The Intimacy Massage


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For the women who prefer to take a gentle step into their first sensual massage experience

The Intimacy Massage can be taken on its own as a 60-minute sensual massage or as part of the Psychosensual treatment as a 60-minute massage within this specialist treatment. Regarding intimate touch and erotic arousal, the Intimacy Massage is my lightest massage. It is recommended for those women who are sexually inexperienced or who have anxiety around sex and intimacy, or who have cultural and belief systems that require moderation regarding arousal. 

Consider which massage is best for you.

When choosing a massage, it’s essential to consider your goals and objectives for the experience. If you’re starting on this journey of sexual discovery, it’s advisable to take things slowly and explore them gently. What you might fantasise about may not be the reality, so it’s essential to be mindful before booking your massage. I offer various types of sensual massages, so make sure you choose the one that’s right for you and your needs. This will help ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for you and your therapist. The choices are The Absolute Massage, The Exploration Massage or this lighter Intimacy Massage. I am always available to discuss this in a FREE 15-minute phone call or text.

I see female clients of all ages, from 21 to 75+/ but I require age verification if you are under 21 but over 18. I do not see any clients under 18 years of age. I see clients of all ethnicities and body types, but be aware that some elements may have to be omitted for Xtra plus-size women.
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intimacy matters Reviews with

Ask past clients questions at the Intimacy Matters Review – Women Only Telegram Chat Group.

I often hear from women who are considering taking a sensual massage that, although they are very interested in exploring this, they are concerned about safety, discretion, entitlement, and appropriateness and often hold back from taking the massage for weeks, sometimes months, even years.  With this in mind, I have set up a chat group on Telegram called IM Review Group For Women Only.  In this chat group are past female clients who have volunteered to answer any questions and are happy to pass on their thoughts and feelings about sensual massage and what it has done for them.

How to join

  1. If you don’t have it already, download the Telegram chat app on your phone or computer –
  2. Or if you have Telegram, click on this link to go straight to the group IM Review Group For Women 
  3. Once in the group, feel free to ask any questions, and others will answer.
  4. If you require a private chat request to have a DM conversation.
  5. You can use a false name, and you don’t need to give any personal details you don’t want to
  6. Please include a small profile image of yourself to guarantee identity, as this is a women-only group, and men attempting to join will be blocked.
  7. If you do not want to add an image to your profile, please send an image by DM to Colin, who officiates the group.

The Intimacy Massage in Detail

Cost – £245

Duration of massage – 60 minutes 

Duration of appointment – 90 minutes

The Intimacy massage is the lightest massage I offer and follows a more traditional therapeutic massage style but covers the whole body and is also intended to arouse you to a possible orgasm. You can be partially or fully naked, but I remain dressed ( I am topless during the massage ). The focus is entirely on you. The touch remains on the body’s surface only and can include clitoral stimulation and external vaginal massage but does not include any vaginal penetration. Before taking the Intimacy massage, you will be asked to complete the Intimacy Massage Consent Authorisation & Request Form on which you can itemise the style, dynamic and arousing elements you want to be included.

There are four phases.

  • The Therapeutic Relaxing Phase (15 min)
  • The Sensual Touch Phase (15 min)
  • The Sensual Stimulation Phase (15 min)
  • Fulfilment & Completion (15 min)

Enquiry & Booking

You can email, text or call me to ask any questions about the massage before booking your appointment. Once you have decided to make an appointment, you can let me know your preferred dates and times for the massage. Ideally, 24 hours notice is reasonable, but I can make a same-day appointment. There is no limit as to how far in advance you book. I will then confirm that I can take the booking and send you the respective Consent Authorisation & Request Form for you to complete. Once I have received this, I will send you the full address.  Payment is only taken after your appointment is completed.

Client Agreement & Satisfaction Form

As a new client, before and after taking any massage from Colin, you will be asked to complete a Client Agreement & Satisfaction of Service Form on arrival and departure.

On arrival
We begin by briefly chatting to answer any final questions you may have. I then take you to the treatment room and offer you the option to shower and get ready on the massage table. I leave the room at this point to let you prepare yourself privately. Once showered, you will lay on the massage table face down; you can keep underwear on or be naked and pull a large towel over yourself, and then I will return to the room. I then take a few more minutes to explain how the message will progress and how you can communicate with me during the massage without interrupting the experience.

The therapeutic, relaxing phase
The therapeutic, relaxing phase follows the line of a traditional massage. It is designed to relax the body, work out any strained or aching muscles, and heighten the senses to ultimately put your mind and body into a state of trust and safety.  The massage starts with a few breathing and relaxation techniques. Warm oil is then applied to your back, shoulders, and buttocks, and all are given a full 15-minute gentle but firm massage, working out any knots or tension and encouraging your body to let go.

The sensual touch phase
As you relax and your body responds, the massage will subtly become more arousing, and my hands will begin to explore the inner thighs, groin and outer areas of the vagina to promote arousal. To keep the balance of a firm but sensual touch, I will, at the same time, be working on your thighs, buttocks, calves and lower back. I will explore and stimulate more as your arousal increases and with indications of your enjoyment (movement and sound). At this 30-minute point, I will check that you are comfortable and want me to continue to the stimulation phase.

The stimulation phase

This is focused on giving you clitoral stimulation with finger-tip sensitivity or a firmer touch. You can guide me as to what you like best. I can also include external vaginal massage around the groin area, inner and outer labia and the mons pubis. There is no internal vaginal penetration in this massage.

The fulfilment & completion 

Having turned you on your back, I continue the massage with a leg and neck massage, then breast and nipple stimulation. If you indicate by movement that you still want a more intimate touch, then more clitoral and external vaginal massage can be given, including vibrators and toys, if desired. The intention is to take you to orgasm, but this is not essential and is your choice. The massage finishes with a head or foot massage.

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Treatments can be paid for by bank transfer, cash, card or direct debit.

For those on a budget, I can offer a ‘pay over six weeks option’ up to £700. Request by e-mail

Pay by Barter

In certain circumstances, I also offer an exchange ( barter ) for options see here.

Students discount

I am happy to consider a discount for students attending a bona fide university on a full-time course who are not employed full-time.   Discounts can be anything from 10% to 50%. The discount depends on my availability and if you can fit it into my quieter time slots or sometimes as a last-minute booking.

Those with low income 

I like to make my services available to everyone, so if you genuinely need to see me for help, but your budget is limited, email me explaining your circumstances, and I will do my best to sort something out.

About Colin

I am a sex and relationship engineer and master sensual masseur. Fundamentally, I take a humanistic approach to sex and intimacy and see myself as a sex educator and general problem solver of sex and relationship needs and challenges. I aim to help people transform their relationships and sex lives into what they want and deserve. Working full-time in this field since 2005, I have discovered and used various approaches not generally covered by conventional methods to help people in this intimate part of their lives. By combining my knowledge of sexual and relationship psychology with my experience as a sensual masseur, I can work with both the emotional and sexual.

I work with single women, men and couples of any age and orientation.  To list a few of the more frequent aspects I help people with, they include relationship conflict, finding the right partner, reawakening one’s sex life, sexual frustration, lack of sexual experience, sexual performance challenges (inability to orgasm, erectile issues), fear of sex, experiencing sexual complacency in a relationship, and particularly for women exploding libido or low libido. I created Intimacy Matters in 2012, and since then, I have helped over 6000 people in many aspects of their relationships and sexuality. My approach to sex and intimacy is best described as humanistic. I look at the biological, psychological, social, anthropological and erotic influences behind our sensual desires, curiosities and fears. I work with men, women and couples of all sexual orientations. Read More

The Chelsea Treatment Room

The room can be dimmed or remain with natural light

Motivation & benefits of taking a sensual massage

You are not alone. Here are some reasons women give for taking an Intimacy massage.

Often, the motivation to embark on a journey of sensual and sexual self-exploration can be multi-faceted. Below is a selection of motivations past female clients gave me when booking a Sensual Massage for the first time.

  • For women who enjoy regular massage and have their muscles worked professionally but also want to experience intimate, arousing touch to connect with the deeper primal, sensual part of themselves.
  • For women who want to enjoy a man’s firm yet tender touch without the need to perform or give back sexually.
  • For women who know that arousal and ultimate orgasm can also be enjoyed through gentle, prolonged intimate touch rather than penetrative intercourse.
  • For women who want an intimate experience to compensate for lack of satisfaction in their day-to-day sex life.
  • For women with issues around loss of libido, fear of intimacy, painful intercourse, orgasmic dysfunction, insecurity and sexual inexperience.
  • Single women who are happy not to be in a relationship and whose sex lives are good but miss the intimacy and tender touch that a relationship brings.
  • For women who believe it is right to experience arousal and orgasm without commitment and responsibilities of a relationship.
  • Women in a marriage/ partnership where most else is good but the sex and intimacy have declined need to receive intimate personal attention within a discreet, safe, professional environment that does not challenge their current situation. (This is particularly relevant to women from backgrounds where their culture dissuades them from exploring their sexuality and sensual needs for fear of being judged.)
  • For the inexperienced woman who wants to learn from an experienced older man to discover new sensations of arousal and explore new erotic sensations..
  • For older women who have found their libido going “through the roof” but that their partner or current situation can not provide for it.
  • For mature women who are still very sexual but want to explore this discreetly in a safe, professional environment without wanting to have it intrude on their personal lives.

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It can be lonely and frustrating when you cannot share your intimate thoughts about your sexuality or relationship. For some, it can be a daunting decision to come and see me and explore these feelings and needs. Female clients often tell me it took them months, even years, to finally decide to book a session and often afterwards say they wished they hadn’t waited so long. But whether you are a man, a woman or a couple; whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, bicurious, transgender, pan or polysexual or transsexual if you have any questions or you are not sure how or if I can help you then the 15-minute phone call may help you decide. Maybe you are too nervous about booking an entire appointment and want to know more details before committing to anything. If this is the case, send me a quick text requesting a 15-minute chat with me on the phone. I will reply by text with a suggested time to speak.

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Questions & Answers

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Frequently asked questions

You will have many questions before deciding which massage you want to book. Please click this link to read the answers to most of my questions. If I do not cover your particular question, then please do not hesitate to email me.

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Terms & Conditions 

Colin Richards and Intimacy Matters have current Civil Liability Insurance (including Public/Products Liability and Professional Indemnity) that covers counselling services and therapeutic massage.  Clients taking a sensual massage, a psychosensual massage, or any form of sensual treatment or massage classes involving nudity, arousal, and erotic stimulation do so at their own risk. They will be asked to sign a waiver before taking the treatment. To read the full terms & conditions and insurance coverage, Click here

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