Colin’s Media Appearances

Frequently, Colin is asked to participate in podcasts and be interviewed by the media about his work as a Sex Engineer and Somatic Sexologist.  Below are a selection of media platforms that Colin has been featured on. He is always happy to be invited on podcasts, radio or TV shows to talk about his work and his take on sexuality in general.


Ch 5 – The Sex Business December 2018 & Feb 2019 

Over 1.5 million people watched Colin demonstrate his sensual massage treatment when he was featured in series 2 episode 3 ‘Orgasm on Sale’ of the acclaimed Channel 5 documentary series The Sex Business.

Podcasts & Radio

Colin and his work as a Sex Engineer are regularly featured in the national media. This is particularly the case with his work in helping women and couples improve their sexual lifestyles.  On this page is a selection of interviews Colin has given explaining his philosophy on sensual massage and sexuality in general.

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The Sex Engineer Podcasts:

Introductory EpisodeWhat is a Sex Engineer? (Interview by Daniel)

Interviews by writer & editor Tracy Starreveld:

Episode 1 Colin’s work with female clients – rationale 

Episode 2  – Couples & men

Episode 3Working with women, motivations and taboos 

Episode 4Further background on Colin’s work

Episode 5Who are Colin’s typical female clients?

Episode 6Some case studies

Episode 7Challenging reasons for seeking help

Episode 8 – ‘I just can’t orgasm when I want to’

Episode 9 – ‘Bad experiences that affect me now’

Episode 10Creating your own Sensual Massage

Episode 11The consultation process

Episode 12Nudity & touching

Episode 13Consultant arousal

Episode 14The full 1-hour 25-minute interview

Cosmopolitan Podcast

Episode 1 – Talking to Cee Cee

Cosmopolitan’s Sex & Relationships Editor, Paisley Gilmour, and Deputy Beauty Editor/sex novice Laura Capon talk to Cee Cee, a woman who gets regular Absolute massages because she wants to build up her confidence and gain more sexual experience.

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Episode 2 – Talking to Colin

Following Cee Cee’s extremely popular interview, Cosmo readers/listeners bombarded Cosmo to hear Colin himself.

Released May 24th, 2020, Colin talks openly to Paisley Gilmore and deputy beauty editor/sex novice Laura Capon about what takes place within his treatments. He explains why women come to see him for help with sexual fulfilment.

Listen to the podcast – Click here

Second Chance with Raphael Rowe

Raphael Rowe (born 1968) is a British broadcast journalist and presenter.

Raphael was wrongfully convicted in 1990 for murder. After approximately twelve years incarcerated, having always maintained his innocence, his convictions, along with his two co-defendants, were ruled “unsafe” in July 2000, and they were released. Second Chance is a podcast series that explores the theme of second chance. It raises the question of who deserves a second chance, who decides who gets a second chance, and what it means. In this podcast, Raphael talks with Colin about how he took his second chance to become Sex Engineer and Somatic Sexologist

The Santus Podcast – Sex & Mental Health

Radio Interview with Jackie Walker

Part 1 – Interview with Colin

Part 2 – What women need to know

Part 3 – Emotional Release


The Great British Sexpert

Explores the Absolute Massage with Colin

Colin was interviewed by Leah Spasova of Lifesexperts

Leah is a social psychologist and educator, specialising in sex and relationships education for adults. She is the Founder and CEO of LIFESEXPERTS. Leah runs educational live events and webinars on all topics related to sex and relationships. She also works with individuals, offering sessions on a one-to-one basis. Leah teaches a broad in-scope content with topics that educate individuals about the many interwoven factors that influence their psyche, sexual behaviour and relationships. She offers a unique opportunity for people to grow as individuals and as couples by teaching about the connections between the environment, mind and body.

Click here to watch the interview.

Psychologist and Educator of LIFESEXPERTS 


The Making of a Maverick: The Birth of a Sex Engineer -Interview with Journalist Chrissie RowelInterview with Colin with renowned American Sex Blogger, CJ Ashe

Read Colin’s Testimonials [Click Here]

Colin talks on the drivers of Kink & Fetish with Sex, Love and Relationship Coach – Andrea Balboni – Lush Coaching

60 second interviews

Below are a selection of short interviews with Colin. Best watched on a PC but if on a mobile and not playing then click the links below

Video 1 

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6