Are you interested in participating in research into positive sexuality?

Dr. Mark Burgess is the Co-Director of the Centre for Psychological Research at Oxford Brookes University, and his latest project focuses on positive sexuality. He is interested in Transformative Experiences – these experiences do two things; they reveal something that could not have been known without having the experience and they change a person’s understanding of Self in some way. Mark is currently interviewing people to hear how their sexual self-understanding was transformed as a result of transformative pleasurable sexual encounters. The research findings will be useful for sex educators and coaches, counsellors, therapists, and for the increasing numbers of people interested in enriching their own sexual lives. Participants’ real names are substituted with pseudonyms when disseminating findings. Participation is open to anyone 26 years or older, to all sexualities and genders, and involves a £20 online voucher as remuneration for time. If you would like to participate, please contact Mark at you can read more about the research here: