Increasingly Colin and is being featured in the media. This is particularly the case with his work with women and couples. Below are some interviews he recently gave explaining his philosophy on sensual massage and sexuality in general and how in the past 15 years of working in this field he has seen a massive shift in attitude to sexuality. Increasingly people are realising that a healthy sex life and physical sensual intimacy is an essential part of living healthily. Whether one is in a relationship or not, a bit like going for a daily brisk walk or a session in the gym, to exercise one’s sexual responses and reactions keeps the body and mind healthy and of course, it is also very pleasurable.

Women particularly are recognising that sexual exploration is not a mans prerogative. If there is any justification needed at all then just read the medical research that now supports the premise that regular sexual arousal keeps women healthier and happier. Whether coming as a single female or within a couple the chance to exercise ones sexual responses in a safe professional environment is extremely valuable.

For women feel nervous or uncertain if they can justify treating themselves take moment to read the testimonials and listen to the interviews below.

The Sex Engineer Podcasts

Introduction EpisodeWhat is a Sex Engineer – interview by Daniel

Interviews by Tracy Starreveld

Episode 1 Colin’s work with female clients – Rationale 

Episode 2  – Couples & men

Episode 3Working with women, motivations and taboos 

Episode 4Further background on Colins work

Episode 5Who are Colins typical female clients

Episode 6Some case studies

Episode 7Challenging reasons for seeking help

Episode 8I just can’t orgasm when I want to

Episode 9Bad experiences that effect me now

Episode 10Creating your own sensual massage

Episode 11The consultation process

Episode 12Nudity & touching

Episode 13Consultant arousal

Episode 14The full 1 hour 25-minute interview



In this 10-minute video interview (15/2/18) recorded for mental health resource charity website, Head Talks Colin advocates that healthy physical and mental well-being must include a fulfilling sex life, where sexual satisfaction and sensual intimacy can flourish freely without judgement or cultural constraints.


To broadcaster Jackie Walker as she talks to Colin about massage & sensuality.

Click on the links below to listen to Colin’s radio interview:

Part 1 – Interview with Colin

Part 2 – What women need to know

Part 3 – Emotional Release


The Making of a Maverick: The Birth of a Sex Engineer -Interview with Journalist, Chrissie Rowell

Interview with Colin with renowned American Sex Blogger, CJ Asher

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