Intimate Treatments For Women

On this page are details of the following treatments

Given at treatment rooms in either London or Brighton

  • The 105 minute Absolute Sensual massage
  • The 90-minute Sensual massage
  • The 75-minute Absolute Tension Release massage
  • The 75-minute Sensual Tension Release massage
  • The 75-minute Semi Sensual Massage
  • The 60-minute Absolute Catalyst massage
  • The 60-minute Sensual Catalyst massage

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Background to Sensual Massage

Sensual massage is pleasurable and healthy

Taking a sensual massage should not be viewed as just a pleasure for women to experience but it should also be regarded as an important part of a healthy lifestyle for both her body and mind. Female sexuality has a profound place within human nature. Without this immensely powerful life force society as we know it, the human race itself, would not exist.  Women have been embodied by nature with complex physiological, psychological and emotional sexual processes that ensure the optimum biology and social support designed to ensure the survival of her offspring. These sexual processes are still beating loudly within every female today and it is vital for a woman’s well-being that this sexual energy is exercised regularly.

Lack of arousal can cause poor wellbeing

But when a woman finds herself in a situation where her natural sexual feelings are denied, suppressed or simply ignored then nature can be pragmatic and soon her health and wellbeing can be negatively effected.  Disconnection, frustration, rejection, depression and poor health can be a consequence of a lack of sexual intimacy and erotic arousal.

Listen to your body

If a woman is feeling sexually needy then it is a clear indication that her body is speaking to her. Masturbation is one solution and although very pleasurable it does not recreate the intimacy and primal energy of penetrative sex.  Taking a sensual massage provides an opportunity to satisfy this desire, safely and discreetly.

The skill of a professional sensual masseur is to be able to create with their hands and imagination the same erotic effect that a woman would experience with prolonged varied sexual arousal. Combine this with the intimacy and arousing touch of a relaxing professional massage and she will discover the amazing sensations her body is able to give her.

What type of women decides to have a sensual massage?

I have been working as a professional relationship therapist and mentor for sexual development for men women and couples for twelve years and in this time I have given over 8000 hours of sensual massage. I have been working with women and couples for six years. In that time I have given over 250 sensual massages to women. My female clients range from single women, married women, women with partners, women of all ages from 18 to 80 years, all with varying body types from petite to voluptuous and of many different ethnicities and cultures.

What reasons do women give for wanting a sensual massage?

Some women give the reason for wanting the massage as simply a desire for personal exploration and pleasure others it can be a need to satisfy sexual frustration. Some come for advice and treatment for a sexual performance problem such as an inability to orgasm. Others come along for just “me time”. Whoever the person or whatever reason they give my goal is to give them an experience that is not only professional, caring and safe but also one that is profoundly satisfying and fulfilling, some say life changing.

25 reasons given by female clients for taking a sensual massage

  1. I am tense and need an unconditional orgasmic release.
  2. Difficulty reaching orgasm when with another person.
  3. Curiosity and satisfying a fantasy.
  4. Lack of sexual stimulation in my relationship.
  5. Recently my libido has increased considerably.
  6. Frustration/lack of stimulation by my partner.
  7. Guilt/Morality/Shame around sex.
  8. Letting go of control and trusting others with control.
  9. Recoverer of sexual aggression/abuse.
  10. Complacency in a relationship = no longer stimulated by my partner.
  11. I love my partner but I find I now feel sexually lacking with him.
  12. Lack of skill/knowledge by myself and partner.
  13. I am on holiday/business so free to explore my erotic needs.
  14. Postmenopausal and still very sexual.
  15. Postmenopausal and still very sexual and my partner is not.
  16. Convenience and self-care (busy professionals who don’t want a relationship).
  17. I have cultural or religious restrictions and I need a safe place to explore my sexuality.
  18. Exploration of sexual practices as yet untried or unwanted by my partner.
  19. Poor body image and lack of sexual self-esteem.
  20. I want my partner to watch me have a sensual massage.
  21. I want my partner to give me four hands with the masseur.
  22. I want to explore my bisexuality with a male & female masseur couple.
  23. I want to explore Female Orgasm Denial
  24. I want to feel desired and dominated
  25. I have always had a fantasy of being erotically massaged by a masseur.

My promise to take great care to look after you.

I aim to create a place and space where it is OK for you to let go and explore your natural primal erotic energies. A place where you can express yourself freely in movement and sound and behave in any way you wants without any concern of being judged and criticised. I can give treatments in my own discreet, private, professional treatment rooms in Pimlico or by prior arrangement at other locations or I can come to your private location.

A sensual massage can be taken to just enjoy intimate relaxing escapism, where you can just lay back and take pleasure having your body being massaged, stimulated, aroused and cared for. Where there is no expectation for you to give in return unless you desire to. Or, for others, it can be a journey of erotic exploration between two people to investigate fantasies and desires that may not be appropriate or possible in their day to day lives.

I maintain a high standard personal health and always respect your limits but hope to nudge some of your sensual boundaries. I ensure total confidentiality and discretion, so there is no fear of anything or anyone intruding into your day to day life.

Are you feeling shy or cautious?

For those women that may be a bit shy even cautious about taking the bold step to take the 105 minute ‘Absolute’ or 90 minute ‘Kama Sutra’ Massage I offer a semi-sensual trial option. This is a 75-minute appointment which includes a 60-minute massage that covers the whole body but does not include any erotic stimulation. Below are all the massage options available for women.

Appointment Options

The 105 minute full body  ‘Absolute’ massage

  • Given in London – £225
  • Given in Brighton – £185

The ‘Absolute’ massage could be described as a woman’s ultimate massage. It is a full body 105-minute massage that is designed to fit your specific desires and needs.

The ‘Absolute’ combines traditional muscle work with intimate touch and gentle sensual arousal that develops into erotic exploration to usually result in orgasm, often multiple orgasm.  The massage is always kept within your personal boundaries but I follow your reactions and responses at the time to guide me in order to give your body what it is asking for.

The ‘Absolute’ massage is a ‘design your own massage’. To make sure I give you the experience you want, once a booking has been made I ask you to complete a confidential form called the Authorisation & Requests Form. This form gives you the opportunity to tell me how you would like the massage to be and what specific erotic stimulation you would like to include.  The form contains a 0-10 scoring scale that enables you to indicate the the leval and intensity of arousal as well as any firm boundaries you do not want to be crossed.

This massage includes both external and internal erotic arousal

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a brief description of the ‘Absolute’ massage. To read the explicit and detailed description of the ‘Absolute” massage register in IM XTRA   and select ‘Explicit Descriptions’

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The 90 minute full body ‘Sensual’ massage

  • Given in London – £185 
  • Given in Brighton – £155

This is a 90-minute sensual experience is ideal for the women who want to experience a full body massage that covers the whole body but offers surface sensual arousal only. As with the Absolute massage, I take time to hear and understand your needs and desires to make sure that I create a massage that fits with your desires but remains with your comfort zones.

This massage includes ONLY external arousal

For the detailed description of the ‘Sensual’ massage please register at the IM XTRA

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The 75 minute ‘Tension Release’ massage 

For the woman who still wants pleasurable release but has either time or budget constraints 

There are two versions of the Tension Release massage. Each is a 60 minute edited version of the Absolute or Sensual Massage.

The Absolute Tension Release (includes erotic arousal)

  • Given in London – £165
  • Given in Brighton – £135

The Sensual Tension Release (surface of body arousal only)

  • Given in London – £145
  • Given in Brighton – £125

The 60-minute ‘Tension Release’ sensual massage is your perfect quick fix. Whether stopping by after work or dashing out for your lunch break this 60-minute sensual massage gives a woman with time, budget or discretion restrictions the perfect opportunity to release her sexual tension and re-energize her body.   The massage combines thirty minutes of therapeutic muscle work of the back of the body (neck, shoulders, lower and upper back, buttocks, thighs, and calves) with 30 minutes of intimate arousing touch to potentially take you to orgasm. To understand, the difference between the two options read the description of the full body versions of the Absolute and Sensual massege.

To make an enquiry or to book a massage with Colin via email, [click here]

To talk or text Colin direct call 07966 522 696.

The 60-minute ‘Semi Sensual’ massage

  • Given in London – £95 
  • Given in Brighton – £75

For those women that may be a bit shy even cautious about taking the bold step to take any of the above massages but know that they want to, I offer a semi-sensual trial option. This is a 75-minute appointment which includes a 60-minute massage that covers the whole body but does not include any erotic stimulation.

This massage does not include any intended arousal

To make an enquiry or to book a massage with Colin via email, [click here] or

To talk or text Colin direct call 07966 522 696.

The 60 minute Catalyst Massage

Given only at Moorgate Treatment Room

The Catalyst massage is designed as a treatment for women who work in the City area of London and who have limited time to spare but are seeking tension release. The massage can be given as either the  Sensual Catalyst surface arousal only (includes clitoral stimulation) only or The Absolute Catalyst (includes vaginal stimulation). Both treatments begin with a 20-minute therapeutic massage to relax and gently arouse your body in preparation for the stimulation.

The appointment is 60 minutes and includes w 45-minute massage with time to shower before and after.

Before taking the treatment first-time client will be asked to complete the Catalyst Authorisation & Registration Form

  • Catalyst Absolute – £125
  • Catalyst Sensual – £95

The Moorgate treatment is located  is located on Chiswell Street, directly opposite Chiswell Street Dining rooms, approximately 5 minutes walk from Barbican and Moorgate underground stations and is about a 10-minute walk from Liverpool Street station. (MAP)

Client feedback & testimonials

After most appointments, I send out a feedback form for female clients to give their assessment of my service. Click on the link below to view the latest results.

Testimonials from past female clients

Read Past Female Client Feedback Statistics

Booking Your Appointment

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Special Rates for Female Students & Fellow Therapists

Dependent on my availability I am sometimes able to offer reduced rates to students or those on a reduced budget. Appointments must be taken as either last minute (dependent on my availablity) or if booked in advance taken as morning appointments between 8am to 1pm.

Fellow Therapists or Exchange for Services

If you are a therapist or have a service that can be swapped I am always happy to offer a barter arrangement or if you prefer to pay then this is based on the rates above.

Four hands sensual massage options & prices

With Colin and a male masseur

Given in London

  • 90-minute massage – £ 385
  • 60-minute massage – £285

Given in Brighton

  • 90-minute massage – £ 355
  • 60-minute massage – £255

With Colin and a female masseur

Given in London

  • 90-minute massage – £ 385
  • 60-minute massage – £285

Given in Brighton

  • 90-minute massage – £ 355
  • 60-minute massage – £255

To make an enquiry or to book this massage, [click here] or call 07966 522 696.

For more details on 4 hands, intimate treatments for women Click Here

massage007a (1)

The ‘Absolute’ Massage

edited description

The ‘Absolute’ sensual massage combines both regular muscle work with intimate touch and erotic exploration that usually results in multiple orgasms. The massage includes both external clitoral and nipple stimulation and internal vaginal stimulation with optional anal stimulation.

The entire appointment lasts 2.15 hours. It falls into five phases,

  • The Therapeutic Relaxing Phase (25 min)
    The Sensual Foreplay Phase (20 min)
    The 1st Erotic Phase (20 min)
    The Carnal Plateau (20 min)
    The 2nd Erotic Phase (20 min)

Before giving the Absolute Massage, I will have asked you to complete the Absolute Authorization & Requests Form. By completing this form, you help me to create the exact experience you would like. You can indicate the type of touch you want to enjoy and the level and intensity of the erotic arousal you ideally seek to explore and experience. The appointment begins with a brief chat to answer any final questions you may have. You may want to take a glass of wine at this point. Then once you are relaxed and ready, I will take you to the treatment room and then if you have not done so already (within an hour before the massage) I request you to take a shower after which you get yourself ready by laying face down on the massage table. Unless requested otherwise I leave the room at this time to let you prepare yourself privately. Once showered I will return and cover you with a large towel. I then take a few more minutes to explain how the message will progress, how to communicate with me during the massage and how the massage will finish.

The Therapeutic Relaxing Phase
The Therapeutic Relaxing Phase follows the line of a traditional massage and is designed to relax the body, work out any strained or aching muscles heighten the senses to put your mind and body into a state of trust and safety. The massage starts with a few breathing and relaxation techniques. I apply warm oil to your back, shoulders, and buttocks and all are given a full 25-minute gentle but firm massage, working out any knots or tension and encouraging your body to let go.

The Sensual Foreplay Phase
As you relax and your body responds, will subtly become arousing and my hands will begin to explore more intimate areas of your body. I will be working on your thighs, buttocks, calves, lower back. As your arousal increases (movement, sound, and lubrication) I will explore and stimulate more to include clitoral stimulation and external vaginal massage that may bring on the first orgasm.

To find out about next 3 stages of the ‘Absolute’ massage you must register for access to the private area of this website at IMXtra 

Once registered you will get access to the full description that covers the following stages.

  • The 1st Erotic Phase
  • The Carnal Plateau
  • The 2nd Erotic Phase

The details also include the most common questions answers women ask about this massage.