Podcast Survey Results

Over the past couple of years, it has been suggested by many clients and subscribers that I should host an Intimacy Matters Podcast.

Why Some Men Like Men

For the last two centuries, if a man experienced any form of male-to-male erotic intimacy, society traditionally labelled him no longer heterosexual; he became a homosexual
Mastectomy scars

Sex after surgery – what to do when problems arise

It’s not uncommon for surgical procedures to get in the way…
Catholic guilt and shame about sex

Sexual guilt & shame: is your cultural background affecting your sex life?

There are lots of positive and exciting factors that arise from…

First time tips for sleeping with someone new

For many, that first time sleeping with someone new can be an…

XO Take your love life to another level

It all started with an article about watermelons… Yes, it sounds funny, but it's true. One day i 2011, Jahangir Khan, the mastermind behind XO®,

Chris’s Story – Diary of a mans treatment for sex & intimacy challenges

In attempting to find ways and methods to remedy my sexual issues of dysfunction and lack of pleasure,
happy couple in fulfilling relationship

Kink & Fetish in Bristol

Tuesday, 9th May 2023, was the date I stepped back up onto a stage. Having been forced to take a sabbatical from public speaking due to Covid