Psychosensual Treatments

for Straight, Gay or Lesbian Couples

I sometimes see heterosexual couples who are experiencing sexual disconnection in thier relationship and are seeking help. A sexual disconection can occur for various reasons, but often it is to do with either the women not being able to reach sexual fulfilment (usualy orgasm with the partner) or the man either being too reticent or speedy in his lovemaking or just unaware of how to properly stimulate his partner to orgasm. To help then over come this challange I usually recommend they come to see me for a Psychosensual Treatment. This is a three-hour appointment that combines both frank conversation to explore the sexual dynamic within the relationship followed by a 90-minute sensual bodywork session for one or both of them.

Aspects that I often help couples with are:

  • Improving your sexual connection and sexual knowledge of one another.
  • Exploring new avenues of sexual pleasure and intimacy.
  • To extend the foreplay and sexplay in our relationship.
  • We want to open up the sexual relationship
  • Inability to orgasm when with my partner
  • Overcoming sexual performance challenges due to age or health and exploring alternative ways of joint pleasure.
  • Bringing more sensuality and intimacy into the relationship through sensual touch and erotic exploration.
  • Learn new positions and sexual performance techniques.
  • Discussing and exploring fantasy and fetish.

The Psychosensual Treatment

A 3-stage treatment, menotring – massage – mentoring

Initial Enquiry

Your enquiry can be made via email, phone call, text, Whats App. Please give me some details about what it is that you want to bring to me that is either troubling you or you want further help with. If at this stage I feel I can help I will email you the Psychosensual Pre Consultation Form. This will ask you a series of questions that will help me to understand you, your current situation and your background.

Session 1: The Initial Consultation – 1 hour

Both session 1 & 2 can be taken on the same day one after the other or split within the day but there is always a minimum 15-minute break between session 1 and 2 to allow you time to consider if you want to take the bodywork.

Most sexual performance or sexual dissatisfaction issues are often partially or wholly rooted in the psychology of the person. These emotional drivers then affect the physical responses required to bring on arousal and sexual fulfillment – the most common being the inability to orgasm in women and loss of erection in men. This 60-minute session gives me the opportunity to hear your story, understand your situation and explain more fully how I feel I may be able to help you. It also gives you the chance to meet me and ask any questions that you may have before deciding to go ahead with any sensual bodywork. If you feel comfortable with what I propose then we discuss the best way forward and then set a date (I recommend within a fortnight) for the sensual bodywork.

Session 2: The Sensual Bodywork – 2 hours

Before taking the sensual massage clients are required to complete the Psychosensual Authorisation & Request Form.

This is a 2-hour appointment that includes a 90-minute sensual massage. Having learned about your situation in the initial consultation I will put together a sensual treatment that I feel will help you explore your sexuality in a safe and professional way. Knowing that I am fully aware of your challenge will, in itself, help you relax. The massage aims to promote slow gentle arousal, taking a step by step approach that allows you to feel in control and at the same time free to explore your sexuality and any emotional restrictions you may be feeling. By being in this non-judgemental, caring and supportive environment it means that any reactions – whether negative or pleasurable – can be expressed and thus better understood. Following the treatment, there is a brief discussion to check in and see how you are feeling and what you may have discovered during the treatment. Then, after a few days, you are welcome to call me to chat further about the treatment and if you want to continue or not.

Introductory 15-minute FREE Call

It can be lonely when you feel unable to share your intimate thoughts about your sexuality or relationship and, for some, it can be a daunting decision to consult a ‘professional’ or ‘stranger’ about these feelings and needs. But whether you are a man, a woman or a couple, whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, bicurious, transgender, pan or polysexual or transsexual; if you are not sure how or if I can help you or maybe you are just too nervous to book a full appointment and want to know more before you commit – then just send me a text and ask if you can have a 15-minute chat with me by phone. I will reply by text with a suggested time to speak. In that time you can ask me any questions or explain the issue you may want help with. Just send me a text to arrange a short FREE chat to 07966 522 696 and I will reply with a suggested time for you to call.


Colin Richards and Intimacy Matters has current Civil Liability Insurance (including Public/Products Liability and Professional Indemnity) that covers both counseling services and therapeutic massage. Colin Richards and Intimacy matter DOES NOT have this insurance to cover any sensual or arousing bodywork since to date this is not available.  Clients taking a sensual massage, a psychosensual massage or any form of sensual treatment that involves nudity, arousal, and erotic stimulation do so at their own risk and will be asked to sign a waiver before taking the treatment.

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No 44. Couples Psychosensaal Treatment

If paying for both sessions together

Consultation and bodywork taken together  – £375

If paid separately at each session

  • The Initial Consultation – £135
  • The Sensual Bodywork – £260

Subsequent appointments 

  • 60 minutes of counseling – £125
  • 2-hour bodywork – £245

Bookings or Enquiries

To book an appointment with Colin:

Or you can call or text Colin on 0044 (0)7966 522696

Alternative ways to pay

Buy Now Pay Later  Take 6 weeks to pay for the treatment of your choice. 

Click here to read about the discounted yearly payment plan.

Private Location & Treatment Room

The treatment room is in Chelsea Sw3 Central London click here

The shower facilities are smart and clean with a walk-in rain shower and handheld shower, robes, shampoo, conditioner and shower soap provided. A hairdryer is also available. According to your preferences during the treatment, the room can remain with daylight (daytime) or darken with blackout blinds and low lighting.

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Colin Richards and Intimacy Matters has current Civil Liability Insurance (including Public/Products Liability and Professional Indemnity) that covers both counselling services and therapeutic massage.  Clients taking a sensual massage, a psychosenual massage or any form of sensual treatment or sensual massage classes that involves nudity, arousal, and erotic stimulation do so at their own risk and will be asked to sign a waiver before taking the treatment. To read the full terms & conditions and insurance cover Click here