Other Ways to Pay


Spread payment over 6 weeks

Spread your payments over 6 weeks with LAYBUY

If you are wanting to book any service or training with Colin but want to spread the payment rather than pay in full on the day you can use my recommended BUY NOW PAY LATER service LAYBUY

  • Spread payments up to the value of £720
  • Spread payments for any period up to six weeks
  • Offset £720 for any purchase over £720 ( Tuition cost £1000 pay £280 now spread £720 over 6 weeks)
  • Fast, efficient, easy to set up on your mobile, fully safe and secure
  • Read about LAYBUY HERE
  • Note the Laybuy fees are added to your total payment

How to pay with LAYBUY

(quick and easy!)

  1. Select your treatment or training
  2. Contact Colin to request to pay by LAYBUY
  3. Colin will then TEXT you the LAYBUY registration link to set up the payment

LAYBUY will require a method of identification is drivers license or passport

Direct; Booking Form

Email; colin@intimacymatters.co.uk

Call or Text/Whats App;  – 07966 522 696

Or pay monthly by Direct Debit

pay by monthly instalments and receive up to 40% Saving

Monthly payment plans with up to 40% discount

Take regular appointments and benefit by receiving substantial saving 

I like to make my treatments as financially accessible to my clients as possible but I realise that sometimes even though the need or desire is strong your cash flow may not allow you to make regular appointments with me when you want.

Spread the payment and also receive up to 40% saving on treatments

To help clients overcome this dichotomy, I offer a payment instalment plan that enables them to spread payments over three, six or twelve months.

Easy to set up

Rather than use your bank account to set up a direct debit I use Go Cardless. It is reliable, secure and quick to set up and simple to run and cancel at any time.

The scheme is limited to a maximum of 40 people per year.

Direct Debit Options

Regular Membership = 25% saving

4 Month Regular Membership at £225 a month
  • Pay £225 a month for four months and take 8 x 60 minute massages or 6 x 75 minute massages within the four months to be taken when you like.
  • Saving = the regular price for 8 x hours sensual massage at £150 per hour would usually cost £1200 = But you only pay £900 over four months thats a 25% saving of £300

Standard Membership – 30% saving

6 Month Standard Membership at £210 a month

  • Pay £210 a month for six months and take 12 x 60 minute massages or 9 x 75 minute massages within the six months to be taken when you like.
  • Saving = the regular price for 12 x hours sensual massage at £150 per hour would usually cost £1800 = But you only pay £1260 over six months thats a 30% saving of £540

Premium Membership – 35% saving

12 Month Premium Membership – at £165 a month

  • Pay £165 a month for twelve months and take 20 x 60 minute massages or 15 x 75 minute massages within the six months to be taken when you like.
  • Saving = the regular price for 12 x hours sensual massage at £150 per hour would usually cost £3000 = But you only pay £1980 over twelve months thats a 35% saving of £1020

Treatments that this applies to are:-

  • For Women – The 60 minute Intimacy Massage, The 75 minute Exploration Massage,  The 75 minute Absolute Superior Massage
  • For Men – The 60 minute Standard Massage, The 75 minute Superior Massage
  • For Couples – The Watch & Enjoy or Watch & Touch Massages and Give With me. Couples can mix and match and take single massages chosen from the male and female options above.
  • Hours can be transferred to third parties, friends, partners as gifts

How to apply

Sign up for The Regular Direct Debit Plan [Here]

Sign up for The Standard Direct Debit Plan [Here]

Sign up for The Premium Direct Debit Plan [Here]

Terms of direct debit agreement and early cancellation. 

  1. The first payment of the direct debit must be paid before your first treatment.
  2. Termination of the agreement can be made at any time subject to the condition in paragraph 3.
  3. Whichever option you select you must provide a credit card or bank card number at the start.  This is held by me and is only charged should you not complete the term of the agreement ie early cancellation.  The charge made at that point would be for all treatments you have already taken to the point of cancellation and they would be charged to you at the full price. Meaning you lose the discount.

For example:-

If you had taken up the Standard agreement and took two 60 minute massages in the first month and had only paid £225 by direct debit then you would be charged a further £75 (totalling the full price of 2 x £150 for the 60 min massages)

Discount on training

An extra bonus is a 10 % discount on private training

If you sign up to either of the above and during the period of the agreement want to take private training with Colin then you qualify for a 10% discount on training prices

Or pay by barter and swap services

Pay by the exchange of skills and services


I am an advocate of barter (swapping services) so if you have a skill, talent or business that I can use then I am happy to exchange massage or massage tuition for what you can offer. Listed below are the services that I am particularly interested in. All exchanges are valued at the normal face value so whatever you normally charge you will get the same in value with the swap.

For example, if you run a restaurant, a carpet cleaning service or you are some type of consultant or therapist then you would book your appointment in the usual way but when it came to payment we would agree on a full or part exchange based on the usual value of one another’s services.

1st example

Cost of a 90-minute massage = £225

Cost of carpets being cleaned = £100

Balance to pay for massage in cash would be £125

2nd example

Cost of 90-minute massage = £225

A bookkeeper charging a £40 hourly rate.

Massage would be given in exchange for 5.6 hours of bookkeeping work.

Terms of exchange arrangement 

Some services qualify for full barter exchange and some for 50/50 barter/cash.

The arrangement can be made for a single appointment or a series of three appointments, workshops, mentoring sessions or events. Longer arrangements can also be considered but this depends on the service being offered.

Skills & services considered for full barter:

  • SEO Services
  • Legal Advice
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • PR Services
  • Accountancy
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data Processing
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Travel & Holidays
  • Spa & Leisure
  • Theatre & Cinema
  • Club Membership
  • Artwork
  • Photography
  • Video Making
  • Some Therapies
  • Journalism (seeking a writer for biography)

Skills & services considered for the 50/50 arrangement

  • Copy Writing
  • Editing
  • Web Design

To book an appointment/workshop on the barter system, please write to me explaining what you have to offer and I will get back to you with my thoughts. [Contact Colin]