Colin Presenting Sexuality

(Love Sex and Intimacy Fair – September 2013 in Brighton)

An expert guide to anything and everything to do with sex

I frequently speak on sexuality, sensuality, and how to have a better sex life. I can be booked as a teacher or facilitator for large or small groups, and for any occasion. I’m happy to speak or teach to an agenda, or I can create my own approach that reflects the group’s personalities and dynamic.

I also host Intimacy Matters Presents. These are relaxed, sophisticated evenings of no-holds-barred talk about sex and sexuality. If you have a dinner party or private event that you would like to make more memorable, book me to join in and subtly spice up the conversation. Any aspect of sex and relationship can be the topic; I’ll provide facts, games and anecdotes that will leave your guests informed, impressed… and even a little bit titillated.


A distinctly British approach to sex and sensuality

I take a frank, mature, easygoing approach to sex. It’s not about sensationalised, Hollywood-eque gossip. My style is direct and jargon-free. I’m approachable. You’ll laugh in one of my sessions and may well blush, but you will never feel ashamed or tawdry. I believe sex is a vital part of human life and identity and I think we should all feel free to explore it and enjoy it without judgement. This belief underscores what I do as a teacher, speaker and facilitator.

Popular speaking topics include:

  • How to have better sex through better communication
  • Understanding why we are attracted to a particular type even though they may not appear to be good for us
  • Breaking the pattern of continual heartbreak
  • How to give a Sensual Massage: the benefits and pleasures for giver and receiver plus optional demonstration.
  • Psychosensual Massage as a legitimate therapy for sexual hang-ups
  • Male sexual performance: harder, longer and wiser lovemaking
  • Am I straight, gay, bi or can I be somewhere in between?
  • Understanding where we sit on the Sensuality Spectrum
  • Overcoming erection issues, premature ejaculation and other performance fears
  • What turns men on and understanding the male sexual psyche
  • What turns women on and understanding the female sexual psyche
  • Dealing with sexual conflict within relationships: what to do when she/he doesn’t want what I want
  • Sex Talk – hosted and guided conversation about sex
  • How I became a sex engineer

Examples of events that I speak or teach at include:

  • Radio, TV and webinars
  • After-dinner speaking
  • Private parties
  • Corporate events
  • Schools and youth groups
  • Student events
  • Women’s groups
  • Men’s groups
  • Courses, workshops and seminars
  • Events for masseurs and other therapists
  • LGBT community

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