Explanation of Workshop Types

The workshops listed types can be run either as an Intimacy Matters Individual Workshop giving one to one teaching with Colin and selected volunteers or as an Intimacy Matters (IM) Group Workshop or a Killing Kittens (KK) group workshop.

  • Licensed To Thill = Men giving to women
  • Touch & Turn On – Men giving to men
  • Massage My Man – Women giving to men
  • Sensual Sisters – Women giving to women
  • Couples – Couples giving to one another and other topics of sexual enhancement 

Intimacy Matters Individual Workshops

Individual workshops are usually given as a one to one teaching with selected vetted volunteers to practice on. The workshop can be tailored to your specific requirements so when enquiring please tell me what you want to learn and why. Workshops can be run in these gender combinations,  man to woman, women to man, man to man or woman to woman as well as couples learning together or a mixed-gender workshop practicing on both male and female volunteers.

An individual workshop can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. It can be taken as an individual or couple workshop in which I personally teach you how to give a sensual massage that includes specific sensual and erotic arousal techniques. The workshops can be selected from the two hour Experiential, five-hour Foundation, ten-hour Intermediate or for those wanting to develop sensual massage as a part-time or full-time profession there is a twenty-hour Professional Training workshop. the ten and twenty-hour workshops are split into five-hour sessions taken on separate agreed days.

After completing the workshop you are invited to join the IM Workshops Telegram chat group. This enables you to keep in touch with the volunteers and other sensual massage enthusiasts who have trained with me. It also helps you be kept up to date on further training and practice evenings and sensual massage events and parties.

The  five and ten-hour workshops also include a months free membership to Colin on line massage tutorial web site Intimate Tutorials

The professional workshop includes three months of free membership to Intimate Tutorials and ongoing telephone business support.

Volunteers you practice on

If you are a single person then the massage practice sessions are given on specially selected volunteer receivers of the gender of your choice. Couples can practice on one another or on a volunteer receiver. The number of massage practice sessions and volunteer receivers you practice on depends on which length workshop is booked.

For specific details on the private workshops,

Go to –  Mens Private Workshops

Go to – Women’s Private Workshop

Go to – Couples Private Workshop

Intimacy Matters Group Workshops

IM Group workshops are workshops run by myself and are privately hosted in my own venue or a hotel or private house venue that I may have booked for a weekend break workshop.

Run for a maximum of eleven persons working in pairs or six couples learning sensual massage and specific arousal techniques. The group workshops are three or four hours in duration and are divided into Foundation Workshop and Intermediate Workshop. To take part in the Intermediate Workshop you must have completed either the private or group Foundation workshop or taken a sensual massage with Colin.

In group workshops, students practice on specially selected volunteers, and generally, it is one volunteer to two students. In the couples group workshops couples practice on their partners.

After completing the workshops you are invited to join the IM Workshops KIK chat group to keep in touch with the volunteers and other sensual massage enthusiasts who have trained with me and to be kept up to date on further training and practice evenings and sensual massage events and parties.

Application to take part in an IM Private or Group workshop

To take part in either a Private Worksop or an IM Group workshop you must first complete the respective registration for via the link below

Registration Form For Men

Registration Form For Women

Registration Form For Couples

Killing Kittens Group Workshops

These are workshops run in association with the adult lifestyle company Killing Kittens.  Although predominantly attended by KK members this workshop is open to non KK members as well. Hosted and run by Colin but with a KK representative in attendance these workshops are promoted and tickets sold via the KK web site and the Design my Night web site.

Intimacy Matters & Killing Kittens Group Workshops – Autumn of 2019

IM Touch & Turn On For Men Who Like Men – Social evenings for up two to six male guests who want to enjoy the intimate company of other like-minded men by learning and exploring sensual massage, with up to three specially selected male volunteers to practice on.

Go to – IM Touch & Turn On

Massage My Man – For women who like men. From two to six female guests where fun and frivolity can be had whilst learning to give a sensual massage that includes specific erotic and body to body techniques whilst also getting a better understanding of the psychology of the male sexual mind by hearing what men really enjoy and why. Specially selected and vetted male volunteers are available to practice on.

Go to – IM Massage My Man

Go to – KK Massage My Man

Licensed to Thrill – For Men Who Like Women – For men who like women, this is a relaxed sociable and sensual evening for 2 to 6 men. Whether you are straight or bisexual, this is for the man who wants to learn a deeper understanding of the female arousal process and master techniques of extended erotic foreplay by leaning to give a sensual massage to a woman.

Go to – IM Licence to Thrill

Go to – KK Licensed to Thrill

Couples Sensual Massage Workshop – This event is designed for couples who want to bring a new dimension into their lovemaking. Whether giving to one another or as a couple giving to a third person or another couple, knowing how to give an erotic massage can transform your sex life from routine to adventure and excitement. Ideal for the couple exploring their sexuality for the first time. Maximum numbers are three couples.

Go to – IM Couples Enhanced Foreplay

Go to – KK Couples Workshop

Couples Ejaculation & Edging Workshop

This unique workshop focusses on two aspects of sexual exploration that is increasingly being seen as the nirvana of sexual fulfilment. That is female Ejaculation and Edging the male to orgasm.

Go to – Ejaculation & Edging Workshop

Sensual Sisters  – For Women who like Women. From two to eleven female guests where female empowerment, erotic education and social sharing can be had whilst learning to give a full body sensual massage to another woman.  I often hear women say, ” I want to touch another woman’s body but I am never sure what to do.  I know my body and that what I enjoy is complex, so how can I know what she would like”.

In this workshop, Colin teaches women both the skill of giving a wonderful sensual therapeutic massage as well as specific arousal techniques of breasts, clitoris and vagina. The workshop starts with an open conversation about a girl on girl attraction as well as an opportunity to hear how sexual arousal and satisfaction is for one another. What you love to enjoy and what to date has eluded you. Amongst other topics and techniques, we talk about multiple orgasm and ejaculation and explore what the difference is in the dynamic between being sexual with a man compared to being with another woman.

Go to – IM Sensual Sisters

Go to – KK Sensual Sisters

Intimacy Matters Group Event?

A group event can be anything from a presentation or demonstration to a massage party. They are primarily designed to be social occasions bringing together like-minded people to meet and explore the world of sensuality and sexuality. Drawing on my hospitality background the events I bring together a combination of my twenty years of experience as a hotelier and my 14 years of experience as a masseur and sex engineer. Designed to let people explore their sexuality in a sophisticated elegant and sensual environment, where personal choice is respected but boundaries can be broad. Group events are usually from 10 to 30 in attendance, depending on the type of event.

To register to get regular information on these workshops and events, complete the registration form by clicking the appropriate link below.

Women – Registration Form

Men & Couples – Registration Form

A Couple’s Affaire Sensual Massage Party – Registration Form

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