Chris’s Story – Diary of a mans treatment for sex & intimacy challenges

In attempting to find ways and methods to remedy my sexual issues of dysfunction and lack of pleasure,
happy couple in fulfilling relationship

Kink & Fetish in Bristol

Tuesday, 9th May 2023, was the date I stepped back up onto a stage. Having been forced to take a sabbatical from public speaking due to Covid
How to pleasure a woman

How to pleasure a woman: the art of foreplay for men

From child to young adult, most of us receive at least an adequate…
Woman sexually frustrated with man

Sexual frustration: the most common issues affecting women and how to fix them

Sexual frustration is one of the most common reasons for relationships…

The Coming of Spring

The Spanish saying that “La primavera la sangre altera”, literally “In Springtime blood

Portraits & Pleasure

Make your journey of sensual exploration even more memorable by having yourself, with or without your attire, made into a stunning portrait.

Swinging – The to’ing & fro’ing of a good time

How does it work, and should I give it a go? Whether you’re an experienced swinger or only now considering trying it out,

How RTT® can help with sexual performance challenges

(RTT®) is a powerful form of hypnotherapy that can help overcome challenges, including sexual performance