes are popular, and I am also busy with treatment appointments, so I generally run only one five-hour class a day if you have specific dates, it is best to book at least two weeks in advance.

Immediate bookings supplement cost

If you make an enquiry and want to book a class within seven days, an extra 10% charge will be made if I can accommodate you.

Splitting the classes

Can I take the Foundation class and then return later and take the Intermediate or Professional training without repeating the Foundations class?

Yes, The Foundation Class can be followed by a further 5 hours of Intermediate training or 15 hours of Professional training; however, the cost is more being split classes.

Sharing the training with others

All prices are quoted for one person taking a class.  If two people are taking the course together, 50% is added.

Application Form

To book any of the classes, I require you to give me some information about yourself and your reason for wanting to enhance your knowledge and skills in giving sensual massage and erotic arousal.

Click here to complete the Massage My Man registration form

Two-person option

All prices below are quoted for one person taking the workshop or course. If two people are taking the workshop together, 50% is added.

If you can not attend London to take a class,

visit Colin’s online tutorials website Intimate Tutorials.

To view all the students who completed classes in 2022/23CLICK HERE

  • Given by two female friends who attended a 5-hour evening workshop, learning to give a sensual massage to a man to improve their sensual foreplay skills and knowledge and confidence in erotic arousal – September 2022

“I am glad so ****** and I did a session with you. All aspects of the learning, the massage techniques, the intimacy it brings between 2 people and talking to you, and understanding the male/female mind and human psychology were so fascinating and eye-opening. Women really do wonder how men think. Therefore, to sit with someone in an environment where we feel safe and can be honest and open to learning a new perspective and have even simple questions answered was great.  I have struggled in my relationships, so receiving some guidance and lots of fruit for thought was good. It also helped me learn more about myself as well. As for the demonstration/practice massage we both did like that because we want to be able to give something special or a little extra in our relationships or anytime we meet someone we want to do something intimate for.”

Below is an example of the teaching that you will receive if you take the Massage My Man Foundation or Intermediate classes or Professional training.

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