The Sensual Massage Social

Sensual Massage Social

Next dates

Thursdays – June 27th / July 25th/ August 29th 

An evening for likeminded lovers of sensual massage and intimate foreplay to meet, chat and mingle, and to practice their skills and natural talents.

‘Thank you very much for such a wonderful evening. It was enlightening for us and we felt very relaxed and just lovely!’

The Intimacy Matters Sensual Massage Social is a relaxed get-together for up to ten couples and a few single women and men to explore and practice their learned sensual arousal skills and love of sensual massage in Colin’s private apartment in Sloane Square Chelsea.

Colin & Clare invite you to come to another fun, intimate, and erotic evening where you can choose to socialise and chat while enjoying a glass of bubbly or beer while meeting others of a similar sensual mindset or for those keen to practice their skills or who like to receive a sensual massage there are massage beds available in the main reception room. For those who want to be away from the crowd, there is also a king-size play bed for more intimate activities.

There is a cozy sitting area for break-out chats, a shower and bathroom, and galleried balconies for a bird’ s-eye view of the activities below. The evening is open to exploring both two-hand and four-hand massage with mixed or same-gender combinations. Just make clear your gender preferences and personal boundaries. Colin and Clare are on hand to guide and help out with techniques.


Places are limited to 26 persons (male and female in equal numbers)

7 pm to 7.45 pm welcome drink, light bites and meet the other guests

7.45pm—10.45 pm Massage beds became available. To ensure all those who want to either give or receive a massage get an opportunity, we ask you to check after 45 minutes of use if anyone else is waiting to use a massage bed. If not, then you can continue to use it for another 45 minutes.

11 pm – finish and farewells

Qualification to attend the Social

Single Women & Couples – Single women and couples are most welcome. You do not need any massage experience, but you do need a love of giving and receiving erotic intimacy. 

Single Men – You can only attend an IMSSS event if you have taken part in a workshop as a giver or a volunteer receiver or have been to Colin as a client taking a sensual massage. To keep the numbers of male/female in attendance in balance tickets for single men are allocated in small batches as single females book their tickets. If the tickets are not on sale to single men on the DNM website you can register your interest by emailing Clare at

Ticket Price

  • £135 – couple
  • £85 – single female or male
  • The ticket price includes unlimited Prosecco throughout and soft and hot beverages for those who prefer a clear head, light bites and nibbles, oil for the massage, shower towels, and gowns. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own bottle of wine, fizz, or beer; please, no red wine.

How to book your place

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Once accepted you will sent the link to purchase your ticket on the Design My Night ticketing website
  3. Design my night chareg a small admin fee that will be added to your ticket.
  4. Once purchased, you will receive a receipt.
  5. The day before your event, you will be sent the programme and etiquette for the occasion.

If you have any problems, email Clare at Or call Colin or Whats App him on 07966 522 696. Tickets for the event include welcome drinks on arrival, soft and hot beverages all night, light nibbles, oil provision for the massage, and shower facilities. You are welcome to bring your own bottle of wine, fizz, or beer.

All Welcome

This is a mixed-gender event and is open to all sexualities. This is a safe space for you to have a fabulous, fun, flirtatious, frisky, sexually fulfilling evening, where there are no expectations or pressure to engage in any activity that you are uncomfortable with.


This may mean you take this opportunity to chat and enjoy the company of like-minded people. It may be that you would like to strip off and give and receive a sensual massage with your partner, or if you feel a wider chemistry, you may like to explore erotic touch with others. As long as it’s fully consensual, what you choose to do and how far you go is up to you. We hope that everyone has a great time, but please remember that we all have desires and boundaries that may be different, so before making any approach to anyone, check they are open to play and how they like to play.

We recommend you make clear your sexual orientation, i.e. straight, bisexual, heteroflexible or open to exploring same-gender touch and whether you are comfortable being touched intimately by someone. No means no! anyone not adhering to this will be asked to leave.

Age & body demographic

We believe that attraction goes far further than looks and body type and that by having a relaxing dinner with stimulating conversation before any intimate activity takes place enables all ages to mix and feel potential chemistry. Experience and wisdom can be just as sexy as toned biceps, pert breasts and a tight bum. The ideal event will have a cross-section of ages and physiques.

The ideal event will have a cross-section of ages, so we will allocate places according to these approximate age brackets.

21 to 30 – 15%

31 to 40 – 30%

41 to 50 – 30%

50 to 60 – 10%

60 to 65 – 15%

We hope that everyone has a great time, but please remember that we all have desires and boundaries that may be different, so before making any approach to anyone, check they are open to play and how they like to play.

How to attend this event


  1. Once your application form is received and provided, we still have the relevant places available. You will be sent the link to purchase your ticket online or with special arrangement by bank transfer. Places are limited to 22 persons with an equal gender balance 
  2. Places are NOT confirmed until payment is received
  3. Once payment is made, you will be sent a receipt and a few days before the event, the evening programme and guest list will be available to you.
  4. At this point, you will also be invited to join a PRE-PARTY CHAT ROOM on Telegram to introduce yourself to other guests before meeting them at the Restaurant.

Be kept in formed

Or if you want to be kept informed about future events, you can Register Here

No vetteting on looks or age

There is no vetting of attendees, but we will always balance male and female numbers and a good spread of ages if appropriate.

Reguilar attendees may be limited

However, since these events are proving to be very popular, we may limit the places given to regulars so that newcomers can also enjoy the events, and we reserve the right to refuse applications without giving a reason.


Cancellation up to 4 weeks: After purchasing your ticket, you can cancel or transfer your ticket to another party date up to four weeks before the event at no charge.

Cancellation within 3 to 1 week: If you want to cancel or transfer your ticket to another date between 3 to 1 week before the event, you will be charged a £50 administration fee.

Serial transfers or cancellations—In line with the above terms, we will refund or transfer your ticket only once. If you make a second booking, transfer your original ticket to another date, and cancel again, there is NO TRANSFER OR REFUND.

Cancellation within 1 week: If you cancel your ticket within 1 week of the event, there is NO REFUND OR TRANSFER TO OTHER EVENTS.

No show at the event – If you are a no-show, then there is NO REFUND OR TRANSFER TO OTHER EVENTS

To ask a question email


Sloane Place

Sloane Square Hotel

11 Cadogan Gardens

Premier Inn Battersea

Mark and I had a fabulous time last night and I particularly enjoyed my attention towards the end of the evening!

It was a great evening!! Really enjoyed it.  We are keen to make the next one!  It was also a great forum to meet like minded people. We hope that you may do again. Amazing venue and it was great to see everyone so relaxed and at ease with their sensuality. We decided to remain as voyeurs as it was our first event like this as couple, but we have not stopped talking about it since. Also seeing some of the techniques and pleasure being given was enlightening and great to practice later on one another at home. We will defiantly come to your next social.

If successful we plan to hold this event the last Thursday of every month