Application To Be A Male Volunteer

Model and Massage Receiver.

This is the application form for men who want to take part in either live or on line, private or group classes as bodies for the students to practice on.

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Q & A –  Massage Receiver in classes or group workshops

Q. Who can apply to be a volunteer “Receiver” for a private class or group workshop

I regularly run massage private classes and group workshops for men, women and couples. For these workshops and I require “male volunteer bodies” to have these attributes:-

  • To be aged between 21 and 55
  • To be living within 2 hours of Central London or visit London regularly
  • To be comfortable to be naked and massaged to full arousal and orgasm/ejaculation

Q. What body type is required?

You need to have physique that can be described as one of these adjectives:- slim, fit, toned, muscular, good average?

Q. What sexuality do i need to be?

Classes and group workshops are for women giving to men and men giving to men so applicants can be straight, bisexual, bicurious, or gay. You can apply to be volunteer for a class that fits with your sexuality.

Q. Will I be massaged by Colin as well as the student?

Yes. When i teach I need to be able to demonstrate on your body so you need to be comfortable to have all read of your body touched by me. This means that if you are storage and female is the student you will need to be comfortable for me to demonstrate  genital massage on you for her to then practice.

Q. Do I have to be well endowed.

No, you just need to be confident you can become aroused and reach orgasm.

Q. Will I have penetrative sex at these called or workshops?

No, these workshops, whether female to male or male to male are about teaching and whilst they can be very erotic and reciprocal touch may occur, students do not have penetrative sex.

Q. Do I need to have a high libido?

Yes, you need to be confident that in a teaching scenario from 3 person ( myself the student and the volunteer) in a private workshop to possibly up to 14 people in a group scenario, (7 pairs working on 7 volunteers) you will be able to achieve and maintain an erection. Men with delayed orgasm or erectile challenges should not apply.

Q. What if I am completely straight and don’t want to be touched by another male?

Then you should NOT apply.

Q. What about health?

You MUST be healthy with a normal body temperature and not on any significant medication and HIV negative and STI free.

Q. What do I have to do?

Just lay naked on the massage table and receive the sensual massage. Then give feedback after the massage on the student’s techniques and skills

Q. What is the time length I will be needed for?

Private Classes – The private workshops I run are are either 2, 5, 10 or 20 hours and in each workshop, the students learn by practising on volunteer receivers in practice sessions. The number of receivers required for each workshop the length of the work.

The practice massage is given either by Colin as a demonstration or as an assisted 4 hands massage with Colin teaching the student who is taking the workshop.

Group Workshops – If it is a group workshop you are volunteering for then you will be in a treatment room with up to seven other receivers on seven separate massage beds and a maximum of 14 students working in pairs on each receiver. You would be required for about 4  hours and the workshops are divided into two levels  Foundation & Intermediate group workshops.

Personal boundaries such as a preference of touch by male or female, level of erotic touch and any no-go areas are always respected, just let me know before.

Q. Do I get paid for this?

No. But you do have the opportunity to book your own discounted private sensual massage with Colin at a time convenient to us both. Usually mornings but always booked in advance.

Q. Who is present during the workshop?

For the private class, there is just be Colin and the student. For group workshops, there may be up to seven other volunteers as well as the attendees at the event.

Q. How many male volunteers do you already have?

At the moment about 360 on the list.  However often people are at work or not available when i need a volunteer so the more available you are the more likely you will be selected.

Q. When do the workshops happen?

Private class take place when booked by the individual student. This can be weekday or weekends, morning, afternoon or evening. When a private class is confirmed Colin sends out a volunteer receiver request via newsletter a few days before the workshop. It is important that you make sure the email does not land in your spam box.

Group workshop take place on specific days so keep an eye open for emails requesting applicants. Make sure these emails do not fall into spam  otherwise you will miss opportunities.


SMM&Volunteers Chat Group

To ensure you receive the volunteer request notification I have a Telegram chat group that I use to notify volunteer about workshops and sensual massage opportunities in general. Once you have been accepted in the group you will invited to join the chat group. to join the SensualMassageVolunters Group group when you complete the registration form.

Video Models For Massage Movies & Tutorials

Fee paying opportunities

I have a two web site that i often require male models for.

Intimate Tutorials

Intimate Tutorials is a sensual massage and sex help tutorial web site. I sometimes require male model to take part in the making of these videos. You must be comfortable to show your full identity when making a video tutorial for Intimate Tutorials. Fees are paid from £100 to £500 dependent on the content involved.

Sensual Massage Movies

I also sometimes seek gay, bi sexual or bi curious male volunteers for this male to male sensual massage website Sensual Massage Movies

Application Form

Click here to complete the application form

You will be notified by email if you are accepted.