Morgan Devereux – Companion

Quite frequently I receive enquiries from men, women and couples seeking a female companion.Whilst I do not have anyone involved with Intimacy matters who provides female one to one sensual massage I do have recommendations that I pass on.

Morgan is based in London and passionate about her role as a companion. She brings with her company a professional sophisticated air and very attractive personality and as well as being extremely sensual and comfortable with her erotic nature she is also fascinating company to spend time with.

Mogan is also available to be a volunteer receiver at classes or workshops when volunteer receivers are not available.

To contact Morgan direct click on the banner below or go to her web site  

Be sure to mention Intimacy matters and she will give you a special quotation.

Morgan says about herself

I knew I was a sensual explorer from an early age. I’ve had all sorts of exciting hedonistic adventures and I have a passion for exploring new fantasies.

An attentive and feminine lover, I adore yielding to my chosen companions, going deep into our imaginations and exploring the hidden pathways of desire.

I do switch, I enjoy seducing other women and I’m definitely not too shy to take control.

I love history podcasts and am an avid fan of everything science fiction and have been told I am a fascinating conversationalist. I enjoy hiking and plan to do some wild camping and wild swimming this year. 

I like free weights and I find keeping in shape is fun.  In my ideal life it would be easy to go kayaking and snorkelling and hike mountains on a regular basis.

Living in London is wonderful for culinary adventurers and I adore exploring new restaurants and cocktail bars as well as catching a show, a trip to the spa or snuggling up for a movie on the sofa.