Experiential Massage Practice

Learn & Enjoy at the same time by giving a four hands massage with Colin.

£265 – 2 hours with one person receiving a 90-minute massage 

£325 – 3 hours with both receiving a 75-minute massage

This workshop is for those couples who want to explore what it is like to give a sensual massage to their partner but to give it with the guidance of an expert as a four hands massage. On booking, I find out what it is you want to explore in giving the massage practice. Then I find a mutually convenient time for the practice. On the day we start by having a brief chat to understand how the ‘receiver’ (him or her or both) likes to enjoy the massage. I then take 15 minutes to teach you some standard massage strokes for the back, legs, buttocks and shoulders. Then once you are feeling confident and at ease and your partner is relaxed we start the four hands massage. We work together with you following my lead. The intention is to create a sensually enjoyable experience for both the receiver and yourself rather than learn specific massage techniques. Simply by giving a sensual massage in this way, you will not only enjoy the pleasure of giving but also learn by first-hand practice some essential aspects of a sensual massage. The massage will include full body arousal, genital massage, edging the orgasm, bringing to orgasm and optional prostate massage (men), clitoral and vaginal and G-spot (women) You can remain clothed or be naked when giving the massage. If there are specific aspects you want to include in the massage, then let me know, and we can incorporate this in, for example, light spanking or domination.

The 5 hour Couples Workshop – Basic foreplay skills!

The 5 hour half day workshop is ideal as a taster or for couples wanting to just enjoy giving a sensual massage to another man or woman or to each other. The couple gives a 90-minute sensual massage jointly under instruction from Colin to a volunteer followed by them each receiving a 60 minute sensual massage after,  either as a 2 hands massage from their partner or as a 4 hands with Colin instructing.

£475 – Daytime – 4 hours between 9.00am – 11.00pm

If you require a female volunteer to practise on then allow a further £100 per female.

The 10 hour Couples Workshop – Explore, arouse and prolong the pleasure!

This workshop is ideal for the couple who want to learn in detail how to give a sensual massage and explore both the psychology and physiology of arousal and better sexual performance.

Workshop with volunteer receivers – This option includes two practice sessions on male or female (or both) volunteers in the morning followed by the couple receiving their own massage each at end of day. Each couple massage can be given either as a 4 hands with each pairing with Colin or from one to the other just with verbal instruction from Colin.

Private workshop –  Or the couple may want a completely private workshop and to just practise on one another with a very focused instruction enhancing foreplay skills, genital arousal and sexual performance .

However, it is important to emphasise that all couple workshops can be tailor-made to  your specific requirements. Just ask!

£675 – 10 hours anytime between 9.00am – 11.00pm. Or the workshop can be split into 2 x 5 hour periods on separate days.

If you require female volunteers to practise on then allow a further £100 per female.

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