Intimacy X

Intimacy X is a password-protected area within the Intimacy Matters website.

Intimacy X provides additional (sexually) explicit information about the content of the sensual massage treatments and classes.

By registering to enter this area, you confirm that you are over the age of 18 years.

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Entering Intimacy X gives access to the following information

Free videos

  • A 10-minute explicit demonstration video of the Absolute Massage given by Colin for women
  • A 10-minute explicit demonstration video of Premium Massage given by Colin for men
  • And an interview with Colin and Rebeka Dakin, The Great British Sexpert who took an Absolute Massage with Colin then talks openly about her experience.

Ten pay-per-view videos

Ten five to eight-minute videos of sensual massage being given by both Colin and male and female students who have taken workshops with Colin. These videos are explicit so a small payment is required to verify age.

Written descriptions

Full and explicit descriptions of the sensual massages given by Colin

For Women

  • The  2 hands Absolute Massage for women
  • The 2 hands Intimacy Massage for women

For Men

  • The 2 hands Premium Sensual Massage for men
  • The 4 hands massage for men given by Colin and a female masseur
  • The 4 hands massage for men given by Colin and a male masseur
  • Question and answer section for those things you want to know but are unsure how to ask.

For Couples

  • A couples review of their experience of a Tandem Massage

Associate masseurs who give with Colin

Access to the profiles and additional images of the Intimacy Matters Associate Masseurs who give four hands and tandem treatments with Colin

The Intimacy Level scoring system

(what erotic elements are included within the massage by each masseur)

Each female and male masseur has given an intimacy level score on their profile. This score indicates to what level of erotic intimacy they are comfortable giving and receiving while giving the massage.

Can’t find your registration details?

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If you don’t receive the email within 5 minutes, please check that it has not gone to your spam folder.

If you still can’t find the email, please get in touch with Colin to request a re-send.

Note: Some email servers, such as Hotmail and AOL have filters that may restrict email

Couples massages

For the couples massage content, please call or email Colin to discuss your particular requirements, as these are usually tailored to a couple’s specific requirements.

Visit Colin’s video tutorial website Intimate Tutorials – Click here

Watch the example video below.