Revving Up Your Sex Life

When single women or couples seek my guidance, often lamenting that their sex life feels unfulfilling, it doesn't take long to discover the culprit

The Misunderstood Male & The Frustrated Female

It frustrates me that people often accuse men of being interested in only one thing: sex. While it's true that men love sex—

Female Volunteer Required

Female volunteers receivers required for massage classes. Free massage and you help men learn to be better lovers

My first and definitely not last sensual massage

When the country's leading sensual masseur offers you his premium treatment, you'd be foolish to turn it down. I had the pleasure of meeting Colin when I interviewed him for a podcast,

Exploring Modern Cuckolding & Hot Wife

Modern cuckolding, a practice where one partner finds arousal in watching their partner engage with others, is gaining popularity among couples.

IMF Telegram Group Chat

However, many have been unable to do this as they live further away, so I have created this chat group on Telegram to enable everyone in this sensual massage community to connect more easily. 

Sensual Massage Class Survey

I have created a short survey to get a clearer idea about what people would like to learn within my various classes and group workshops.

The Sexalescence Generation – Are you part of it?

The Sexalescence generation are people born in the 50s and 60s with no plans of ageing. 

Couples Sexy Massage

Increasingly couples are discussing the idea of expanding their sensual and sexual experiences.