Massage My Woman

Mens individual sensual massage courses

Teaching men the art of sensual massage with sex play

2.5 hour, 5 hour, 10 hour and 20 hour courses

Practice on your partner or have female volunteer receivers provided

Course Selection

The Experiential Practice Session – 2.5 hour, introduction to sensual massage

The Foundation Course  – 5 hour, ideal for expanding your skills and a lover

The Intermediate Course – 10 hour, learning even more skills and becoming a totally confident lover

The Advanced Professional Course –  20 hour course is for the man who wants to become fully expert in giving women superb foreplay and erotic arousal or men who want to take up either part time or full-time job giving professional sensual massage to women.

Sharing the course with others

All prices below are quoted for one person taking the course. If there are two people taking the course together then a further 50% is added


No 49.  The Experiential Practice Session – 2.5 hours

Learn & Enjoy at the same time by giving a four hands massage with Colin. Colin gives some guided tuition but in essence the focus is on you experiencing giving a female a full body sensual experience that includes erotic arousal.


  • Male giving to female volunteer – £315
  • Male giving to female partner – £265

This experiential session is for men who want to explore what it is like to give a sensual massage to a women but with the guidance of an expert and as a four hands massage. On booking, I find out what it is you want to explore in the massage practice. Then I find a volunteer to suit you and arrange a mutually convenient time for the practice. On the day we start by having a brief chat to understand how the volunteer ‘receiver’ likes to enjoy her massage. I then take 15 minutes to teach you some standard massage strokes for the back, legs, buttocks and shoulders. Then once you are feeling confident and at ease and the volunteer relaxed we start the four hands massage. We work together with you following my lead. The intention is to create a sensually enjoyable experience for both the receiver and yourself rather than learn specific massage techniques. Simply by giving a sensual massage in this way, you will not only enjoy the pleasure of giving but also learn by first-hand practice some essential aspects of a sensual massage. The massage will include full body arousal, breast and nipple massage, clitoral stimulation and various forms of vaginal massage, edging the orgasm, bringing to multiple orgasm. You can remain clothed or be naked when giving the massage. If there are specific aspects you want to include in the massage, then let me know, and we can incorporate this, for example, light spanking or domination.


No. 50 The Foundation Course (5 hours)

Explore & expand your foreplay skills

This 5-hour course is the starting point and can be taken on its own or as step one to move on to either the intermediate or advanced courses below.

It is recommended for the man who wants to generally improve his knowledge as a lover. Starting with a 30-minute discussion about female sexuality you will then join Colin to give a 90-minute sensual massage to a female receiver. During this massage Colin will show you various movements and technique to stimulate and arouse the female body. This is then followed by a short interval when you will get feedback from the female receiver on your style and technique. The second massage can either be one you receive or by request you can practise a second time on the female receiver. This workshop does not include any internal stimulation of the female receiver.

The Foundation 5 hours can be be split in to separate days as 1 x 3 hour and 1 x 2 hour sessions

In this course you will learn:-

  • To gives a full body sensual massage
  • To encourage slow arousal by stimulating her mind via touch of the sensitive but non-erotic areas of the female body
  • To give breast and nipple massage
  • To give buttock and upper thigh massage
  • To master clitoral stimulation
  • To explore external vaginal stimulation
  • To edging her towards multiple orgasms


  • Option 1 – Practising on a single female volunteer in two sessions or after one session with a female receiver then having your own massage to follow, given by Colin – £475
  • Option 2 – Practising on two female receivers (this option does not include a massage for yourself)  – £575

This course can be booked for any day (provided I am free) and can be booked in any period between 9 am to 11 pm.



No 51. The Intermediate Course (10 hours)

Enhance your skills to explore and arouse to create prolonged pleasure

The 10-hour intermediate course is for the man who wants to go deeper in understanding female sexual arousal and learn how to give a sensual massage for personal use to improve his confidence and knowledge in giving sexual arousal to excite both the female body and mind. The course can either include three practice sessions on two separate volunteers and then receiving your own massage at the end of the day, which can be therapeutic or sensual and is given by Colin. Or you can opt to replace your masse with a 4th practice session on a female volunteer. Times can be adjusted to suit or split into two halves, day or evening. These practice sessions start with you being partially clothed but as each massage unfolds you may (if you are comfortable) become naked.

In this course you will learn:-

  • Giving a full body sensual massage
  • Learn to encourage slow arousal by stimulating her mind via touch of the sensitive but non-erotic areas of the female body
  • Using your body contact to stimulate her
  • Breast and nipple massage
  • Buttock and upper thigh massage
  • Clitoral stimulation
  • External vaginal stimulation
  • Internal vaginal stimulation
  • Internal G-Spot & D-Spot stimulation
  • Introducing light domination into the massage
  • External anal stimulation
  • Edging her over to multiple orgasms


  • Option 1 – Practising on two different female volunteers in three practice sessions with one massage for yourself given by Colin – £775
  • Option 2 – Practising on three different female volunteers in four practice sessions (this does not include a massage for yourself)  – £875



No. 52 Advanced Professional Training Course (20 hours)

Usually split over 4 x 5-hour sessions other time frames are possible

Become a part-time or full-time professional sensual masseur for women

This professional training is specifically designed for those men who want a career as a professional sensual therapist giving to female clients. Whether it is to work part-time or full-time, the knowledge you will take from this course can immediately launch you into a career that can potentially earn you upwards of £4000 ($6000) a month as a full-time practitioner. You will become skilled in giving a 90-minute full body sensual massage – with 10-12 hours of guided massage sessions, practicing on three different (fit, healthy-bodied) female volunteer receivers.

This ousec includes the following teaching:

  • Understanding female arousal and what women really enjoy sensually and sexually
  • On how to welcome and have a pre-treatment conversation
  • Client care to encourage confidence and calm in the client
  • Learning standard therapeutic massage techniques
  • How to gradually incorporate full body sensual arousal
  • Learn to encourage slow arousal by stimulation of her mind via touch of the sensitive but non-erotic areas of the female body
  • Use your body contact to stimulate her
  • Give breast and nipple massage within the massage
  • Buttock and upper thigh massage within the massage
  • Clitoral stimulation
  • External vaginal stimulation
  • Internal vaginal stimulation
  • Internal G-Spot & D-Spot stimulation
  • Introducing light domination into the massage
  • External anal stimulation
  • Edging her over to multiple orgasm
  • Oral stimulation techniques

Other training

  • 3 hours of theory on the psychological and emotional aspects of giving a sensual massage
  • Your own 90-minute massage that is given by Colin at the end of the first 8 hours training (this is optional and can be swapped for another practice session with a volunteer)

Business Training

  • Setting up your treatment space
  • Creating your brand and image
  • Researching target markets, client management, business set-up, productive cost-effective marketing.
  • 6 months of telephone support providing further ongoing advice and guidance
  • 3 months free access to all the video tutorials on  
  • 6 months of free promotion on the Intimate Tutorials website
  • having your massage filmed and promoted via Intimate Tutorials


The course can be split into 2 sessions of 10 hours or 4 sessions of 5 hours and can be taken during the daytime from 9.30am or evenings up to 11 pm.

To qualify for the 20-hour professional course you must have done one of the following

  • Attended either one of Colin’s private or group workshops of any type.
  • Seen Colin as a client for treatment.
  • Taken other courses or workshops in sensual massage or tantra
  • Worked part-time or full time for at least a year in the adult sex industry as a masseur or escort or adult performer.
  • Have had at least 6-months massage experience either professionally or as an enthusiastic amateur.
  • Applied for and taken a telephone interview with Colin discussing your motivations and ambitions for taking this 20-hour course.
  • Option 1 – Practising on four different female volunteers in five practice sessions with your own massage to follow after given by Colin – £1450
  • Option 2 – Practising on five different female volunteers in six practice sessions (this does not include a massage for yourself)- £1550
  • Option 3 – Practising on six different female volunteers in seven practice sessions (this does not include a massage for yourself)- £1650

Example Agenda for Option 3 Course

4 x 5 hour workshop sessions 

This agenda is given as guidance and can change according to availability and suitability

Day 1 

1 hour introduction to sensual massage and the psychology of female arousal
2 hour step by step massage practical
30 minutes Feedback & break
75 minutes 4 hands practice massage
Same volunteer for both practice massages

Day 2

30 minute catch up
2 hour refresher 4 hands massage practice
30 minutes feedback and break
90 minute solo guided massage with Colin supporting when needed
Two different volunteer receivers for the two massage practices

Day 3

30 minute catch up
2 hour refresher 4 hands massage
30 minutes feedback and break
90 minute solo 2 hands massage with Colin observing only
Two different volunteers receivers for the two massage practices

Day 4

2.5 hour – Business guidance mentoring
Either 90 minute massage for student given by Colin or
90 minute solo 2 hands massage with Colin observing only

Additional provisions

Bullet point guidance sheet provided
A month’s free access to the Intimate Tutorials web site


A payment plan is available for the professional course

I like to make sensual massage accessible for everyone but I do realise sometimes that even though the desire is strong the cash flow situation may not allow you to take an appointment or workshop with me when you want to.

To help I offer various installment plans that enable you to spread your payments over 5 weeks or by special arrangement 3 – 6 months (for fees over £500) for more details [Click here]

Mixed Gender Courses

 A combination of male & female volunteers ( options a,b, and c includes a receiving massage for the student given by Colin)

a) 5 hour Foundation – Two practice sessions – Practising on one male and one female volunteer – £525

b) 10 hour Intermediate – Three practice sessions-  Practising on two female and one male volunteer or visa versa – £775

c) 20 hour Professional  –  Four practice sessions – Practising on a combination of 2 male and 2 female volunteers with – £1350

d) 20 hour Professional  – Five practice sessions – Practicing on 2 male and 3 female or visa versa (no massage for the student) – £1450

Terms of Payment

Whichever workshop you book a 50% deposit is required on booking with the balance paid on the first day of the workshop. Payment can be made by cash, visa, debit, Paypal or bank transfer.


If you have to cancel the workshop after paying the deposit will be held on account for you to get back to me with an alternative date. Or you may either use it against a treatment or transfer it to a third person.

Testimonial from James March 2019

I’ve recently taken part in a private 20 hour sensual massage course with Colin of Intimacy Matters. Colin clearly has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of sensual massage as well as other psychosensual treatments so was an obvious choice to train with. He is very professional but also operates in a relaxed manner putting everyone at ease making for enjoyable training sessions and easy learning. The training sessions took place at Colin’s Battersea treatment room, which is worth a visit for the views alone. The 20 hours was taken as 4 x 5 hours sessions over a 3 week period which worked well, allowing me to digest what I had learned each time and practice elsewhere before coming back for the next session. There was a combination of demonstration massage, 4-hand massages with Colin, 2-hand massage with Colin giving advice and guiding and finally 2-hand massage with Colin providing feedback. I believe the training was invaluable and would recommend it to anyone thinking of offering sensual massage either to their partner or professionally. I’d like to thank Colin and all the volunteers who so generously gave their time”

Testimonial from Daniel June 2015

I attended a half-day course with Colin. From the outset, he put me at ease and was extremely generous with his knowledge throughout the session.  I particularly liked the way in which he encouraged me to develop my skills using different stokes, and how I could integrate new skills into my existing routine.  I would really recommend this workshop for masseurs wanting to take their skills to the next level and to learn some really exciting sensual techniques.

To find out more, make an enquiry about a workshop [click here]