What is a Private Workshop?

This is a one to one workshop where Colin personally teaches one person with massage practice given on volunteer receivers. The number of massage practice sessions and volunteer receivers practised on depends on which length workshop has been booked. It can be taken as a 2, 5, 10 or 20-hour workshop with the 10 and 20-hour workshops being split into 5-hour sessions over a couple of days or weeks. Volunteer receivers are selected for you to practice on or you can bring along friends or partners to be your receiver. You can select your own date and time for the workshop but give a few days notice as the volunteers have to be arranged. The workshop is tailored to your specific requirements so please be clear what you want to learn and why. Workshops can be man to woman, women to man, man to man or woman to woman as well as couples learning together.

What is a Group Workshop?

A group workshop is designed to be primarily educational and – depending on the topic – will focus on teaching aspects of sexual performance, sensual massage and the psychology of sexuality. Most group workshops are for between 8 to 20 people and if the workshop includes massage practice it will also include volunteers for the attendees to practice on – usually working in pairs on one volunteer. Group workshops can either be one-off experiences or part of a series over a couple of weeks. All group workshops are designed to be relaxing and welcoming and although the topics covered may involve nudity and arousal they are not designed to be social occasions but more about teaching and learning new skills.

What is a Group Event?

A group event can be anything from a presentation or demonstration to a full-blown party. They are primarily designed to be social occasions bringing together like-minded people to meet and explore the world of sensuality and sexuality. Drawing on my hospitality background the events I organise bring together a combination of my twenty years of experience as a hotelier and my ten years of experience as a masseur and sex mentor. Designed to let people explore their sexuality in a sophisticated elegant and sensual environment, where personal choice is respected but boundaries can be broad. Group events are usually from 6 to 30 in attendance, depending on the type of event.

What is a Boutique Workshop?

These are smaller and more intimate workshops for about 2 to 6 people. They are designed to be both informative, experiential and fun. The fewer numbers allows for more in-depth teaching and practice. Again guests work in pairs or couples and practise on one volunteer each. All boutique workshops are for four hours. They are sometimes run on weekdays or weekends (day or evening). If you are already a group of friends of three or more then you may be able to select your own suitable date and time, otherwise, keep a look out for advertised dates.

Touch & Turn On For Men Who Like Men – Social evenings for up 2 to 6 male guests who want to enjoy the intimate company of other like-minded men by learning and exploring sensual massage, with specially selected male volunteers to practise on.

Massage My Man – Ladies Only or a Girls Night Out social evening for 2 to 6 female guests where fun and frivolity can be had whilst learning the ups and downs and ins and outs of male sexuality and pleasure. Hear what men really enjoy and learn how to give your man an expert sensual massage. Specially selected male volunteers will be available to practise on.

Licensed to Thrill – For Men Who Like Women – For men who like women, this is a relaxed sociable and sensual evening for 2 to 6 men. Whether you are straight or bisexual, this is for the man who wants to learn a deeper understanding of the female arousal process and master techniques of extended erotic foreplay by leaning to give a sensual massage to a woman.

Couples Intimate Evenings – Run periodically, this event is designed for like-minded couples to explore mutual sensuality in a safe sophisticated environment. Ideal for the couple exploring their sexuality for the first time. Maximum numbers are three couples.

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