People born in the 50s and 60s with no plans of ageing. 

The Sexalescence generation describes people who manage new technologies, are modern and progressive, and are eager to enjoy life, learn, collaborate with society, travel, meet new people, and own their destiny, renouncing their denomination as seniors. 

A generation aged between 56 and 70 has omitted the word “sexagenary” from its vocabulary because it simply doesn’t include the possibility of ageing in its current plans.

This is a real demographic novelty similar to the emergence, at one time, of “adolescence”, which was also a new social strip that emerged in the middle of the 20th century.

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 A sexalescent is a person who is the protagonist of his emotional, work, and social life, which takes advantage of his confidence and wisdom.

Now in their sixties or seventies, this new group of humans has led a reasonably fulfilling life. They are independent men and women who have been working for a long time and have managed to change the tetric meaning that so much literature gave to the concept of work for decades.

Far from the sad offices, many searched and found the activity they liked the most long ago and made a living from it.

This must be why they feel full; some don’t even dream of retiring. Those who have already retired enjoy each day fully without fear of leisure or loneliness. They enjoy leisure because after years of work, raising children, shortcomings, discoveries, and random happenings, it’s worth looking at the sea with an empty mind.

Sex and the Sexalescent

Sexually, the sexalescent sees no reason to stop enjoying the sensual pleasure of life. Now unburdened from the expectations of parenthood and the belief that legitimate sex can only happen within a relationship.

Some from this group are opting for either an open relationship lifestyle or consensual non-monogamous relationships, and many who, for reasons of divorce or bereavement, find themselves single and, still very sexual, find other singles to share sexual meaningful yet casual sexual intimacy with. 

Where sexual intercourse is usually the goal of younger people’s romantic endeavours encounters, non-penetrative sex or outercourse sex is sex that does not include penis / vaginal penetration. Outercourse sex is a very welcome alternative for this generation as older bodies are not necessarily able to perform quite so energetically with men experiencing ED and women with post-menopausal symptoms. The power of intimate touch, the pleasure of foreplay, and the gratitude of giving and receiving pleasure replace the frantic seesawing of you do now I do, young person sex.  They now have time and confidence to take this more slowly and to explore their sexuality with the understanding that ‘ life is short‘ giving them the incentive to try new things. Tantra retreats, sensual massage workshops and gatherings, and BDSM dungeons will often welcome this generation as large part of the group. 

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The sexalescent woman survived the desire for the power given to her by feminism in the 1960s and paused to reflect on what she really wanted. Some went to live alone; others studied careers that had always been male. Some studied a college career with their children, while others chose to have children at a young age, were journalists, athletes, or created their own “self.”

But some things can already be taken for granted, for example, that they are not people detained in time; people in “sixty or seventy”, men and women, operate the computer as if they had done it all their lives. They write and see with the children who are far away and even forget the old phone to contact their friends. They are generally satisfied with their marital status; they don’t bother changing it if they are not.

Unlike the young, the sexalescents know and weigh all the risks. No one cries when he loses; they reflect, take note, and cultivate their own style. They don’t envy the appearance of young sports stars, nor do they dream of having the figure of a model or bodybuilder. Instead, they know the importance of a complicit look, a clever phrase or a smile enlightened by experience. Today, people of 60 or 70, as is their custom, are premiering an age that still HAS NO NAME. Before, those of that age were old; today, they are full physically and intellectually and remember youth, but without nostalgia, and they know it.

Today, people in their 60s and 70s celebrate the Sun every morning and smile to themselves very often. Make plans for your own life, not for the lives of others.

A “sexalescent” continues to develop vital projects to stay active, use new technologies for their benefit and is aware of the importance of health.

These young people, in spirit, know how to maintain the flame that makes them feel full, integrated, autonomous, motivated, and committed to life.

Considering their history and context, these men and women have grown up and been educated with messages and very different structures from those we find now. However, they have experienced a transition of time, understanding that now they can do whatever they want without fear of what they will say or think.

To all this, we must also add that currently, life expectancy is longer, so this new demographic group does not consider itself sexagenarian or wants to abandon its daily activities.

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