6-Hour Intermediate Class

This class can only be taken if you have completed the 6-hour Foundation Class.

Some students may not have the time or budget to book the 12-hour Combined Foundation & Intermediate Class so they can select to take the Foundation Class and then when ready return to take this stand-alone Intermediate Class. If they then want to continue their training they can then take a further 10 hours ( class 3 & 4 ) of the Professional Training.

In this Intermediate class, you will give two further practice sessions; in each practice, more techniques are added to the massage routine. This will include both additional therapeutic strokes and additional sensual and erotic elements as listed below. The intention is that the second and final practice massage will be given by the student, mostly on his own with Colin mostly observing and guiding when needed.

Advanced materials and information

The day before your Intermediate class, you will receive the following:-

  • The Agenda for the Intermediate class with details of the respective volunteer receivers you will be practising on
  • A PowerPoint presentation of the massage that you will be learning
  • Get the username and password to give you three months of free access to the Intimate Tutorials website to view the online training videos

What will I learn and practice in the Intermediate Class?

  • Further therapeutic techniques
  • Additional clitoral stimulation positionings
  • Internal vaginal & G spot masage
  • D Spot stimulation (rear of the vagina)
  • Learning the difference between squirting and female ejaculation
  • Techniques to encourage female ejaculation
  • Incorporating sex toys within a massage
  • Positions for oral stimulation (demonstrated not given)
  • Bondasage techniques (dominant i.e. spanking, restrictive holds)
  • Breast massage and nipple stimulation (manual and oral)
  • Managing mutual arousal without losing the integrity of the massage

Additional benefits

  • An invite to join the IMWORKSHOPS Telegram chat group to meet and get to know other lovers of sensual massage
  • Certificate of completion
  • Three months complimentary membership of www.intimatetutorials.com

Class options and costs

  • Option 1 – Practice given on two different female volunteer receivers  – £850
  • Option 2 – Practice given on a partner or friend and a female volunteer receiver – £800

Payment Plans

I like to make sensual massage accessible for everyone, but I sometimes realise that even though the desire is strong, the cash flow situation may not allow you to take an appointment or workshop with me when you want to.

Click here to learn about Buy Now Pay Later  Take six weeks to pay for the class of your choice.

Application Form

To apply to take a stand-alone 6-hour Intermediate class  – Click here

The application does not mean you are making a booking. It just details yourself and your motivation to take a particular class. Once your application form is received, I will contact you to discuss your reasons and expectations for taking the class.

When can I take a class?

Unless arranged differently and with mutual agreement,  the Experiential session is 2.5 hours in length. The Foundation is held as 2 x 3 hour classes and the Interdemate classes are held as 4 x 3 hour classes. The Professional training is held as 4 x 5-hour sessions.

Monday to Friday 3-hour sessions are usually either:-

  • 10 am to 1 pm
  • 1 pm to 4 pm
  • 6 pm to 9 pm

Saturday 3-hour sessions

  • 10 am to 1 pm
  • 6 to 9 pm

Over what period can I spread my classes?

  • The Foundation 2 x 3-hour classes must be completed within one month
  • The Intermediate 2 x 3 hour must be completed within one month
  • The Combined 4 x 3-hour Foundation & Intermediate classes must be completed within two months
  • Professional Training 4 x 5 hours must be completed within three months

Fees are not refunded if you do not complete the class within the above time frames

How soon do I need to book a class?

These classes are popular, and I am also busy with treatment appointments, so I generally run only one three or five-hour class daily. If you have specific dates, booking at least two weeks in advance is best.

Immediate bookings supplement cost

If you make an enquiry and want to book a class within seven days, an extra 10% charge will be made if I can accommodate you.

Splitting the classes

Can I take the Foundation class and then return later and take the Intermediate or Professional training without repeating the Foundations class?

Yes, The Foundation Class can be followed by a further 6 hours of Intermediate training or 10 hours of Professional training; however, the cost is more being split classes.

Sharing the training with others

All prices are quoted for one person taking a class.  If two people are taking the course together, 50% is added.

Deposit & terms of payment on all class and training bookings

Whichever class you book, a 50% deposit is required upon booking. The balance is due 24 hours before the first class starts.

You can cancel up to three days ( 72 hours ) before the first training day and have these two options.

  • To receive back the full deposit.
  • Transfer the class to another date.

Loss of deposit

If you cancel within three to two days of your booked class, you must either re-book another class date or lose your deposit.

24-hour cancellations or no show

If you cancel within 24 hours of the start time or do not show up on the day, you will lose your deposit.

Take out cancellation insurance.

To cover any cancellation, we recommend you seek a cancellation insurance policy.

The female volunteer receivers

Depending on your chosen class, you may practice on one to six female volunteer receivers. I currently have about 240 women on my volunteer receivers list. Almost all professional women have been to see me as a client or have received a demonstration massage from me and then decided to volunteer. They are aged between 21 and 55 and can be of any ethnicity or physique, from slim to curvy. All are very comfortable with other sexuality and are eager to help men learn more about sensual foreplay and the erotic arousal of women.

When I have a class booked a couple of days before the class, I send out a request to those on the list giving basic details of the student whom I require a receiver for. I send them your image, your name ( it can be a pseudonym) and basic information about you ( profession, age, sexuality) and your motivation for taking the class.

If a student selects to have a volunteer from this list as their receiver rather than bring their own, I try to match the student’s desired type as stated on their application form. However, age and body type are never guaranteed, as much depends on who is available on the day.  Generally, the women on this volunteer list are happy to receive clitoral and vaginal arousal and body-to-body contact within the massage however, receiving oral stimulation or giving any reciprocal touch back to the students is their decision on the day.

Professional Receivers 

If a student wants to guarantee the age or body type of the receiver, I can seek out professionals who are happy to receive the erotic massage. However, the cost will vary and be added to the price of the class.