My Name is Edith I visited Colin December 2017 for the 105 minute Absolute Massage. I was visiting from the US and am in my final year of Medical school to become a Doctor.

I told Colin it has been over two years since I have been sexually charged and active. He was beyond professional and extremely caring and built trust and rapport very quickly. He understood my experiences and took a moment to look and speak with me. I never imagined having such an experience, as a Nigerian woman in my early twenties I needed to learn a lot about my body and my carnal instincts and Colin helped me accomplish that.

He was extremely thorough and focused on my body and my pleasure. He spent some time educating me on the various historical contexts that shape how women behave sexually and most importantly how women respond to sexual exploration and enjoyment.

He delved further into my career and social circles and helped me notice patterns and trends that have an impact on my sexual health. He not only made this a very pleasurable experience but also focused on the therapeutic aspect of our session.

Words cannot describe how satisfied I was with this appointment, I strongly encourage any woman that is embarking on a path of self-discovery or simply in need of pleasure with an educational foundation to support the experience.

I am travelling back but will come and visit Colin again as soon as I am in London.

Convenience of location = Exceptional
Welcoming and made to feel at ease = Exceptional
Impression of venue and treatment room = Exceptional
Shower facilities = Exceptional
Colin’s appearance compared to pictures = Exceptional
Conversation and knowledge of subject and skill shown by Colin = Exceptional
Colin’s understanding of my needs = Exceptional
Traditional muscular massage strokes = Exceptional
My feeling of safety security and discretion = Exceptional
Gradual sensual arousal of my body = Exceptional
Erotic arousal and sexual stimulation = Exceptional
Overall pleasure level of the experience = Exceptional
Value for money = Exceptional
Overall recommendation to other women = Exceptional
How would you rate the experience overall?: