In my work as a Sex & Relationship Engineer I often get asked questions about the job I do. Wow what an amazing job you have? What actually is a Sex Engineer? How did you become a Sex Engineer? Who goes to see a Sex Engineer? These are just a few of the questions I often get receive and in this series of 16 sound bite video each under a two minutes in length I attempt to give some orality to my work.

What is a Sex Engineer?

What kind of people come to see you?

What percentage of people come to you with sexual problems?

What is the journey of Intimacy Matters?

What is the 4th Option Massage for women?

Why do couples come to see you?

What unusual situations have you found yourself in?

How has your work effected your personal life?

How can your treatments help men understand there sexuality better?

What aspect of being a sex engineer fulfils you?

What has led to your success?

Do you think mental health effects your sex life?

Do you think regular sexual arousal is important for people?

How has your TV appearance on Channel 5 effected your business?

What are your experiences of giving talks and workshops?

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?