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Instructions on how to check availability and book your appointment online.

  1. Click the BLUE BOOK HERE button below to access the booking portal.

  1. Register, or if you are a past client, log in again.
  2. Select your service category – treatments – classes – coaching.
  3. Select your treatment sector – women – men – couples.
  4. Select your massage or coaching session with Colin.
  5. Select your date and time.
  6. Complete the name and details form and T&Cs if you are not logged in.
  7. When booking, you are NOT required to leave any payment details now. You will pay after your appointment is finished.
  8. First-time clients for treatments may be required to pay a £50 deposit when booking. A link will be sent to pay.
  9. Payment for the treatment or class can be made by credit or debit card, cash, or bank transfer.
  10. IMPORTANT TO NOTE—All online bookings are only held as provisional and are not confirmed until Colin contacts you to confirm his availability or offer an alternative.

Do you require confidentiality and anonymity?

If you require total confidentiality, then you can contact Colin directly. You can use a nickname, but I do need your email address or phone number.

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Telegram chat username – @intimacymatters

Email Colin:

Booking sensual massage classes

If you want to book a class, go to your chosen class type and complete the respective application form – To see the class options click here