I have created a short survey to get a clearer idea about what people would like to learn within my various classes and group workshops. For the past six years, I have offered courses of different lengths, and the content of each class is tailored to suit what the person I am teaching wants to learn. However, these choices have been limited, so I plan to create more class options. However, I need to understand people’s learning priorities in order to do so.

I am also considering re-launching my online classes, so there is a section in the survey for those who can’t get to me in London to have the opportunity to tell me how they might like to take an online individual or group class.

Sensual Massage Survey

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For Singles & Couples

Tuition is given by Colin Richards, assisted by volunteer receivers

Individual sensual massage classes for women, men, and couples. Teaching enhanced foreplay skills and specific techniques to extend lovemaking and orgasmic fulfilment that will always be valuable no matter whom you spend intimate time with.

sensual massage classes for better sex

Classes range from the introductory 2.5-hour Experiential to the 5-hour Foundation, the 10-hour Foundation & Intermediate for those wanting to become full-time sensual masseurs, and the 20-hour Professional training that combines the Foundation and Intermediate with a specific focus on business structure, marketing strategy, and business set-up.

Unless requested to have home or hotel sessions, all classes are held at the Intimacy Matters Treatment Venue in Chelsea SW1X 9DE

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Interested in taking a 4 hour Tuesday evening group workshop

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