What does this mean?

All massages are erotic and arousing with the receiver being taken to orgasm/ejaculation.

Below are the level of touch that can be given to the female masseur relevant to each type of massage. Each female masseur provides a score by her profile that indicates how intimate their massage can become within a 4 hands and tandem massage with Colin. Male masseur also use this system but specifics can be clarified

Level 1 = Sensual – Female & male masseur are topless. No-touch given to masseurs

Level 2 = Super Sensual – Both masseurs are naked from partway through the massage and the female masseur is comfortable to receive external touch on non-intimate areas of her body. Male masseur receives intimate arousing touch.

Level 3 = Bronze Erotic – All the above but the female masseur gives body to body and is comfortable to receive external touch of both intimate and non intimate areas of her body. Male masseur receives arousing touch to orgasm.

Level 4 = Silver Erotic – All the above with the addition of the female masseur comfortable to receive erotic clitoral and external vaginal arousal to orgasm by hand only. Masseurs will interact together on request. Male receives oral

Level 5 = Gold Erotic – all the above and if the client provides personal details with a picture provided then the female masseur will consider receiving oral, internal vaginal stimulation. Male masseur receives oral male or female received and gives oral only to female.

Level 6 = Platinum Erotic – all the above and masseurs will consider and quote for full sexual interaction. Level 6 is only considered after the client has taken 4 hands or tandem massage before. acceptance is not guaranteed as both the female and male masseur require a vile of personal chemistry to be present for this experience to be real and meaningful. Platinum level massages are quoted according to the content requested.