Do men love blowjobs?

Yes almost all men love blow jobs and for some it’s an essential part of lovemaking. However most men do say that it is important that they feel that the person giving the blow job enjoys giving it. A blow job given without feeling is like a scone eaten without the jam and clotted cream. Men will have it but its can be lacking in flavour, ambiance and memorability.

Are they the holy grail? If so, what makes them so much better than sex? Or if it down to personal preference?

For men sex can be likened to enjoying an excellent 3 course dinner. If the hand job is the starter and penetrative sex being the main course the blow job can be seen as the optional desert. For some men with a sweet tooth the Chocolate fondant is the point of the whole meal is what sends their sense wild. For others its just a pleasant addition to a wonderful experience.

Does having one bad experience in the past put men off for life?

Generally the adage ‘ there is no such thing as a bad blow job it could just be better’ applies for most men.

Is the setting important or do men not care?

Any place, any time, and almost anywhere. Spontaneity adds a certain je ne sais quoi. So provided the kids are in bed, the grandparents are absent and you are not speeding down a motor way grab him, unzip him and give with enthusiasm and he will be in 7th heaven. But only do it if you enjoy giving it.

What happens if someone accidentally uses teeth? eek! what’s the pain like on a scale from 1-10?

Lips are luscious, gums are gorgeous but teeth are an acquired taste. For some men its terrifying, remember your dealing with his most precious and the fear of having it bitten off may just be too scary. For others the thrill of the nibble can be exciting and stimulating. For a first time stick with the traditional but maybe give him a quick heads up with a lightheaded ‘ I am going to nibble your knob now’ and if he says ‘whoa no way’ then don’t but if he smiles give it a try, but go gently.

Can you briefly describe any tricks or tips on how to do it?

When giving a recent talk to a large group of women about foreplay when I asked for questions the first one was ‘ how do I give a great blow job’. First and foremost before technique comes attitude and the perfect blow job should be given with

  • Confidence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Spontaneity
  • Sincerity
  • Passion

 Is technique important?

For practical technique remember penis’s are designed to penetrate a vagina or an anus so try to recreate that sensation. Keep the lips firm and long stokes but also occasionally focus on the goals of the penis as this is the most sensitive area. Speed should start slow and the build up gradual. Vaginas and the anus are made of soft muscle so don’t be sloppy a firm lip hold will enhance his pleasure.

 Variety of technique is important so suck like it is large lollipop, take time out to lick him from the bottom of shaft to tip and pay close attention to the frenulum area of the shaft, the V shape at the front top where the foreskin attaches to the head. This is the most sensitive part of the penis and equates to the clitoris.

 Other points

  • Check if he like his foreskin retracted or not as some uncircumcised men prefer not.
  • A firm hand hold at the base gently squeezing will get him more firm and so more sensitive.
  •  Look at him and show him that his pleasure is also your pleasure.
  •  Be passionate, be confident and be in charge.

Does the whole swallowing/not swallowing thing matter? Do men really care?

If you like it do it if you don’t then don’t do it. Never feel forced to do something you are not comfortable with or  thatyou believe is expected from you. This also goes for deep throat.  If it’s not your thing then it’s better to finish him off by hand or revert to penetration

Do guys worry that if they are on the receiving end that they will have to give back at some point? 

Encourage but don’t expect. Oral sex is a personal choice both ways. You can tell him you like it, even give him guidance. For a few men giving oral to women or another man is not their thing and for some it may simply be in experience or lack of knowledge. Most men love to give pleasure and reciprocal oral given in 69 at the same time can be amazing for both.

 How’s it best to broach the subject if he isn’t 100% smelling clean and fresh down there?

If he is not good on personal hygiene then don’t get that personal. If he does not take care of himself then don’t beat about the bush as this becomes a health question rather than question of giving pleasure or not. Put yourself first.

Would a BJ at Christmas to birthday really suffice instead of a gift?

In a survey of 50 men I asked for this article 66% said yes or maybe, a blow job would be a great Christmas surprise. So the phrase ‘Santa’s coming’ takes on a whole new meaning!