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Geena 22 yrs - Absolute Massage, November 2018

Colin is absolutely amazing. I am so pleased I met him. He really takes time to understand my needs and concerns regarding my sexual issues. This was my second appointment with Colin and again he made me feel safe, relaxed and allowed me to enjoy my treatment completely. I always thought – is something wrong with my body, as I was not able to reach orgasm but he comforted me and told me these things takes time. This time seeing Colin I had 90 mins massage treatment and I didn’t know what to expect but he made me feel amazing, really relaxed and explosive at the end!!! I never knew that I’m able to ejaculate! It is definitely an achievement for me since I last saw Colin and that’s because of the techniques he is using. I cannot recommend him enough. Ladies if you are confronted with similar issues I strongly suggest you contact Colin. I promise you will not regret it and it’s definitely worth every penny! I literally cannot wait to book another appointment with him.

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Tania 43 yrs - Female Psychosensual, July 2018

I went to see Colin for a 3-hour psychosensual treatment, with a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to work on. What drew me to his particular approach was the quite unique combination of psychological mentoring and physical/sensual touch. I wanted to spend some time exploring my difficulty and vulnerability around receiving pleasure from a man. I had an idea of where it came from but had never really had an opportunity to look at it with a qualified experienced professional.

I appreciated Colin’s warmth, kindness, care, openness and genuine curiosity – all of which helped me to relax and feel safe. The pre-session authorisation form also felt to me like an indispensable part of the process; it felt both reassuring and liberating to be able to communicate my boundaries and preferences in this way. Last but not least – I thoroughly enjoyed the sensual massage. Colin is very skilled in what he does and I felt I was being introduced to an expanded repertoire of types of touch, stimulation and pleasure! I will definitely be going back for another session.

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Gemma 28 yrs - Tension Release, February 2018

I felt really relaxed and tried to disconnect from the day to day activities while you were doing an amazing job! I must say you are very experienced, not that I had lots of guys in my life and would be able to compare but the fact is you made me feel relaxed, you showed care and tenderness. Every little thing you have done was in its place and I actually enjoyed it! It’s been a pleasure meeting you and I want to see you again very soon!

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Clive 32 yrs - Male Psychosensual, February 2018

I just wanted to say a late but very big THANK YOU for our meeting last Tuesday.  It was all quite overwhelming but all good.  I didn’t know what to expect but you made me feel welcome and safe.  I enjoyed talking with you so much, especially about anxiety.  My apologies for being anxious and maybe not giving you the fullest answers or even remembering all I meant to tell you.  It was a big relief to tell you the many things I was able to.  The massage was incredible and I feel as if it was helpful in so many ways.  It really seems to have brought me to life.  It made me realise the importance of touch – giving and receiving – and just how much this has been lacking with my sexual partners.  Likewise, your suggestions on things that might help were very helpful and I am currently following up all of them.  What I plan to do is to see how your recommendations work out in practice.  If there are still difficulties (or even if not) I would very much like to see you again, say, within the next couple of months.  It would be fantastic to talk to you again about anxiety and combine this with massage.

Emma 46 yrs - Absolute Massage, August 2017

I fully appreciated the time you took to find out the history and reasons why l might have had problems achieving orgasms. It was an eye-opener and I was impressed with your subject knowledge. Although l was nervous to begin with the glass of wine helped! I knew l could totally trust you and knew that l was in your expert hands. I was blown away by the whole experience and for me the icing on the cake was achieving that elusive orgasm! It has changed my perception and l am very happy about the experience. I can absolutely recommend you to others and once again a big thank you!

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Sharon 54 yrs - Female Psychosensual, August 2017

Sharon has taken 4 appointments over 2-3 months. One Absolute then a series of three Psychosensual

I spent so many years feeling that I would always remain a caterpillar, never progressing to the next stage. Then I made it to becoming a chrysalis, sadly for many years, this is where I thought I would remain. Encased, frozen in a cocoon for eternity, never knowing what else was out there. Then out of nowhere, I have turned into the most amazing bright, colourful big butterfly. I can now choose where I fly off too, where I land and how long for. I now decide, no longer feeling/allowing myself to be controlled. Pure magic that’s what it is. With your help and guidance, I am now in a place that I thought I would never get too. I am so glad that you do the service that you do.

Couples’ Treatments & Workshops

Alex & Sanja – January 2018

Thank you very much for your professionalism and experienced expertise. Your exquisite professional demeanour made it possible for my wife to allow herself to receive an incredible intimate sensual massage. Me being there standing by and later participating in the session made it even more enjoyable and exciting for both of us as a couple and individually. Thank you again and look forward to repeating it when possible.

Karen & Mike – December 2017

Just a quick email to say Thank you to you for yesterday.  You are a great teacher and Keith & I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. It was lovely to experience the day together and something we will always remember and will endeavour to practice what we have learnt.  Keith is definitely feeling more positive and it has certainly reinforced our intimacy.  He has a spring back in his step!

Brigitte 46 yrs & partner 52 yrs - Couples Watch & Touch, August 2018

My husband and I had been wanting to do this for years so finally after 26 years of marriage, advancing age and years of talk we began searching online. We were looking for another man to join us, but it seemed too risky, too public. We were drawn to Colin because his services were discrete and he was a qualified professional. I also liked the fact that he was a little closer to my age. There were photos of him at work, his classy, spotless rooms as well as a detailed description of services and prices. Before our first meeting, there was a fairly comprehensive form which was to establish my likes, dislikes and boundaries. I mention all these things as they really took out the ‘angst’ factor which had prevented us from doing this years ago.
The nerves were high but they were immediately calmed by Colin’s warm welcome. It all felt so natural and relaxed as my less than perfect naked body lay on the table and became aware of every move. The massage and everything that went with it was beyond expectation. My husband found the whole experience just as exhilarating.’Wow’ was all I could say afterwards just WOW!
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Jennifer 27 yrs - Female Psychosensual

I had already had a couple massages with Colin and was impressed at how safe I felt and how he built up the sensuality gradually. My recent appointment was a psychosensual one, with an hour of counseling before the massage. I have some past trauma in my life and in only an hour, I felt that Colin had some useful insights. I’ve had counseling before but everyone focused directly on my sexual fears or trauma and never zoomed out to think of other ways and areas I could become more comfortable in my body. Colin was able to do that! After just one talk, I left the appointment encouraged to try harder to share some of my past with my boyfriend. So far I hadn’t told him much. Already in the week since my appointment, I’ve been bold enough to share some more details and concerns with my boyfriend. That is huge for me. I feel a little healthier just from being able to clearly state some things that he needed to know but that I wasn’t able to bring up before. And the massage after the talk was also fantastic. Due to the subject of the talk, I felt a bit more “fragile” than usual and didn’t want the massage to be as erotically intense as the previous one. Thankfully Colin was able to shift the tone and give me the experience I needed to properly enjoy it again. All in all, contacting Colin last year was one of the best decisions I’ve made in years in terms of my sexuality. I’ve been able to confront some physical fears or hang ups in a safe environment and am seeing a bit of growth as I understand my sexuality a little better.

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Colin Richards – Sex & Relationship Engineer

Hi, my name is Colin, and I have been working in the field of psychosexual health and well-being since 2005. In this time I have helped over 6000 people and in the process discovered many different approaches to dealing with sexual challenges that are not generally covered by conventional methods. Throughout my career, I have encountered a wide range of issues from a general lack of sexual fulfilment to more specific challenges such as anorgasmia and erectile dysfunction, relationship breakdown and fear of intimacy.  Read more about Colin and his services. – click HERE.

Colin RIchards

What is a Sex Engineer?

In this short video clip, Colin explains how he defines a Sex Engineer.

To watch a further fifteen fascinating video clips when Colin is asked various questions about his work such as:-

  • Do you think regular sexual arousal is good for people?
  • What unusual situations have you experienced?
  • What has led to your success?

Go to his YouTube channel Click here

What is Sensual Massage?

A sensual massage is given with a genuine sense of care and intimacy – incorporating relaxation, pleasure and arousal of the body. It combines traditional therapeutic massage with intended sensual arousal and erotic stimulation. Receiving a sensual massage produces immediate physical and emotional benefits. When we are touched and particularly when receiving sensual, arousing touch, remarkable things happen to our bodies. Doctors and scientific researchers are increasingly discovering the fantastic benefits to health and well-being that regular sexual arousal produces. Here are some facts.  Read more – click HERE.

Psychosensual Treatment

The Psychosensual Treatment for women, men and couples

Help with sexual performance, inability to orgasm and overcoming fears around physical intimacy and sex.

I trained in therapeutic and Swedish massage in 1995. In 2010 I completed a two-year training in Psychosexual and Relationship Counselling and in 2011 I studied the Imago Relationship Process. Since then I have given over 10,000 hours or treatments. Rather than offer my bodywork and my counselling experience separately, I saw a benefit to combining these to create an integrative treatment that could both emotionally and practically support men, women, and couples who were experiencing sexual performance problems. I called this treatment Psychosensual Therapy. [Read more]

Sexual Aesthetics Harley Street London

Dr SW, Sexual Rejuvenation Aesthetics

Sometimes sexual performance challenges and lack of sexual self-confidence can be helped with a combination of treatments that can include both the psychological, the physiological and the surgical. At Dr SW Clinics, Dr Wakil provides a soft surgery approach to helping women and men in reigniting their sex lives. Their mission is to deliver safe and effective minimally-invasive treatments with natural-looking results. They want their patients to walk out of the door looking younger and fresher and feeling as good as they look.

Dr Sherif el Wakil (also known as Dr Sherif Wakil) is the founder and medical director of Dr SW Clinics and Royale Skin Clinics. He has more than two decades of experience and has worked in a number of leading hospitals in the UK and Middle East, including The Royal London Hospital NHS Trust, and is now based on London’s Harley Street. Dr. Wakil has lectured at conferences and meetings around the world and is a fellow of the International College of Surgeons [Click HERE]

Private Workshops

I run various types of private workshops teaching men, women and couples how to improve their knowledge and skills in psychological foreplay, practical sex play and fulfilling lovemaking. These workshops can be tailored to your specific needs and can be arranged at a time to suit your schedule – day, evening or weekends. Based on teaching sensual massage techniques, these workshops give you the chance to practise on selected volunteers (male or female) or your partner. Workshops range from the 2 hour experiential, 5 or 10 hour personal training, to the 20-hour professional training. [Read More]

Group Workshops

These Small Group Workshops for up top 6 people are hosted personally by Colin in his private treatment space in Central London. Run in association with Killing Kittens, these workshops are designed to be informative, experiential and fun – The fewer numbers allow for more in-depth teaching and practice. The workshops types are Massage My Man – for women, Licensed to Thrill and the Couples Sensual Massage. The workshops are divided in to Foundation level for the beginner and the Intermediate for the more intense workshop experience taking place in April,  May and June 2019.

For more information and future dates of these workshops – Click HERE

Colin Featured in Channel 5 Documentary – Orgasms on Sale

On December 12th 2018, Colin and his work as a Sex Engineer and Relationship Mentor were featured on Channel 5 TV, in episode 3 of series 2 of The Sex Business, a groundbreaking series of documentaries by award-winning director Paul Blake. The particular episode was titled, ‘Orgasms on Sale’ and focused on women and why they might seek out help or experiences from people in the sex business. To view the documentary Click here – available until 12th December 2019

Talks & Events

Forthcoming Talks & Events hosted by Colin 

Intimacy Matters presents at Home House Private Members Club – Marylebone London

February 27th @ 7.00pm – Sex & Neuroscience with Andrea Balboni

April 9th @ 7.00pm – Deciphering the Acronym of Sexuality with Zayna Ratty

Tickets Open to non Home House Members

Temptation Adult Lifestyle Holiday

A new adults-only tour operator has launched in the UK, offering holidays and cruises for the more adventurous traveller.

Temptation Holidays offers trips to boutique resorts in Cancun, Mexico, as well as European and Caribbean cruises for over-21s. Some resorts come equipped with playrooms for “sexual adventurists”.

The tour operator follows another adults-only tour operator, Uniquely Adult, which launched in January with holidays to the Caribbean.

Each Temptation Holidays tour is graded depending on how “adult” it is, under one of the categories “party”, “nude” and “play”.

According to the tour operator, “party” resorts have a lively atmosphere, with “topless optional” areas, that are suitable for groups of friends. “Nude” resorts are the next level up, with designated “clothing optional” areas. Read More

Intimate Tutorials

Intimate Tutorials offers on line massage training videos created by Colin

Intimacy Matters Introductory Video

This video is an example of the treatments that Colin gives. To gain access to more detailed descriptions and videos of the treatments register with Intimacy X and you will be sent a password to access the private area.