Massage My Woman

Men’s Sensual Massage Group Online Class

23rd & 26th February 8.30pm to 10.30pm

Teaching sensual massage, enhanced foreplay and erotic sexplay techniques

If you are a single man or a man within a heterosexual couple and you have a desire to develop your lovemaking skills to increase you and your female partner’s pleasure and you have a webcam, then wherever you are in the world, this is the online workshop for you.

Joining in with Colin’s Massage My Woman Sensual Massage Online Class is a fabulous way maximise your techniques in giving foreplay to enhance your confidence as a lover.  From the comfort of your bedroom or home space, follow a step by step webcam teaching by Colin of how to give a woman a superb sensual massage. Designed to be both relaxing, arousing and erotic this knowledge when brought into a relationship can dramatically enhance the sexual connection between two lovers. Included in the teaching are specific erotic techniques to arouse your partner and to edge them slowly to mind-blowing crescendos. Classes are two hours long and can be attended as viewing only or if you have a female to practice on you can follow as Colin teaches.  Maximum attendance is 30 on screen.


This web cam class is are divided into two parts;

Massage My Woman Part 1 Sensual Massage ‘Pleasure and Stimulation’

Massage My Woman Part 2 ‘Erotic Sexplay’

Each workshop is two hours long. They take place on separate dates, and you can choose to book Part 1 one or part 1 & 2 as a bundle ticket.

You can only take part in Erotic Sexplay if you have taken Part 1 Sensual Massage Pleasure and Stimulation


Massage My Woman Part 1- 23rd Feb 8.30pm – 10.30pm

Massage My Woman Part 2 – 26th Feb 8.30pm – 10.30pm


Part 1 Single Ticket – Massage My Woman Sensual Massage Pleasure and Stimulation – £75 per person

Part 1 & 2 Bundle Ticket – Erotic Sexplay – £125 per person


Part 1, 30 minutes – Introduction, the secrets of sensual and psychological arousal of the female mind and body

Part 2, 90 minutes – Step by step tuition by Colin teaching a live full body sensual massage routine with a gradual building to intimate arousal.


To ensure security and confidentiality, only couples participating are allowed to view the webcams, and at all times, participants’ webcams must remain switched on. Mobile phones and other devices other than the device you are viewing on must be switched off. Screens will be monitored to ensure this.


In this class, the men will:

Understand the primal sexual psychology of the female that even many women are not aware of.

Extend the length of your lovemaking by learning the art of giving your woman a superb sensual massage.

Heighten your pleasure by giving her pleasure in ways she has only dreamed of.

Become skilled in giving enhanced intimate foreplay, to include clitoral stimulation, external vaginal massage, breast massage.

Discover the secret places on her body where your touch will send her wild.

Learn arousal techniques that put you in the top 10% of men.

Recieve 1 week FREE PASS to Colin’s video tutorial web site to continue your practice in your own time

Hear her say these words “Don’t stop that’s mind-blowing”.


In this class, the men will

Build on the confidence in the sensual massage to incorporate more assertive strokes.

Learn how to use your body to help help her ‘let go’ and fall in to her primal sexual dynamic.

Explore various position of erotic stimulation to include clitoral, vaginal and nipple stimulation.

Master the technique of internal vaginal massage and female ejaculation.

Recieve a 1 month FREE PASS to Colin’s video tutorial web site to continue your practice in your own time

Receive an intimacy matters certificate of attendance to the Massage My Woman Class.

Those who have attended Part 1 & 2 can receive a 10% discount on any live class or workshop Colin arranges.


Q. Who can attend this class?

This is a men only event but female receivers can also take part as the massage receivers. You must be over the age of 18 to attend.

Q. What IT do we need to attend the class?

You will need a laptop, PC or Tablet and to have Zoom ( ) installed on your device. Make sure your webcam and sound are open.

Q. What else do we need?

If you are just watching then just a pen and paper to make notes (no film or sound recording of the class) you will be given access to a complete video tutorial of the male to female sensual massage via

Q. What do I need if I am going to have a female to practice on?

Ideally, a massage table with towels, if you do not have that then a table big enough to take a person with cushions or cushions or futon on the floor or a bed. A couple of large bath towels Warmed massage oil (Grapeseed oil Sainsbury’s) ideally warmed in hot water Music to play Candles or dim light A large feather or some soft silky material

Q. Does my age or body type matter?No, the point of this workshop is to give confidence to everyone no matter what age, culture or body type.

Q. Who are the volunteers?

This is a personally vetted couple who have attended several of Colin’s workshops and who are happy to act as demonstrators of the massage as Colin teaches. They are of good physique and are comfortable to discuss sex and arousal openly.

Q. What do I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable, but if you are giving a massage on a practice body you need to be able to move freely and using your upper body to massage. Also bear in mind that you will be using oils. Usually, the receiver is naked, and the giver can be nude or partially clothed.

Q. Do I need to be “hands-on” during this class?

You can either just watch Colin give the demonstration class or you can be hands on with your female receiver. Either way you must keep your web cam on at all times

Q. Is there any supporting material given

Yes, following the class you will be given access to the Sensual Massage Tutorials on – 1 week for those who have taken just Part 1 and 1 month for those who have taken Part 1 & 2.

You will be given a written bullet point list of the massage to follow

Those who have attended Part 1 & 2 can receive a 10% discount on any live class or workshop Colin arranges.


Ask any questions by emailing Colin at or call or text him on 0044 (0) 7966522696


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You will receive a confirmation of your place from Colin

48 hours before the Class you will receive the agenda for the workshop and the Zoom link